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  1. Lately I've been having trouble getting my PC to boot, depending on which monitors are plugged in, and where. I've spent so long scratching my head on why this is happening. For some reason, certain combinations of my monitors being plugged into my graphics card stops my computer from starting Windows, while others work just fine. I'd love if anyone can take a look and maybe help me understand what's wrong/how to fix it.


    I have two monitors that I use. I'll give them colors to correlate with the image.

    Pixio PX276h ("blue"). 1440p, 144Hz, HDR (which only seems to work with HDMI?), which I use with DisplayPort (the HDR is crappy anyway)

    ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED ("orange") mounted portrait, an old 1080p 60Hz monitor. Only has DVI and VGA, so I'm using an HDMI->DVI adapter.


    When it works (green check mark, or a different monitor plugged in to any DP output)

    • Both monitors turn on if I have both plugged in.
    • My motherboard cycles through debug codes and stops on 04, which is not defined in the manual, or A0, which corresponds to "IDE initialization is started".
    • The "orange" monitor will start with the motherboard logo, and then the windows logo (both on their side because the monitor is mounted portrait).
    • Windows loads up as normal.

    When it doesn't work (red x)

    • Only the "blue" monitor turns on
    • My motherboard cycles through debug codes and stops on AE, which is defined as "Boot to legacy OS"
    • The "orange" monitor never wakes up, while the "blue" monitor never displays anything, and just loops falling asleep and waking up.

    What I know so far

    • The "blue" monitor works just fine when plugged in through HDMI. But I only have 1 HDMI port on my graphics card, nor a DP to DVI adapter, only HDMI to DVI, which my "orange" monitor uses.
    • It's not the DisplayPort cables, I've had identical results with multiple different name-brand DP cables
    • Spamming DEL and going to the bios, and exiting ALWAYS brings me into Windows with ANY combination, but only once.
    • Turning the "blue" monitor off completely, and then back on and starting the PC ALWAYS brings me into Windows with ANY combination, but only once.
    • I tried my friends monitor, with all 3 DisplayPort ports, with and without the "orange" monitor plugged in, and it worked every time.

    Here's the different combinations I tried, and whether they worked or not:



    My PC specs

    • i5 6600k
    • Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5
    • 32GB RAM
    • EVGA RTX2080 Super Black
    • 970 Evo 1Tb, along with another SATA SSD and HDD
    • Newest drivers/firmware on everything


    I am genuinely at my wits end about what is causing this or what would fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you all in advance

  2. I use a $15 Microsoft mobile mouse 3500 (no extra buttons unless you count middle click) and I've been wanting a new mouse for a while, so getting one of those would be awesome! I've also been looking to mechanical keyboard, but again, I'm broke and use a wireless Microsoft one. It gets the job done, but I'd love to try an actual mechanical one!


  3. I'm downsizing my gaming computer from a mid tower to a Node 202 case, and need to swap motherboards. 

    Currently I have an EVGA GTX 970, i5 3570K.

    Im trying to save as much money as possible, but theres a few specific things I'm going for on the motherboard:

    -USB 3.0 ports, and ones for the case

    -Preferably included WiFi, but if it's too expensive I can just use some cheap USB dongle (I'll be wired 90% of the time)

    -$150 or less. (Preferably $100 or lower)

    So far I'm thinking this: http://www.buytech.com/product.aspx?productId=1024320395 (Also feel free to suggest other motherboards, WiFi or not, that are budget friendly and compatible.)

    Now, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to motherboards, but I'm pretty sure everything is compatible, right? So first, I want opinions on ZOTAC, does everyone hate them? Are they cheap? Are they great? Now for a probably even dumber question, I keep seeing "A PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion slot ... for gamers that desire running the latest discrete ZOTAC graphics cards" under the descriptions in different sites. Does this mean that it's only going to work with ZOTAC cards and not my 970? This seems really odd to me, but I'm not sure if maybe I'm taking it wrong, as it was on a few motherboards.

    And final quick question:

    I've seen a lot of people say you need at least like 600+ watts to power a rig with a 970. However, since I plan to use the Node 202, I'd like to not spend too much on a PSU and instead use the included 450W PSU. I've seen builds like Jayz's and HardwareCanuck's that run like a 980 and an i5-4690K (165W + 88W = 253W) that run off of the Node's 450W just fine, but some sites tell me my 970 and i5 3570K (145W + 77W = 222W) is going to need 600W+.

    I also plan on running 1 or 2 2.5" HDD and maybe a fan, but could I get away with the included 450W? It's a mini ITX so I don't really plan on adding anything major to it. I just want to know whether or not I should be fine.


    Anyways, I know this is a lot and maybe not even the right place to ask (first forum post),

     but thanks in advance!

  4. I'm tied between the mouse and keyboard, but I think I'd go with the keyboard. Never had any real high quality keyboard. Just used this old little wireless Microsoft one :P I cant even press more than like 2 buttons at a time, which is a little annoying when playing games. Notice me LTT senpai!