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  1. Lately I've been having trouble getting my PC to boot, depending on which monitors are plugged in, and where. I've spent so long scratching my head on why this is happening. For some reason, certain combinations of my monitors being plugged into my graphics card stops my computer from starting Windows, while others work just fine. I'd love if anyone can take a look and maybe help me understand what's wrong/how to fix it. I have two monitors that I use. I'll give them colors to correlate with the image. Pixio PX276h ("blue"). 1440p, 144Hz, HDR (which only seems to work with HDM
  2. I use a $15 Microsoft mobile mouse 3500 (no extra buttons unless you count middle click) and I've been wanting a new mouse for a while, so getting one of those would be awesome! I've also been looking to mechanical keyboard, but again, I'm broke and use a wireless Microsoft one. It gets the job done, but I'd love to try an actual mechanical one!
  3. I have a 970 right now but I've been trying to work on a second PC, and obviously budget has been an issue. Either would be awesome to have! Plus Id love to give team Red a try!
  4. I'm pretty impressed with how close you can get it to the wall/screen and it's size. I'd love to try it out
  5. I'm downsizing my gaming computer from a mid tower to a Node 202 case, and need to swap motherboards. Currently I have an EVGA GTX 970, i5 3570K. Im trying to save as much money as possible, but theres a few specific things I'm going for on the motherboard: -USB 3.0 ports, and ones for the case -Preferably included WiFi, but if it's too expensive I can just use some cheap USB dongle (I'll be wired 90% of the time) -$150 or less. (Preferably $100 or lower) So far I'm thinking this: http://www.buytech.com/product.aspx?productId=1024320395 (Also feel free to suggest
  6. I'd be good with either one really, I have both a crappy keyboard and a crappy mouse, so... But if I had to choose, I'd go with a keyboard, I've always wanted to try a mechanical keyboard
  7. Tfw you're pretty much out of space on your computer Tfw you are a HDD peasant, never owning an SSD or even an HDD more than 460gb Tfw even just images in file explorer are a bit slow to load Tfw broke <3
  8. The kova would be pretty cool to have. Tfw you spent all your money on a pc good enough to play games, that you use a tiny laptop mouse
  9. I think it's pretty crazy how small it is. Plus, my little sister has been wanting a pc that can play games for christmas, so it just might go to her
  10. I'm tied between the mouse and keyboard, but I think I'd go with the keyboard. Never had any real high quality keyboard. Just used this old little wireless Microsoft one I cant even press more than like 2 buttons at a time, which is a little annoying when playing games. Notice me LTT senpai!
  11. I really like the slowmotion. The one on the s5 wasn't very good.