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    Ginta got a reaction from M A J O R in New PC build. I have no experience so i need some help !   
    Hello Hello Hello,
    So i play a lot of games and i've been using an Alienware m18x laptop. Which has served me well, but its nearly 4(3?) years old, so shes showing her age. Some high end games for example Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, i can just play on medium settings all round and it still has some problems. I mostly play CS:GO which doesn't particuarly need a high end pc, but id like the option to play other games with ease.

    I also do a lot of music producing, and id like it to be able to export and import stuff quickly. Especially when i have sound going in and effects going on and all that shit. My alienware cant really handle it.

    I'm open to any builds, wether it be AMD or intel ect. I dont have any experience in the matter but my alienware has amd insides and its never failed me. (other than the motherboard dying twice, buts thats a dell thing ay)

    Budget - $2500AUD, i might go up, but i wont go past $3000AUD
    Peripherals - I dont currently have a monitor and im looking into some BenQ monitors 144hz around 21inches. I would like for it to be able to run 2 monitors, but i wont get the second till later.

    Also id probably need at least a 2 terabyte hard drive

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !!


    I ALSO DIDNT ADD - i am located Australia - brisbane