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  1. It's interesting that Feenix is giving away two mice. Anyway, my current gear: Mouse - Logitech G502 KB - Logitech G901 Pad - Razer Goliathus Speed Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT440
  2. Thanks for the giveaway. It's hard to chose between the PSU and the Kuhler.
  3. Any chance on getting a link to that Yamaha/foobar2000 tutorial?
  4. Z2 is an excellent phone, but it is let down by the Sony interface. I like dbrand because I like their means to get publicity.
  5. I'd love to win that combo. It would go nicely in a crossfire setup with my current 270X. As for my favorite videos, and please excuse my cheesiness:
  6. Having a laptop with such a terrible color shift that I could call it a privacy screen, I like the IPS panel on the G550JK. A close second is the name of the laptop.
  7. Even thought most people chose the screen resolution, my favorite feature is the slim bezel. 1440p is a resolution that app/icon developers need to catch up to.
  8. I like the build quality of the M8 the most and the speakers. I do wish though, they would change the damn camera.
  9. It will be a while until a new HTC change next year I guess. Meanwhile: https://twitter.com/memo90frost/status/389894370591141889
  10. Thank you Linus. https://www.facebook.com/popa.alexandru.5876/posts/476839222384709'>Facebooked https://twitter.com/memo90frost/status/340953351078416386'>Tweeted
  11. Hope I'll win. I wanted to upgrade my PC for such a long time. https://twitter.com/memo90frost'>Retweeted
  12. Thank you Linus and the community as well for this giveaway. I hope I will get my hands on one of the HTCs. https://twitter.com/memo90frost/status/340949592919134209'>The Tweet