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  • Birthday Sep 30, 1995

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    Fort Myers FL
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    All I really do is repair computers and play games. A great life to live!
    I also do a lot of coding ;P
    Add me on steam if you're interested in playing payday 2 with me yo
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    Does anyone even read these? I'm going to college for computer science. I've taken a year off this year (2015) to hang with my dad because he isn't doing too well, and next year I'm going to UT to finish up comp sci.
  • Occupation
    Repairing computers and takin care of dad


  • CPU
    AMD FX 6300
  • Motherboard
    MSI g970
  • RAM
    2x4GB of HyperX
  • GPU
  • Case
  • Storage
    Western Digital 1TB (almost full) HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 600 Watts bronze certified
  • Display(s)
    AOC 1080p LCD
  • Cooling
    Cooler master evo 212 cpu cooler
  • Keyboard
    Azio L70 "gaming keyboard"
  • Mouse
    Gigabyte M6900 :D
  • Sound
    Kingston Clouds (thanks Linus!)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 & Linux Red Hat

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  1. eHamm

    Games and Meds

    I feel like it's because in games like left 4 dead you are in a life death situation and don't need the luxury of water to take a pill. Example irl when someone is having a stroke and they need aspirin they always chew it, you don't have time for water and it works much quicker (so i've been told) when you chew it. So basically it's because game characters are bad ass.
  2. Too much payday not enough sleep

  3. Aw best answer. TY <3 Hope you're happy with your sweet new phone!
  4. Sick-sounding Linus said free stuff. I'm here for that sweet keyboard because coding on this $20 piece of crap isn't cutting it. //please AND CONGRATS ON 2MIL SUBSCRIBERS
  5. Yaaaas, you want to get it. If you don't mind spending $450, this is the best thing you can get for that much hands down. It's almost as good as the Fury X and has a better fps/dollar ratio
  6. Codeacademy is really good for just getting into things, it definitely makes it easier to start out. When I first started coding, I downloaded a game dev software called gamemaker (I think) and looked at the example games and looked at the code. I would change things in the code to see what it did and learned from there, so really I just dissected it until I thought I knew how to do something. Then I would try to replicate it and end up looking through the manual and reading it over and over to figure out things. This is a pretty good way to do it, but it also takes a while. Try codeacademy b
  7. @themctipers Note 4 user here! Although I'm not a huge fan of the Note 5... I feel like Samsung really stopped caring about what a lot of customers wanted and basically tried to do a mock up of the iphone. That aside, it depends on what games you play! If you already have a lot of purchases in the app store, I'd suggest sticking with apple unless you don't care about spending more money on the apps you want to rebuy. Both are great phones and pretty similar. As far as hardware goes, the Note 5 takes it but Apple's os is really optimized for the phone and you won't see a huge difference outs
  8. That's what I usually do. When I played tf2 all the dang time I went by 100jews or something. (don't judge I was only fifteen ...)
  9. Dominos is way better if those are your options...BUT HEY IF YOU HAVE A SUBWAY THAT'S OPEN RN THEY ARE DOING A BOGO SALE TODAY
  10. 1. didn't expect 30+ notifications in fifteen minutes gj 2. thank you for all the 12yo weeb name suggestions, they brought me lulz <3 3. Thanks for the srs suggestions, you guys are pretty creative!
  11. Oh man my last name is terribly uncool naaah
  12. Alright, I want to pick something that I can hopefully use with everything now. I hate having like twenty different usernames that I don't care too much about and just thought of on the spot. Maybe you guys can help? So far I have two that I like: autonEmi emiry Probably thinking way too much into this, but whatevs. I like the above because they relate to my name (Emi/Emily). If someone wants to help me out and think of something better, feel free! Thanks
  13. Got the Note 4 when it first came out. Recently, within the last month maybe, it's been trying to update new software. So it downloads and everything is fine, it will restart and install. But something keeps happening, because every time it tries to install it restarts and says it failed installing. Then I have to wait 24 hours to reinstall the update and try again. The same thing has happened at least five times. It's getting really frustrating and I was wondering if anyone else knew of a solution before I factory reset. Yes it is fully charged before I try to install and no I haven'
  14. Happy birthday! I don't know if you still have anything, but I'd be down for some contagion Don't know much about the others so I won't make a second choice, someone else would probably get more out of them. Thanks!