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  1. I don't know if my issue is driver related or is my card dead, but I've tried a lot and got a lot of different results.

    I am on the new Fall Creators Update.
    I have a GTX 760 it's not overclocked and I keep getting driver crashes, when they crash the displays look like they get no signal (black and the light starts blinking). I can't revive it, but sound keeps going as if computer is still working. When I reboot I get "Display driver failed to start" from Windows. I've tried 5 different drivers going back and reinstalled Windows because I thought the creators update messed up. Nothing helped, one time the PC came back to life with the display in grayscale and low res, device manager said windows stopped the device (code 43), had to delete drivers, reinstall them again. 

    The crashes happen both when playing games and just watching twitch streams, but they take hours to happen on some drivers and happen almost immediately on other drivers. Turning off hardware acceleration in chrome seems to help the twitch situation. 
    Furmark doesn't crash it though, can run it unti I get bored. I am out of ideas at this point, what else should I try?



  2. 22 minutes ago, djdwosk97 said:

    Yet it's still rated at 10 hours (the same-ish as the previous model), and Apple's battery life estimates tend to be fairly representative of what you can expect in real world use. 

    I'd rather it increased to 15 hours. Mbps were manageable size anyway. Now the Air is pointless. It weighs the same and still has a TN display.

  3. 7 hours ago, Arri said:

    Here are my biggest downsides for the new MBP.


    #1. The cost of entry is super high. $2400 starting for 15" is a bit ridiculous Apple.

    #2 keyboard using butterfly (its 2.0 so idk how much better it is but 1.0 SUCKS).

    #3 No magsafe

    #4 No SD card slot


    Other than that. It's still a really stellar machine. Better screen, better processors, faster storage, better speakers, better trackpad, touch bar and touch ID.


    Again the biggest thing for me is the cost of entry, seeing how the May 2015 MBPs are still fantastic computers and even more so with their inevitable price drops.

    Battery decreased from 74.9 whr for 13 inch to 49.4 whr.

  4. 3 minutes ago, lots of unexplainable lag said:

    Ladies and gentlemen, these new Macs cost, and I shit you not, €2700 for a 15" MacBook Pro. That's $3000 for a notebook that costs $2400 in the US. The cheapest 13" that they want you to buy instead of an Air is €1700 instead of the €1100 a MacBook Air is today.



    Now if you will excuse me, I'll be back when I'm done rolling on the floor from laughing.



    2400*1,2=2880+import, normal price. By normal I mean it makes sense, it's absurd amount to pay though.

  5. Depends on what the cable is. 



    For example for headphones braided cables work fine, they help the wire to stay less twisted and add durability


    For mice braided cable can be annoying because the cable can catch on the surface you're moving the mouse on.

  6. 6 minutes ago, nicklmg said:

    Clickable =/= clickbait.

    "Clickbait" implies that the title is not accurate. The title here is accurate, it's just a lot more interesting than "Product X Review."

    Okay, let me change that. 



    Can you stop with the Buzzfeed titles?



    You can do "Product X Review - BUZZFEED TITLE OMG" much better for people who google for results or just browse the channel.

  7. 12 hours ago, Thony said:

    Goods that have already been imported wont change. So it will take good 6 months for stock to clear... Then we could see price drop and I fucking hope we will. Sick of this tax BS. 

    Wonder how much if at all Medical treatments go down in price, not sure how much stuff is imported to UK. Dental treatments cost arm and a leg in here.....

    you are overestimating how much stock there is. it's much more dynamic nowadays.