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  1. The 1080Ti Little Blue Pill Is Real, All Hail Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors! (rock hard all night long... bow'chicka'bow'wow) Well here we are about twelve hours after dosing 50mg of ETHLargement across a gaming rig with a single 1080Ti in it as well the full beast mode twelve 1080Ti rig. I've discovered quite a bit and had to change a number of my settings around to become compatible with this modification but at the end of the day it's been a huge gain. To start off, yes you do see a 15% power gain while using this, it does light up your entire card's heat output so be prepared
  2. Dreaming about Ethereum's Erectile Dysfunction Problem: (...and this isn't even a joke) Here's one I think basically everybody goes through at some point.. you're laying in bed, trying to relax and get some restful sleep but your mind is on fire else where. Well ever since I read this post about an Ethereum boost for GDDR5X cards by Porina on the LinusTechTips forums it's never left my mind for longer then a few seconds, minutes at best. What's all this about? Well there's a user by the name of OhGodACompany on GitHub, who a couple days ago, released a program called "OhGodAnETHlar
  3. Goblin's Oops My OS Restarted Miner Recovery Script: (keeping the tri-mine alive, looking sexy pickaxe bois while doing it) Well no matter how much I try to prevent system crashes by using high ends parts, putting things on batteries, and overall obsessing over their condition constantly things still happen outside of my control. There was a spike in downtime from my ISP, less then a minute, didn't have a failover in place yet and it occurred while I was sleeping. This is such a rare occasion I hardly ever have to deal with it or really become hassled by it. Honestly, a minute of downt
  4. Testing Out Tri-Mining & Double Checking Claymore's Honesty: (powered by Jinsang's Life Beat Tape, get your ears some today) Hey what up everybody! Today I wanted to investigate the fun times had using Claymore's famous dual mining software. If you've never heard of this, basically it lets you mine a primary coin (ethereum) on your GPU then on the backend dual mine a secondary alt coin with whatever left over power you have. If you check out WhatToMine.com today for 1080Ti's (screenshot for post preservation) then you'll see the most profitable coin we could be putting work int
  5. ...and then I walked amongst the living again: (hey now, it's 2018, would you look at that) Hello internets! It's nice to see you're all still alive and trolling as normal. As some of you have noticed (and sent me some very nice emails over) it's been a couple months since I've been around. As you can tell via the linkage in my previous post I've been dealing with some health issues & have been out for treatment pretty much exclusively since then. As much as I'd love to talk about high gamma ozone insufflation right now, an would find comfort in discussing it with folks of like
  6. Well, even though I've been six feet under for a long time now, the pony express never fails! Don't worry, once I live again I shall return but for now I'll leave you all with some cardboard premonitions... Oh my, what's in this big box from EVGA? Could it be Hybrid FTW3? Green Berets on tap like snow bunny bitches in Vail: Hey, you over there, yeah you, sssshhh, heard you wanted some Team Green:
  7. Did somebody say Monero? Come on over! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/827432-mining-monero-xmr-with-my-current-gear-lets-look-at-some-numbers/
  8. $80,000 Mining Operation w/ 70 Hybrid SC2 1080Ti Cards: (amazing interview) Well the channel BitCoinHog recently released an extremely good video detailing an eighty grand operation that has just swapped over to utilizing Nice Hash. It can (and should!) be seen over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXHAjBMLRqY This is an excellent interview and chance to get an inside peak into people who take mining seriously & to the proper business levels. This man clearly knows what he's talking about, his advice about pulling heat away from the gear instead of
  9. Utilizing Supratim Sanyal's Blog To Take Your pfSense pfBlockerNG Security To Van Hemert Levels: Now I've been talking off and on since the creation of this thread about how important security is. Not just for your own home equipment & mining gear, but for the pool operators ...aaaaannd basically everybody connected to the internet. I've personally had a hell of a time dealing with all sorts of lulzsecian good times since starting this blog & hanging out in support / help desk chatrooms all day long. You may remember my PowerEdge 2950 I tried mining on for a bit to show off wha
  10. Questions Round Mcabre Brothers: Is it possible to mine through an LTE connection? Absolutely doable! I tested my entire operation for a couple days off my LTE Band 12 Yagi setup and it worked great. I did this for a guy specifically in your position who wanted to know how well remote mining would work and had no real gear to test it out with himself. So before he tossed any hard cash at the situation I did a weekend run with all my gear. Ran things for a bit over forty-eight hours while spread out across his living room. Everything worked perfectly, no flaws or i
  11. Now this is a real interesting situation you've got here because if you head over to http://monerobenchmarks.info and search HD7770 you can find eight reports of people using this card. Apparently it does work so don't give up! Looks like people are averaging 170 to 200 H/s on it for reference. Maybe try the brutally boring process of driver swapping from the most recent backwards, Also, just reading from the bench website, looks like everybody is getting it to go inside Windows 10. Settings wise I read a guy running: 1150/1250 overclock with a 256x8 work setup in XMR-STAK. I don't know how he
  12. Absolutely doable! I tested the entire operation from my Mining Monero (XMR) thread for a couple days off my LTE Band 12 Yagi setup and it worked great. I did this for a guy specifically in your position who wanted to know how well remote mining would work out and had no real gear to test it himself with. So before he tossed any hard cash at the situation I did a weekend mountain run with all my gear, worked perfectly, no flaws or issues. #thumbsup #LTEmining #remotebois
  13. Hey Sexy, that's a nice Nvidia DGX Station you got there: (deep ai and chill?) Well those pics got some attention with alot of people wanting to know what machine that was & for the love of god did I typo the price or something? Surely that had to be a mistake on my or the reps part right? I was pretty sure I got that right, but honestly couldn't remember and alot of my other photos came out blurry as I was talking to a ton of people that day not really focusing on pictures. The rig I posted above is a Nvidia DGX Station which they're touting as "the world’s first personal supe
  14. Actually saw some of these at a trade show a while back, your post reminded me to upload some pics! Check it out over in my Monero mining thread: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/827432-mining-monero-xmr-with-my-current-gear-lets-look-at-some-numbers/?do=findComment&comment=10722974
  15. Trade Show Quad Tesla Liquid Cooled Miners: Saw these at a trade show a while back and totally spaced to make a post about it until now. These are quad stacked Tesla machines cooled completely by water & marketed for artificial intelligence work among other things. Talking to the Nvidia reps they laughed when mining was brought up saying there was definitely a heavy interest in the purchasing parties using them in the off times for crypto to recoup the costs. Which I know is going to be the next question in your mind... $69,000 as configured. They even had the business cards fo