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  1. Are you waiting for the tempered glass edition? It looks pretty sick but I believe it's slayed for March right?
  2. The Aria headset is definitely my favorite. Gaming peripherals in general are all about the flashy colors and leds but this line looks sleek, modern, and still packs a seriously powerful punch. I hope I get a chance to put those babies on my ears O:
  3. So I made the mistake of buying an alienware m15x years ago when I was a starry eyed girlchildthing first entering into the world of pc gaming and 6 years later I have a brick with a broken powerjack and maybe a horrible idea. My jack was loose once before but because it's connected to the motherboard (because yay alienware) most pc repair companies wouldn't touch this shit with a ten foot pole. I found one shop who would/could repair it but they charged $200 and when it got it back it hadn't even been soldered on properly and was at a sliiight angle. Fast forward, they're still the on
  4. I too would love a good mmo but I don't know. Maybe we're just getting older? Maybe what we thought was good back then was still shitty we just didn't know any better? I don't know. Don't get me wrong I still play gw2 but part of me feels like the problems with it are just... too far gone. I too could go for gw3 with a new (OPTIMIZED PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF-) engine and a better class system. I'm slightly hopeful with the new expansion but a bigger part of me thinks these problems can't be fixed.
  5. The cutest! But she routinely finds a way to press all the keys and then hit the power on my laptop ;A; The 750d is definitely worth considering! It's a bit boring for my taste but since it'll be modded that's likely fine. I love the modularity as well
  6. Hey all! Anyone have any case suggestions with power/reset buttons that aren't on the top or are guarded somehow from little kitten paws jumping on it and accidentally pressing it? I'm looking for a full tower, atx or eatx with room for a custom water cooling loop. Preferably under 200 but if it's a bit over and it's perfect that's fine.
  7. Nice concept! Well mostly. Datdustdoh. Can't wait to see some people give it a whorl though I'm sure it's probably not too sturdy.
  8. Thanks for the builds guys! I think perhaps a mashup is in order. I think perhaps I will go with the skylake i7 and a 390. Though I was told that a 390 is basically just an overclocked 290x. Anyone have any thoughts on that? That's a great idea! And I do indeed know a machinist with access to a laser cutter for some reason. I asked him about it and he said it wouldn't be a problem (swweeeett ). Any advice on attaching acrylic to metal? This to that says metal epoxy.
  9. Hey guys! I'm planning my first solo build and since I don't know how to do things in half measures I'm planning on doing a little modding and doing more as I get more comfortable with it. The case/color scheme will be based on Raven from Teen Titans. I've come up with a part list here but since this is my first time actually choosing parts for myself I'm open to suggestions. The color scheme is black, bronze, a dark bluish purple, and white. 1. Budget & Location I want to initially stay under 1500 for the parts though I fully intend to upgrade little by little in the future so expanda