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  1. I don't suppose this applies to older, already released ThinkPads? I'm running Ubuntu on my ThinkPad E455, but there are some WiFi driver issues, I wonder if this means they'll bring support for that sort of thing.
  2. Apparantly I am the sort of person to desire an iPhone 6 (or 6s) while having no wifi or cellular data avaliable. Also, my idea of new must be rather strange. Why else would you consider a lighting-ethernet dongle a hot new gadget?


    Or am I not seeing this correctly? On second glance, is it actually ethernet? I feel that USB is somehow involved with the contacts on the right.

  3. That's fascinating! If I were to be super pedantic, the C-9 military variant of the DC 9 is entirely retired. But, that's as close as you can get to a prior retirement. Even all the McDonnell Douglas fighters still see some limited use.
  4. Hmm. I don't know about that. But to each their own
  5. Agreed if you add 18 to that and actually mean F22
  6. I saw an @CircleTech status update mentioning Arduino, and I remembered I should share a little Arduino thermometer I made. Displays temperature and logs data!

    1. CircleTech
    2. OJTheAviator


      @CircleTech Given 45 mins and a quick flip through the Crysis Wikipedia, yes. And by "crysis" I hope you mean the same thing that is meant when companies say their aerosol spray is "cheese": Has the same name, and passes for the original to a person who can't sense a thing!

  7. One of 14! I can't believe it! Oh my goodness! I'm one of less than .12 percent of theblackhat's total reaction given count! A liked post! A like, not an informative! Don't tell theblackhat, it may be a mistake. Wouldn't that be terrible for it to change to an informative.


  8. I did it! Switched from the Cooler Master HAF X to the Corsair 200R. The difference is huge! Rather, the HAF X is huge and the 200R looks tiny in comparison. It was a bit of a process (some stand offs had been stripped and resisted coming off, glad I didn't break anything important then), but everything's out of the old and into the new, and everything is working well! Also, I just figured out what the TPU switch on the ASUS mobo does, and I'm now at 3.7 GHZ from 3.4, on the i7-6700 (non-K)! (Thankfully I'm not using that stock cooler anymore, so temps are fine)


    Excuse the dust and terrible lighting, but I wanted to get a quick comparison picture before cleaning up.


    (Guess which slot the cd drive was in, the dust may give a hint 😂)

    Finally, anyone here know if there's a safe and easy way to transfer the decals over? Especially that i7 sticker. Does it damage it to just peel off?

  9. Baby robin out here getting a crash course in how not to die 101. Fell out of the nest, but seems to be doing more or less fine right now. Also, squirrel!












    1. blu4


      Don't birds jump out to learn how to fly, like their mother pushes them to jump out or something like that? and lots end up falling and just dying?

      birds are metal AF. When I was younger every summer we'd see 1 or 2 dead baby birds below this nest that was  built over the sidewalk.

    2. Windows7ge
  10. "I used to tell people that I'm vegetarian because I hate animals so much I don't even want to eat them"

    -Simone Giertz

  11. Why oh why doesn't this thing use USB 3? Or at least transfer faster than 10 MB/s? Too old I guess. Fun fact, the average file size for these old photos is about 4 mb of data. So I'm transferring about 2.5 photos a second. Another hour or so before I'm transferring the videos and documents. Wish me luck haha



    1. CircleTech


      OJ is moving his homework folder....


      That's not where I would move it but okay.

    The good news: I likely don't have a certain illness resulting from the SARS-COV-2 pathogen.

    The bad news: I'm sick with something. I've always gotten a sort of cold around this time of year. As a very little kid, it got so bad I couldn't breathe, but it's better now. Still, not fun. Congestion never is.


    In other news, I'm hoping to get a new case for my birthday. Still using the CM HAF-X, but I'm trying for something a little smaller that'll still fit my components (most notably the Noctua NH-D15 cooler). I'm going for a Corsair 200R.
    While I'm cleaning up the hardware, I've decided to finally tidy up my mess of storage. I've currently got a little over 2 terabytes over 4 drives, and that's after having deleted several old folders full of junk and copies amounting to (I think) about a terabyte. I'm hoping to delete or move another 500gb or so if a few more folders are what I think. I mean, I did give fair warning it's a mess. Part of it is having to deal with data from an old desktop my family has had since I was about 10 or 12. That sort of data likely won't be critically important, but tons of memories. Over the last few years, I've copied most of it over to this computer, I think some things multiple times, and that accounts for most of the 500gb I hope to move and clean out. After all is said and done, I hope to have everything consolidated into one place with no copies on the same drive.

    Fun stuff. The Alka-Seltzer plus is kicking in, so I'd better enjoy the few hours of the day I've got that won't be sniffling filled.

    1. soldier_ph


      Pro Tip: Back up those family photos on a external HDD/SSD or on Google photos or invest in a NAS. What ever it is that you'll choose to invest in it will be your time or money worth. Never ever have just one copy of an important document/file/photos and videos. Especially the later ones because those are irreplaceable memories.


      I've got my phone set up to always directly back every photo and video up to my Google Photos and to our NAS at home. That way I always have 3 copies of those photos and videos. Same for documents and files.

  13. OK Go's This Too Shall Pass, Passion Pit Sunday Hangover Remix:

    A fantastically fun remix of an already great song.

  14. Is it just me, or does the singer sound like GLaDOS here?

    OK Go is amazing

  15. That's awesome! When I visited, most of the X-planes were away from the main museum, on the base. It was pretty cool to be able to see all those weird planes up close! Is that black plane near the center (below the "U.S. AIR FORCE" on the XB-70) the supersonic drone tested on the SR-71? I forget the name, but I remember hearing about it.
  16. KABE is a cool airport. A little busy for my tastes though. Probably the busiest I've flown at. I agree that as for tastes in planes, the president is doing pretty well. I don't know that his tastes in liveries agree with mine so much though. The classic blue Air Force One is very nice, I think better than the new design. Reminds me of the classiness of the '60s airline designs: United, Delta, TWA, Pan Am. All had beautiful liveries, and I think the current Air Force One livery is still classically beautiful in the same way.
  17. I was about to say that XP11 already has a 717, but then I remembered it's an MD-80. I might as well say it has a DC-9 if I'm gonna be that lax about the differences.
  18. I enjoy flying the B737, just because I've learned how to use the autopilot and FMS and can fly between large airports easily. I also like zooming about in a F22 or smashing bugs in the C172. Haven't got any really good 3rd party planes.
  19. I just realized that I know that airport. I've actually flown there before on cross-countries, though I didn't know they were rebuilding a P61! I'll have to check it out sometime.
  20. If the C130 and C17 seem massive, which they are, just imagine witnessing a C5 in person! I was able to walk through the cargo section at Oshkosh 2018, unfortunately no pictures from that close. Still impressive from afar though. T-6s in front for scale.
  21. I think they must have mixed up the title and photo.


  22. I like it lot, but I think having just one Boeing model in with three Airbus models would be a pain. Probably a lot of maintenance overlap on the Airbus side, while entirely different plane and design on the Boeing. I believe flying a Boeing vs an Airbus is very different as well. Pilot training would probably be easier if it's all one company. Even more cost effective to have one family of aircraft in the fleet. One group of pilots can fly anything in the fleet, and one group of maintenance can fix any airplane. That's why Southwest, Ryanair, and Norwegian Air only use the 737 family, wh
  23. I'm excited for next year, I may have a chance at going
  24. This is the best ad I've ever seen. If you have time, by all means watch the actual video, it's great. The ad is amazing though.