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    I am a Manchester United diehard, a CoD eSports fanatic and a CS:GO maniac, and now a novice PC Builder.
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    Manager at a Movie Theatre
  1. I just wanted to let you know that I took both of your pieces of advice and the problem has been solved! Thanks for the awesome advice, I am now running windows 10 with no problems, and it is a smooth feel. :lol:
  2. Hey, Thanks for clicking! Firstly, I want to summarize what I am trying to do here. 1. I want to reset my BIOS; so I will be removing my battery from my motherboard (this is going to hopefully solve some issues from a previous issue) 2. While resetting my BIOS I also want to fresh install windows, to start fresh and new 3. I want to install the new windows onto my Samsung SSD 4. I only have ~110GB of used memory on my 1TB HDD and SSD combined, but I have moved all my files to a 1TB ExternalHD. I want to install windows and the boot to my SSD and keep it a boot drive for windows, Battle
  3. I checked this, but my BIOS was setup to soft-off which means it stays off after the power outage. So no luck there.
  4. Looked in my BIOS as well. My fast boot is turned off. Once I left the BIOS and restarted my PC I reciviced a BSOD error message reading DPC_Watchdog_Violation. Not sure if this is related to my problem with my PC not turning off.
  5. Tried this and then turned off the computer. However, it turned off (after the components sounded like they were revving up) BUT it turned back on without me even pressing the power button. And the same error message appeared on the desktop once it loaded up. *see previous post* Not sure if this is progress or not.
  6. The displays stay off indefinitely. I went to the bathroom and came back and they were still off but the tower was still on.
  7. So, I tried putting my PC into hibernate to see if that worked. My computer ran high for about 5 seconds, with the dBAs and RPMs seemingly going higher and then it turned off, and stayed off. However, when I turned my PC back on this appeared on my desktop: https://gyazo.com/7cad209f2ae60e14435eaec13e0b9aff If you don't want to click the link that's fair. So I will explain in detail what popped up. "Your PC ran into a problem This problem caused your PC to restart. You can send info to Microsoft about what went wrong to help us improve Windows. Files that will be sent to Microsoft
  8. Hey! Thanks for clicking. The title says it all really. My PC won't turn off. But let me delve a little deeper into the situation. When I go to start > shutdown. My screens go off instantly (which is normal because I have a SSD and shutdown is speedy quick). However, my tower itself does not turn off. The LED lights from my CPU cooler and my front facing 200mm fan stay on, my peripherals all stay on, etc. Now this is a very recent problem. So let me tell you what I have done in the past 2 days. 1. My front facing fan (which was stock) was making noise. So, I decided it was pro
  9. Hey, Thanks for clicking. My Sony EVO 850 SSD (That I just purchased) is currently having issues cloning. It keeps getting stuck at 6% and then the cloning software becomes unresponsive. The first time this happened it said something could not be found and that it might not be able to complete the clone. It then stopped the clone. Now, it just gets stuck at 6%. Any suggestions to resolve this issue would be great. 6% for me falls within the first 10,000 mbs. Thanks, Jake Carmine
  10. The Power Supply is indeed a TX (I neglected to add that; but I edited it in once I confirmed with my box.) When you say platform upgrade what exactly do you mean? Do you mean update to Win10?
  11. Thanks for clicking! Now let's get into it. Firstly, I am looking to upgrade my current PC. I was a novice with anything PC related when this PC was built for me (in 2012). Now, after a few years and a lot of PC gaming being done by me, namely CS:GO and Battlefield, I am confident I can upgrade. However, I am not sure where to start... I have watched a ton of Linus Tech Tips, NCIX, and TechQuickie videos in the past year. I feel comfortable making changes to my hardware. Not only do I want a better performing PC but I am also just having a lot of fun learning more everyday about what the p