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  1. Got it , thanks. Since CPU is the most expensive in the entire list, i will try to replace it at last. I just got a new mobo, which i will try today.
  2. Hello everyone, I built this PC back in 2016, and it has been working fine since them. A couple of days back, it wont get back from the sleep mode. The PC is not dead, there is no response when i press the power button. I have unplugged the power supply, and put it back, bought a new PSU and tried to connect everything to the new one, but nothing seems to bring it back. I am contemplating getting a new motherboard, but i am not sure. I do not know the bios / firmware version. Any tips or pointers of how i should fix this. PCPartPicker Part Lis
  3. No specific reason.. I am also looking to see if i can do a ubuntu installation and get away with it.
  4. Hello Everyone,. I am trying to do a home NAS build using a ryzen. The primary purpose for this will be to store data, and connect to the TV (4k) to showcase some of the work, and to watch movies(rarely). I do not want to spend on a dedicated graphics card. I want to run a RAID 5 array on FREENAS or other free NAS softwares, not sure if i should get a dedicated RAID card. Below is the part list - (i have left out the HDDs, since i will be getting some NAS rated drives after the build) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. PCPartPicker part list /
  5. anyone who knows from .... @Fractal_Design ... when is the R6 shipping in US
  6. ohh, ok, got it. on a side note, what is the maximum number of drives that you can fit in Define C
  7. Hi, I have a pc that i built. There are 4 HDDs on it. I want to be able to share one of the drives over the network so that i can access it from my laptop. how can i do that. this is my temporary solution until i get a NAS within in the next year.
  8. What is the launch date for this case. when can i order it here in US.
  9. this is fancy stuff.. but unnecessary for me.. i will stick to a simple raid setup , and may be get a Synology DS 418 play box sometime in the future.
  10. so it essentially means, that i have 2Tb of 5Tb unused.
  11. hello, i am trying to set up a raid 5 array in my PC using the existing drives. I have two 3TB drives and one 5TB drive. i am unable to figure out how much usable space i will have. Would it be a good idea to get another 5TB drive. please help. My mobo is the Gigabyte Z170 D3h version 1.0, which supports Raid 0 , Raid 1, Raid 5 and Raid 10.
  12. haha.. yea but a little less now that they have last stand to show off their power.. i am still on DZ level 36 , so moderately powered, but my weapons are lame
  13. LFG for playing Tom Clancy The Division in the Dark zone on PC.