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  1. While searching for antenna supplies, I've discovered something about Home Depot. "2 brass rods in stock in aisle 12, section 18" means "section 18 doesn't exist and no employees have heard of this brass rod or seen it in the store". Thankfully, for my purpose, Aluminum works just as well.

  2. ...And it worked! I put back the original battery and with a little trial and error in iTunes, I got the phone working again. This is why I want right to repair legislation in place. Apple has no need to block users from replacing batteries like this!

  3. I am now reminded of one of the reasons I dislike Apple. They've made impossible to update this iPhone if I have a non-OEM battery in it. I got an error and it looked bricked. I've put the original battery in again, just for the update. Crossing fingers it works.

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!


    I'm rather pleased with gifts this year. I got an SDR (radio), a hot air rework station, and an a IFixit ProTech toolkit.



    I swear that's real, no editing. The lens just has a super wide aperture, all the way to an f-stop of 1.4.



    M42 lens courtesy of my Grandfather, M42 to Nikon F-Mount adapter a new gift. Taken on a Nikon D50.

    I expected the toolkit to be good, but it's better than I expected, and I was able to put it straight to use. I've been wanting to fix up my old iPhone 4s, so I got a replacement battery and decided to take a crack at fixing the thing. Besides the abysmal battery life, the WiFi had been spotty, occasionally showing WiFi as unavailable. I took everything apart down to the logic board, then exposed the WiFi chip and protected the surrounding components with Kapton tape, and finally sent some toasty air its way (~260*C for 120s). With no way to be sure the reflow worked, or if anything still worked, I decided to put everything back together. A quick test before gluing in the replacement battery showed the phone booting back up, and the WiFi working. I put everything back together, gave it some new pentalobe screws, and everything is working great.







    The SDR is fun too. Picked up the local college rock station, then decided to try some AM frequencies. Living not too far from an airport, I tried for the ATIS there. (Results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OC_9rQsgQklcH4t4ENQlno4Mhb_LXPzD/view?usp=sharing). Not too many planes in the air, which seems natural since it's Christmas day, but I'll go for less repetitive frequencies some other time. My long term goal for this radio is to pick up weather satellite images directly from the satellites (More info here). I just need a proper antenna.


    The SDR:






    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!

  5. I imagine most would consider the A-12 and SR-71 to be more or less the same plane, so I wonder when the first A-12 flight was?
  6. Preface: I actually do listen to these songs. Besides being puns, they are great pieces of music. If I considered leaving the forum: If I were to leave: If I left and looked back on the forum:
  7. Well, of course Twitter cropped the most important bit. Here it is:




    1. soldier_ph


      Just stop, get some help you boomers...

    2. DildorTheDecent


      Based Maxine Tomato.

  8. I have a subscription to Apple Music. Not worth explaining why I do, but it's the only ad-free music streaming app I have. I wish there was a way to easily randomize the order of a playlist. I don't want to manually rearrange the 60 songs in there, and my Echo Dot seems to refuse to actually shuffle the playlist. It only plays the first ten songs in a random order. So, if I could just randomize the playlist itself every once and a while, then I don't have to skip through half the playlist to get to stuff I haven't been constantly hearing.

    Maybe I should be complaining about the Echo Dot. I contacted Amazon, and they seem to be looking in to it, but this is really an oversight on their part. I know I don't want to listen to the same few songs every time I start a playlist.

    1. vanished


      Though not out of the question, it's hard to believe Apple Music doesn't have a working shuffle feature.  I even remember the keynote from back in the iTunes days where Jobs introduced the slider to let people make it less random by increasing or reducing the likelihood of getting two songs by the same artist or from the same album in a row.  IF anything, they've got the most advanced shuffle in the business, or at least they used to.

    2. OJTheAviator



      I'm happy with the Apple Music app on my Android phone, the shuffle works pretty well on that. It's the echo dot that's driving me mad. I'm pretty sure the same thing happens on Spotify.

    3. vanished


      I'd agree that seems like the problem, but think about what it implies for how the app is being controlled though.  If the echo was just telling the app to play a playlist and use the built-in shuffle, there wouldn't be a problem.  This suggests that it's reading from the playlist and then manually instructing the program to play one song after the next individually, using its own shuffle feature which clearly isn't working.  That's beyond super weird lol

  9. I don't get why the printers at the library charge $.05 per page regardless of whether single or double sided. So, a double sided document might cost $.10 when it uses the same amount of paper as a $.05 single page. Maybe the paper costs roughly $.03 and ink $.02, in which case a double sided single sheet document should cost $.07, while the single page would still cost the same. This would at least encourage less paper use, and while it's a matter of cents, printing hundreds of pages over the course of a year adds up.

    1. dizmo


      They'd be getting ridiculously poor pricing if they're paying $0.03 per sheet of paper.

      Ink is also roughly $0.01 or less per sheet.

      Does the library do the printing/copying themselves? If not, then they're likely just not set up for it, and it'd be more hassle to implement than to just leave it as is.


    2. OJTheAviator


      The printing and copying is done in the library, there are one or two printers on each floor, accessible by student ID card. I'd have guessed that they wouldn't be trying to make a profit off their own students printing. Maybe it's to do with the cost of running and maintaining the printers themselves. Just the other day, one of the card reader-display module seems to have broken.

  10. Surprised how good this was.


  11. They weren't in Vancouver, or even in Canada, but instead in Shenzhen China.
  12. This may not count as "early jet", but I love the look of the V series bombers:
  13. One of my favorite looking military jets has to be the T-38. From certain angles, it reminds me of the X-Wing from Star Wars: Also, some of the early jets look pretty strange:
  14. Yeah, that think was a very strange creature. Looks a bit like a fish of some sort, maybe a bit bird like? Kind of wish the YF-23 was chosen instead of the 22. Definitely like the appearance of that one:
  15. Sure, the type is popular among airplane people, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Photos
  16. Now that's a sight to behold! I'm surprised they repainted it, though it looks pretty sharp with the silver engines.
  17. At least the 717s will be kicking around for a little bit. I suppose the 717 is to the DC-9 what the 737 MAX or NG is to the 737 Original Series: a rather modified and stretched airplane of the same fundamental design.
  18. Welcome to the thread! I'm also a student pilot, if you'd like to know, here's a bit about where I'm at in the process: Good luck with lessons! Glad to have more activity in this thread!