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Posts posted by Cheezdoodlez

  1. 50 minutes ago, peanuts104 said:

    It doesn't help that many countries in Europe only have you vote for a party and not a candidate, though I don't know the specifics for election to the EU parliament.  Do EU citizens even have any say who sits on the EU parliament?

    I'm not sure if the voting process differs from country to country. But here in Sweden we can vote on a specific person. 


    So the process is something like this. The LTT party are running with a list of 20 or so people. They put this in a priority order. 


    As a voter you can then choose to vote for the LTT party without deciding on a person. Then it defaults to the first name on the list (or if they get two seats the two first names gets in). 


    But if a majority of people who decided to vote for the LTT party cross in Coltons name, who is last, then he gets the seat. 

  2. 22 hours ago, Thaldor said:

    Yes, it is (3$/channel/month). But I think it's only for now and I could think that Floatplane would also have free side when they are ready for it (like the whole platform is ready, they have enough userbase to make enough money to to pay for the HW supporting free users would need etc.). But Floatplane currently is in very early stages, there's only 3 channels and it's invite only (IIRC), so it will probably take a long time before we see Floatplane Free. @Slick

    Floatplane != youtube.


    Floatplane is more like Patreon. Or Vessel if you remember that site. Basically early access / exlusive content.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Master Delta Chief said:

    If only they would start fixing their mobile app by allowing the same free stuff (like able to play songs that we choose instead of using playlists) we can do on our PC counterpart instead of prioritizing on this. But hey, we're talking about a business so, money first as usual.

    They already have a fix for that. Give them money. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Zmax said:

    Actually contact Linus Media Group sales. There is a minimum of YouTube content you must meet. But it's open to anyone.


    Now it's mainly tech stuff, from what I saw in discussions, they have no limit to the type of material they are willing to host.

    I dont think they are letting on other creators just yet though. Still in beta mode afaik.

  5. 2 hours ago, VegetableStu said:

    no. the ISP would most definitely want a peephole in their own VPN implementation

    (heck, facebook owns a VPN company. guess what was done)

    I honestly don't think Bahnhof is interested in a peephole. Their whole brand is built on "internet with secrecy".


    Their free vpn was a response to a court ruling demanding Bahnhof to release customer IP information. Having a peephole in it would kinda defeat the purpose for it even existing. And I believe they are still fighting that court ruling. 


    If it was any other ISP I would agree with you. But given the history Bahnhof is probably the most trustworth ISP I've ever heard of.