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  1. uninstall all of that unless you plan on continuing to pay for it
  2. Did you pay using credit/debit? Records could be there?
  3. I did install the drivers from Acer for the Wifi and Ethernet
  4. Not from acer, but it works so I assume that they're generic or windows found the proper ones.
  5. NVM it does have USB3, can't find usb 3.0 drivers here https://www.acer.com/ac/en/CA/content/support-product/4244?b=1
  6. I got the drivers for the Media Card reader. My laptop has USB3? (I don't recall seeing a blue port)
  7. Windows update couldn't find them either
  8. Did a fresh install(win764bitPRO) on my laptop (Acer v3-551) and well I can't get the SM Bus drivers or find them on acer's website. Anyone know where I can get them? I need them for this cable to do some work on my car. (COM port)