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  1. I have tried Powerline before. I wasn't too impressed with the speeds but I could deal. But about 3 months into using it, the devices stopped communicating to each other and would refuse to re connect. Even tried get them to reconnect them using a power point next to each other. These weren't cheap-o brands too, cost me about $200. So i'm not incline to try that experience again anytime soon. Also I am in a unit complex where the switchboard is a fair distance from the unit. Like any other cable, distance will determine the speed and quality of the connection. EDIT: Whe
  2. Hey, Im trying to figure out a way (before buying hardware) to connect my IPS connection point in my garage to my router (in my living room). Currently I just have a 20m(ish) Cat5e cable going from the connection point, along the floor, under some doors to the router. Not ideal as I'm forever tripping on it and unjamming it from the door when it gets snagged. Trying to tape it down and running cable through the walls isn't an option (carpet floors and renting) and moving the router also isn't an option as I have a few devices connected to the router via cable and the wireless signa
  3. http://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-SHIELD-Remote/dp/B013HJ13V0/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1449131036&sr=8-5&keywords=nvidia+shield My Mum I made a ITX computer a while back, then after a while I sold it to my mum as a device to watch videos from their Plex server. I thought it would be simple, just use the Apple app to tell the pc to play a video, no keyboard or mouse. But like your video, ever other week I get a call asking "why isnt it working correctly"... Plus with the Shield + remote they can use both Plex AND Netflix. (also you cant get a Chromecasts from Amazon. So next best t