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Status Replies posted by ZetZet

    I fucking hate pistol sounds now.



    Also I didn't play for two months and got placed into LE after inactivity. Fuck volvo.

  1. so what that it's the same kernel? Literally means nothing. 



    iOS and Android are both so far ahead in support and general OS advancement at this point there is literally no reason for a user to bother with W10. 



    And to fanboy for Microsoft makes no sense whatsoever. 


  2. I feel comfort in playing the same game, and I like games where you can improve, Runescape needs knowledge, so does Lineage, LoL and CS:GO are both skill based games so... 


    I get bored in story games, I finish the story and that's it. I never do sidequests or anything...

  3. Honestly, I would spend even more than that, but every game I get into gets ruined.



    Runescape got ruined when wildy was removed, Lineage died after C6, League of Legends meta changed just too much, now even CS:GO got boring since the amount of cheaters is unbearable.