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    Intel Core i5-4690K
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    ASRock Z97 EXTREME6
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866
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  1. TL;DR: All Audio devices are cutting out (power and all, for USB devices) and I've tried everything I can think of. Basically, I'm having some insanely annoying audio issues. At first I thought it was my headset (Corsair VOID Wireless), but after getting frustrated I tried another headset (Corsair V2100), and turns out it's doing it too. USB audio devices (non-audio devices work fine) seem to 'flicker'. Power will cut out and audio will stop. It can happen a couple times in quick succession or only happen once every few minutes. Non-USB audio (like my monitor's built-in speakers) will also
  2. I just wanted to let you know that I found a like-new LG G3 for $112 and decided to snag it. Looking at the specs, I realized I'd be dumb to get the S5 over it (extra gig of RAM, better screen, etc.) since it's like $50-100 cheaper. Definitely looking forward to finally getting to play Pokemon Go.
  3. It's definitely faster than my last Android Phone, but it doesn't seem as fast as Youtube reviews of it from when it first came out, which has me pretty sure it's bogged down, even after resets. I've only been using it as a 'tablet' for a few weeks to play things like Miitomo and other apps I can't use on my Windows Phone. Walmart has a 5S for $150, new. It's really the only reason I'm considering iOS, haha~ Definitely a steal, though I feel like I'd enjoy Android a bit more than iOS. I'm okay with a used device as long as it's in great condition. A scratch or two
  4. Money is incredibly tight right now and my daily driver is a Lumia 640. I've always loved Windows Phone, but Pokemon Go has become the straw that broke the camel's back. I have a Galaxy S3 sitting around that I'd need a case, screen protector, and new battery for (the battery only lasts me a few hours), but otherwise it works great. I was looking into the LG Stylo 2, but I found that it lacks a Gyroscope which means Pokemon Go is going to pretty much suck. Using workarounds such as downloading the APK and such, I can get Pokemon Go to work just fine, but I kind of feel like I rathe
  5. Yeah. I didn't even realize how old it was until I just pulled up my receipt for it and it said 2011, haha. I was planning on getting an SSD and new RAM for it to breathe some new life into it, but I just really need a new phone soon, so I think selling it would be the better choice. Thank you guys for some input. I really didn't want to go about posting it and then have people tell me that it's way too expensive or something. I don't really sell things that often so I'm pretty bad at gauging prices and such.
  6. I bought it for $850 back in 2011 from CyberPower PC. CPU: i7-2670QM (2.2GHz with 3.10GHz Turbo) GPU: Nvidia 540M RAM: 4GB DDR3-1333 HDD: 500GB 7200RPM OS: Windows 10 Home Other: 15.6" 1080p screen, 1.3MP webcam, HDMI Port, x2 USB2.0, x2 USB3.0. Everything works, though occasionally using the media keys will cause glitching which requires a restart. Keyboard is next to new (just replaced it a few months before I stopped using it.) It has some obvious signs of wear, but a vinyl job will easily solve that. I also have all the disks (driver disks,
  7. I got my Corsair STRAFE and SCIMITAR the other day and my VOID should be coming in on Tuesday. The only thing about the headset I don't like (I've tried a friend's), was the lack of auto-mute when you put the mic up, so I was hoping that maybe there is someway I can set a key on my keyboard or mouse to act as a mute/unmute button so that it's a little less annoying? I'm not a fan of having to fumble around for the volume settings and mute button, but looking over the settings now, I'm not seeing an option. If it's not possible, I'll get used to it, but I'm just curious if anyone knows how.
  8. So, I've been eyeing the Scimitar now that they finally made a version that isn't that awful neon yellow (no offense to anyone who likes it -- it just clashes with my setup), I'm incredibly tempted to get a Scimitar. However, at $80 (I have to buy through Amazon due to having a gift card), I'm a bit scared to order it. I've had an MMO mouse before way back in like 2011/2012 (Razer Naga), and while I loved the mouse, I never got around to using the side buttons. They were at an incredibly awkward placement for my short thumb, so I ended up ignoring them until it died. Now that I'm back into MMO
  9. I'll definitely do some more research on USB extension lag and the like. I feel like with basic input devices it should be fine, but again, I want to be sure of my plans before i go spending upwards of $200.
  10. Would the lag really be that noticeable? I mean, surely with USB 3.0 it would be a huge upgrade to what I'm experiencing now. My mouse and keyboard both routinely drop out for a few seconds at a time. I'd be okay with a few ms of lag if it meant no more of my mouse stopping in its track and keyboard inputs not going through. And if the cord thing is flexible enough, I'll definitely grab one if I go this route. I'll head to Home Depot/Walmart soon enough and see what options they have and just how flexible they are to see if they'd work. I was under the assumption that those were ha
  11. The only issue with that, is that I move the desk back and forth between two spots, and the cable needs to be able to bend and flex when I do. Having something straight and stationary would prevent that.
  12. My boyfriend and I have incredibly cramped space, so at the moment, I'm stuck with wireless peripherals due to not having any room for a dedicated desk/chair setup, leaving me gaming from my bed on a little laptop table. Well, I'm tired of my peripherals occasionally lagging or cutting out, plus the fact that the low mouse DPI and shitty feel of the keys really does hurt my ability to game well, and sometimes even just do basic things like type. So, I've decided screw it! I'm going to get a good keyboard and mouse. (Corsair STRAFE and SABRE if anyone cares. I will eventually upgrade my H2000 t
  13. I don't even get any errors. Just random lagging with my cursor with my mouse and my remote's trackpad, headset's audio will cut out and the little volume change thing from Windows 10 will pop up. Nothing ever fully disconnects (at least, the noises never play or anything). The only way I know to describe it is simply lag. As for drivers, they're allegedly all up to date.
  14. PC Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/FoxxyRin/saved/xc7qqs So long story short, I built my PC in February of this year. Everything seemed great except for a random noise, but I've learned to ignore it. For the past month or two, I've had an issue that's getting progressively worse, and it seems to effect most (if not all) of my USB peripherals. My mouse is the most noticeable, as it will randomly lag and even sometimes jump around a bit. I've tried moving it closer to the receiver, I've tried using a new USB port, I've tried reinstalling drivers. I've even disabled my Realte
  15. It's fan-side down, but not really warm at all. Like, no warmer than the HDD cage or other parts that aren't producing any of their own heat. And as far as I know, the fan never kicks on, even while under load. I'll definitely try flipping it over for a bit and see if that fixes anything.