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    rizalcecep1 reacted to nicklmg in CableMod WideBeam LED Strip Giveaway   
    CableMod’s new WideBeam LED strips are pretty darn cool - I feel like they’re best explained through CableMod’s own words below:
    “Utilizing a unique transparent LED housing, CableMod WideBeam LED’s deliver a much wider beam angle – over 50% greater than traditional LEDs. Bright and vibrant with a much more even lighting effect, WideBeam LEDs look different because they are different.

    With the number of different case materials out there, we didn’t think one solution would fit all. CableMod WideBeam LED Strips come in both magnetic and foam adhesive to suit all kinds of cases on the market.
    The WideBeam Magnetic Series features multiple rare-earth magnets for a secure fit, and can be easily repositioned or moved to alternate builds. Those with aluminum or non-magnetic cases can choose the WideBeam Foam Series for a foam adhesive that is over 200% stronger than typical LED strips.”
    In short, these are freaking cool RGB LED strips that are fully chainable, utilize SATA power, and are designed to work with ASUS AURA for perfect compatibility with ASUS motherboards that feature an RGB header.
    Full information: http://bit.ly/240bLHP
    So, now that we know how cool they are, where can we get them?
    Fantastic question! And for 5 lucky forum users, the answer is right here!

    How do you enter this giveaway?
    1. Comment below letting us know WHY CableMod should provide you with their new WideBeam LED strips. Give a brief explanation of your current (or future build) with pics and/or a PCPartPicker list.

    2. Mention in your comment which LED strips you’d like (foam adhesive or magnetic) and in what quantity (be reasonable - any ridiculous requests like “I need 100 LED strips because lights” will be ignored).
    3. Check back on the forum in one week to see if you were selected as a winner!
    This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions. All fulfillment will be handled by Performance PCs - you can check CableMod out on their site now at http://bit.ly/1KeOuv5

    The 5 (five) winners will be drawn on 2/19, 2016, and will be PMed here on the forum from this account. Disregard any other contact specifying that you were a winner in this giveaway.

    Thanks and good luck!
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from RUPPLE in Why is everything in GTA V so expensive?   
    dont think gta v as a game , think as a real life LOL
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from menj in CableMod WideBeam LED Strip Giveaway   
    I never considered to buy led strip before , maybe i need this for my pc ,because everytime I look my pc through the side panel . Damn its so dark lol I cant even see my Cooler . 
    Specs :
    Case: Hectotron T3X from Armaggedon
    MB: Asrock 970 pro 3 r2.0
    Cpu: AMD FX 6300
    GPU: PowerColor HD 7870
    Ram: OCPC 8Gb Kit
    HDD: Seagate 500Gb
    PSU: Xtreme 750w(hate this)
    Future Upgrade :
    PSU : Corsair CX 600 
    RAM : Corsair/Kingston 8Gb kit
    I would like 5 led strips any color .
    This is my pc covered in dust  

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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from RaphaelAcilo in LINUS TECH TIPS TEAM Q&A   
    General Question (I Think) : How you can find Dennis ? I mean he's the only Asian member (I Think) and Im sure he's not magically become LMG member's . 
    Linus/Luke : Is there any way to work on LMG . Everybody dreaming to work on LMG  :lol:
    All Member : How many you guys get paid/month   
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from Zhanlun Liang in Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!   
    Waiting for the winner
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from MACGYVR in Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!   
    Waiting for the winner
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from MonkeyOnDrugz in What motherboard should i get?   
    ASUS Maximus VII Hero/Gene/Ranger/Impact ? Its all red and black 
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from Couch225 in What GPU do you run?   
    HD 7870   a bit shame  :unsure:
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from Tilaron in My Graphic Card Broken ?   
    I think the HDMI port on monitor is broken . because i just try on another monitor with the same HDMI cable and it work . Thank you for answering   . maybe I should use VGA cable , not HDMI .
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    rizalcecep1 got a reaction from dabestofdabest in Feenix Collection Giveaway   
    The japanese wood on headset look promising   Pick me