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Status Updates posted by Cheezdoodlez

  1. Mexico - Germany.... what a fucking game.. Insane..


    1. FloRolf


      What was insane about it? The only insane thing was how insanely bad Germany was. Mexico had so many chances and missed almost all of them. It was a shitty game tbh. 

  2. Time for the world cup! Yay! 

    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      never liked soccer, but I will drink to anything ;)

    2. Cheezdoodlez


      Well let me tell you a secret. Nobody likes watching fotball.. It's just an excuse to drink ;)


      So I would recommend you to start practicing your fake enthusiasm, some fotball terms and stock up on beer! It's gonna be a great month!


      Missed some great Putin moments today! :P 

  3. Mac OS finally gets a real dark mode. I might have gotten an bit more excited then I should've. #applesheep? 

  4. So I just spent about 20minutes replying to most of the GDPR e-mails I've got, telling them to delete my data. Good day to be a EU-citizen. And not a single telemarketer call all day for the first time in weeks ..coincidence?