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    Ryzen 7 5800x
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    Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite Wifi
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    32GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix 3200Mhz
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    MSI Twin Frozer V GTX 970
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    Lian Li pc-011 Dynamic
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    WD SN750 500GB NVMe M.2/Kingston A2000 1TB M.2
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    Seasonic Focus GX-750
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    Asus VG27AQ 27"
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    Be Quiet Pure Loop 360 AIO
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    Vortex Pok3r RGB - Cherry MX Silent Blacks
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    Steelseries Rival 310
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    HyperX Cloud II's
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    Windows 10 (64 bit)
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  1. Hia, As of yesterday, I finished building 90% of my new PC (less GPU for obvious reasons). During idle operation, my CPU temps are around 28-31 degrees C but the second I begin to even slightly use my computer, the temperatures jump to the high 40's, low 50's in less than half a second, all of my fans come on full power, and it settles back down again once I stop moving. Some use cases where this has occurred are: downloading steam, opening chrome, opening LTT.com to write this post, etc. This is not occurring during any form of heavy use and generally, I would consider the "load-a
  2. Sounds good, unfortunately I am only in possession of the CPU in my system currently... As for temperatures, I have a reasonable aftermarket Cooler Master Cooler and my temperatures while gaming/workloads rarely exceed 70 degrees...
  3. Sounds good, unfortunately I am only in possession of the CPU in my system currently... As for temperatures, I have a reasonable aftermarket Cooler Master Cooler and my temperatures while gaming/workloads rarely exceed 70 degrees...
  4. I have, briefly. Through regular monitoring of the CPU, as well as the functions that cause a freeze I pushed that off to the side as an issue but it very well could be that reason. Do you know of any test environments to test the stability of a CPU?
  5. I have been having issues with my computer over the past year and I believe I have narrowed down the search to my motherboard. The symptoms are odd though... Let me explain. Every few minutes my computer will completely freeze, both the screen as well as all input devices such as my mouse and keyboard. After around 1-2 minutes it will unfreeze and continue on as if nothing had occurred before. Additionally, my mouse/keyboard will freeze for around half a second once and a while. Seems normal... Well that part is, let me continue. Near the beginning of the is
  6. Probably end of June, but I wouldn't buy any of it The prices of their older stuff is going down so just buy a better, older monitor for cheaper. But ya, end of June, sort of like the 1000 Series cards as well as the FX Series for AMD
  7. I know, I know, the R.A.T 3 Mouse is a bad mouse but for the 70 dollars I paid for it I would have expected better. I have owned this mouse for about 6 months, and up until recently mouse tracking has been amazing, with no cursor delay or dropped movements. Well at least until a few weeks ago. I was using the mouse normally, just as I had for the past 6 months and it just stopped tracking. This only happened once So I thought nothing of it, until it began happening more and more frequently. As of right now, almost every 10 seconds the mouse drops off for ab
  8. Actually, in rare cases I have heard of lag being created as space on RAM is allocated to different applications I highly doubt it, but it is a possibility that because you have such high RAM usage, the computer is quite quickly trying to reallocate RAM to applications This has happened very rarely and I doubt that this is it, but just putting it out there
  9. So you should still have 1 gig of RAM. I do believe that would be NVRAM then... Well actually I don't know Because the page-file and NVRAM make sense, but I don't understand the 1 gig of RAM left I'm really sorry, but I unfortunately stuck on this one
  10. Ya, surprisingly an overclocked PCI slot doesn't seem to great. I'll probably stay at the base clock Thanks for the Help!!
  11. By locking up, what to you mean? Does the CPU just freeze and stop at a certain point?
  12. Yup most definitely. You will either need to upgrade to 16GB or decrease either your settings on Just Cause, or the allocated RAM to the game. Remember that windows takes anywhere from 1-2 GB depending on background processes. I would recommend decreasing the number of allocated GB of RAM to Just Cause and see how that works for you. If that has no impact on the lag however, you will probably need to buy more RAM, another 8 GB probably. You said that you wanted to buy a new graphics card, but if the problem in present even after the changes, a new GPU won't change that, so in my opinion, you,
  13. I know that K series CPU's have been unlocked for overclocking, but is it possible to overclock a non K series CPU (specifically the 4690). I know it is possible and I have seen many other threads on this forum about it, but I am still unsure how you would go about it. Additionally, I believe you need an OC supported Motherboard, but I'm not 100% sure, so any clarification will help Thanks!!
  14. I was just about to say that. Your computer needs both NVRAM and regular RAM to operate games so it very well may not be an issue with your graphics card, but an issue with the amount of RAM you have. That will cause your computer to lag as it runs out of space for applications and needs to allocate it to meet your needs. How much do you have by the way?
  15. This exact thing happened to me, the issue, I didn't have both power cables plugged in. I know this may sound like a stupid thing to check, but make sure that you graphics card has all power cables running to it, not just one. When I did this, I had one plugged in and everything booted, except to POST, so just make sure you have all the power slots "filled"