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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking about. Sure they can do whatever they want with their platform also since the platform is free...but I thought the reason these ppl weren't monetized was because they didn't meet their criteria...sooooo do we not care about the criteria anymore....or if the ads are on things they don't agree with? Or did they finally do what they should have done, and educated advertisers that just because an ad is before a video, the audience knows "that" ad is not some endorsement by the advertisers or the channel respectively.
  2. Why does Google like pulling the rug but not prepare the next place to have at least the features from the place you're leaving. I had to deal with this when they pulled Inbox and we didn't get most of all Inbox's features to Gmail till later. Like Google is filled with talent programmers and professionals, but they keep doing this... They gave me the message, if I wanted to switch over. I said lemme take a peek. I never backed out of an app so quick lol.
  3. I remember the first A7S, seeing that low light performance was almost magical. Brings me back to when a Les Twins video was recorded with them dancing in a dark room.
  4. Welp my older PC just died, already ordered parts to replace it, but man the memories of this thing haha. Gonna be one hell of a task to bring over everything that I want in all that storage. πŸ˜–

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i still have my sempron PC in a box. haven't thrown it out yet.

  5. Now I'm always iffy or hesitant on attacking a "clone" or "ripoff", but this...I mean some of the gui designs are not even unique let alone all the other glaring similarities. There was no attempt to be different. Even in the smallest way. If you didn't tell me I would have thought Ubisoft made a mobile Siege game, instead of, "wow there's a game "like" siege on the mobile store, let me check it out." This a yikes from me. Not sure how the law entirely works in situations like this, like where are the lines and loop holes, but guess we'll see.
  6. You have a point, for tech workers, since I lot of them go to Cali to do just that. But lets not forget Texas got a lot of great tech workers as well. Just not as plentiful as Cali, the tech worker magnet.
  7. Since the rest are the specs are probably going to be fine, how are LG cameras these days? Last LG phone was technically the Nexus 5.
  8. Dang it, I wanted the 1440p monitor ASUS laptops to still have a decent frame rate. Even 90hz would have been fine for me. Oh well lol.
  9. All I can hope is for the S11E to have the headphone jack, like the S10E, else I gotta look elsewhere I guess.
  10. Welp, thank goodness I got the S10e. Uses the old school capacitive scanner. *wipes sweat* Not gonna lie, I enjoy the finger print convenience.
  11. I always find laughter as a great coping mechanism.
  12. My guy, you might wanna fix this post so that it adheres to the news rules. xP