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    Ryzen R5 3600
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    Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite V2
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    16GB Crucial Ballistix
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    MSI 2080 Super
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    Corsair Carbide 400c
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    850W EVGA SuperNova G2
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    1x Asus VG248QE, 1x Asus VE248H
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    AMD Wraith Prism
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    Logitech G810
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    Logitech G600 MMO
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. So I want to resurrect this a bit because I'm still having this issue. I checked with Gigabyte and they told me pretty much check every component on the board. Here's what I can gather so far. I don't think it's the CPU because as far as I can tell it's running at normal temps and speeds before the crash (I don't run an OC). RAM isn't on the motherboard support list, but it's 2021 that shouldn't really matter. Plus, it's a good brand not some no-name crap. I've tried turning off the base XMP profile and the problem still occurs. Possibly a bad CMOS battery even though it's
  2. Hi all, I upgraded my computer about a week or two ago and a new issue has popped it's head up over the last couple days. When I boot up the computer, everything goes well and it gets to the lock screen but I stepped away for less than a minute and I came back to a black screen and the system is completely unresponsive. The CPU fan sounds like its running near 100% and the computer doesn't respond to the power buttons so I have to flip the switch in the PSU. When it boots back up, the BIOS has been reset and I have to re-apply my settings. My first thought is that i
  3. Thanks for mentioning that! I did see there were rumors for new cards to be launched by the end of this year, but seeing as how AMD has been off with their release dates I kinda dismissed them. If they really are going to release the RX 600 cards then I would be willing to wait, but so far as I can tell there's nothing but speculation as to their release and nothing regarding the specs aside from they're gonna be based off the Vega architecture. If AMD were really going to release them by the end of the year I feel like there would have been something official by now.
  4. I've been looking to upgrading my system and I wanted to go with an all AMD build. The new Ryzen processors are awesome but I know AMD's gpu market is less than desirable. If I can get a decent enough deal on a Vega 56, I might go ahead and grab one. My big question is this: How reliable has AMD (specifically Vega) been with regards to drivers/performance on release for gaming? I've only ever known Nvidia and they always tend to have drivers out ahead of big game launches to avoid issues. I know Vega is less of a gaming card and more of a workstation card, but people are still using them
  5. We didn't get that model here in the states (at least not with that 2.5 liter engine, we got the 3.5 liter), but in general, the G-Series Infinitis are pretty reliable cars. They can be kind of expensive as far as maintenance goes, but that's the nature of owning a "luxury" car with a complex engine design. Here in the states (probably the same everywhere but idk) luxury car parts are more expensive than their "non-luxury" counterparts. Even if the parts are the same, Acura parts are more expensive than Honda parts, Lexus parts are more expensive than Toyota, and Infiniti parts are more exp
  6. Down payment on a house, invest a decent chunk, then buy a better car than the one I got right now.
  7. I really don't like the way Intel has handled this whole situation. If I had the money, I'd switch to an AMD rig. At least they're getting on their shit, and their product line is nowhere near as ridiculous as Intels has become.
  8. My 970 had no problem with gaming at 1080p 144hz, a GTX 1080 will crush 1080p.
  9. I put this build together kinda quick so there is a chance I might have missed something. To start off, I think you would be able to save money and get the same (or near enough) performance out of Skylake rather than the 5820K build. This build would definitely be better if you were to overclock, and while Im not saying you need to go balls to the wall with OCing, I think you should definitely give it a consideration. You would save money on the CPU and Motherboard alone by going for Skylake, and using XMP enabled RAM helps to get more performance out of a "lower" clock set of RA
  10. What's nice about cable management is you can always go back and mess with it later on pretty easily.
  11. Thanks. Like I said though, there is still some stuff I have left to do, but it's pretty much in it's final stage.
  12. That's just a GPU brace I bought from Puget. I built both iterations of this pc completely by myself.
  13. Thanks! lol. I was originally going to just use a stickerbomb vinyl that I found on ebay but it turned out that it didn't look all that good in person, so I found those one amazon and just went to town haha.