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  1. You'll be fine for quite some time. You can even turn the game's settings to use Super Sampling for extra crispy pixel sharpness with a 1080Ti on 1080p. Or not, and just go for 144fps/144hz minimum at all times probably. Maybe even a bit of Super Sampling there. Either way you're good :).
  2. Not sure how casting works in Python, but I think they want you to do it in that specific way so you can learn how to cast. The first form is to turn a variable with the float type into a string. The second form is to hard code it into the desired string. The first will teach you how to cast, and you can swap str() for other things, such as converting an integer into a float() , presumably. Oh, and you can also swap 3.14 with a variable name, such as str(pi) if you had defined pi as a constant. Doing it way #2 won't, I think with my lim
  3. Feenix's Aria headset is definitely my favorite. The wooden finish mixed with the bright metal band...the Phoenix logo on the side... Absolute beast.
  4. It takes a fair bit of time, but I do love doing it. Unwrapping everything and putting it together, then pressing the power button for the first time... and see it not boot. Can't put a price tag on that !
  5. Trying to save what's left of the company('s face).
  6. I'm starting to think they all do, but some people are just not as sensitive to it or play less demanding games on 60 fps. Really contemplating about rolling the dice myself though. Thanks for the review.
  7. If it's running too hot, the fans will increase their RPM - increasing noise. You might be able to solve this by improving the airflow inside of your case. Some things you can do: Clean out your dust filters. Add more intake/exhaust fans. Get proper cable management done to prevent cables from blocking airflow. Maybe the heatsink isn't correctly seated on the GPU, you might need to look into this. Turning on Vsync inside games, as it limits the amount of FPS to make sure your GPU isn't doing unnecessary work. Google other things.
  8. Was hoping this card would be without coil whine. It seems a common issue amongst all 980 Ti's, think there is a design flaw by Nvidia or something? I'm looking to purchase a 980 ti but spending €750 on a GPU that has coil whine is just plain wrong in my opinion :\.
  9. Just purchased the Kryonaut and applied it 3 different times. I'm seeing about the same, or sliiiightly worse temperatures compared to Arctic Silver 5. All within margin of error, so it's difficult to say. I think it's more important about how you apply the thermal paste than the paste itself... Tried spreading it out twice, and the X method once.
  10. Quite content with my build. An i7 might have been better now, but at the time I didn't really see the need nor had the extra cash to spend on it. Currently looking to upgrade RAM to 16GB which is a slight hassle, seeing as my upgrade plan failed - I have 2x4GB and nobody sells the same RAM sticks anymore. Also thinking about upgrading my GTX 670 FTW to a 980Ti. Maybe I want to look into doing a watercooling built as well. So much fun. Oh but color scheming is a pain though. Currently have a Phanteks CPU cooler coloured White/Blue. Picking similarly coloured parts (RAM, GPU) is tough.
  11. Instead of merely speculating about the issues you described above, I will list my reasons for not buying the OP2. Hopefully, you will find it useful. I had an invite to buy the OnePlus Two (currently using the OPO), I was very tempted to 'upgrade' until I listed down what the price of 425 euros (shipping incl.) would get me. It wasn't really worth it and barely an upgrade. I lost: - My slick bamboo cover - NFC chip - Battery life? - Thermal performance? - A working home button - Micro USB - A crappy processor that has caused many problems in other devices, which was probably th