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Everything posted by OJTheAviator

  1. Yeah right...


    It cleared customs, but in Alaska. I'm not in Alaska. It's 9:10 for me, so good luck UPS.


    In all honesty, not really annoyed. Still impressive they are getting it here as fast as they are. I just think the tracker is amusingly drunk.

  2. RE: shipping times

    That's more like it...





    Still darn impressive that last evening, the laptop was on the ground near Beijing, and tomorrow will be on my doorstep on the US east coast. Probably in a UPS 747 over the Pacific right now.


    1. Grumpy Old Man
    2. OJTheAviator


      Lucky for me that is neither a 747, not the Pacific. I mean, it's not guaranteed to be either, but I think it likely given range and geography.

    3. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Okay, it was UPS Airlines flight 1354, but it could be your laptop flight. 😱

  3. Lenovo: I love optimism. But this is excessive optimism







    That's 7400 miles and several customs agents to pass before it can reach me. Good luck little laptop!

  4. When the neighbors set off pyrotechnics and I turn on "pro" mode on my Galaxy S8:


    1. OJTheAviator


      Running it through lightroom



    1. Bombastinator


      The onion is often hilarious.  There have been some scary instances of people mistaking it for actual news though, so I hereby note that it’s the onion.

  6. I pulled a @Den-Fi... at least in terms of the photo style:


    1. soldier_ph


      No see @Den-Fi would never have something else in the background.

  7. I love the Nissan Figaro!! The Be-1 is also cool. I just wish I had the space and money to get one, going for about $5-$10 k. Also, it would be weird driving on the wrong side of the car in the US.







  8. Alex is wearing my watch! (6:27)

    1. soldier_ph


      Oh a Calculator watch, that's pretty handy.

    2. OJTheAviator


      I have 2. One identical to his, one black/blue/grey

  9. I've got a new laptop incoming!

    ThinkPad L13 Yoga (13”) Laptop



    1. soldier_ph


      Because yeah I was gonna say if you wanted to game on the go that integrated graphics is really too slow for that but for what you're doing it should be just fine, otherwise good purchase 👍

    2. OJTheAviator


      @Pascal...To elaborate on the programs I'll be running: Matlab, some Python, Fusion 360 (or maybe some other CAD software), maybe a little Blender (Not much rendering though).

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Thinkpad keyboards aren't special anymore. Compare these to T420 and older.

      Also add a matt screen protector to it otherwise good luck with reflections.

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  10. Anyone remember which backpack company sponsored LTT a while back? I remember them at LTX19, their stuff looked pretty nice and I need a backpack, so I'm thinking about getting one.

    1. Cyberspirit


      Not sure if it was these guys at LTX but the've sponsored WAN show a couple of times and Linus uses one of these as well.



    2. OJTheAviator


      That's it, thanks!

    3. Lurick


      I've got this one here:


      I ended up returning my blackpack because it was a tad on the small side and didn't fit my water bottle and got the Grande instead and it's been amazing!

  11. This A340 interior was sort of like a car from the mid 2000s to me. A little too old to be current, a little too young to be retro. Still cooler than, say, a 737-800's cabin, but less cool than a 787, or--I imagine-- a MD-80 or old 747. I'm glad I flew it, but the inside was not very interesting. As fun as it is to geek out over planes, when I fly on them, it's just a flight after the first hour or two. I'm still just burning hours away by playing on a phone or browsing the infotainment system. So, it's a great thing to have a good infotainment system or in-flight wifi, or the comf
  12. I flew on a Virgin Atlantic A340-600 last year. It was amazingly long, though a little outdated feeling inside.
  13. I love these ads. Probably works better when the user searches for "Decorative Spoons" or something, not "Concorde Engine"




    Also, I love that the bottom ad says the types of Turbofan Turbojet Engines include "Fashion" and "Home & Garden".

    Salesman:   "Sir, would you prefer a fashion turbojet engine, or a home or garden engine?"

    Me:              "Well, I want it to look fashionable while it sits in my front garden outputting 169,200 newtons of thrust, so I suppose both. Do you supply mounting hardware as well?"

    Salesman:   "Of course sir, we just need to pour a new foundation to prevent it from flying away."

    Me:              "Wonderful!"

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      Reminds me of when I got an advert for buying a dassult rafale... 😂

    2. Bombastinator


      My most entertaining ads came when Facebook had me identified as a 112 year old woman.  All of a sudden the Internet was covered in yoga pants.

  14. Dear everyday people who are uninterested in science,


    When ideas change in science, that's a success. The very way progress in science is made is by trying to prove a hypothesis (think "theory" in everyday speech) wrong. When scientists fail to prove something wrong many times, everyone can be pretty sure it's true. But, science still might find something that describes the universe more accurately, proving the old way "wrong". In fact, something that cannot be disproved is not something that can be dealt with by science.
    Newton found a way to describe motion that worked very well. Science hasn't been able to prove him wrong for everyday events, like apples falling from trees. But, Einstein changed the way we think about gravity on huge and tiny scales. He, in a way, proved Newton "wrong", at least in certain circumstances. What an achievement! I hope I could someday prove something wrong like that myself!

    So, when scientists say "Well, we don't think that anymore, we think this now", don't see that as an issue; that science never finds anything exactly right forever. Instead, see that as another jump forward towards complete and perfect understanding. Think of how we now understand something better than we did. That is the only way we can progress in science.

  15. This is a little horrifying


    That guy just looks creepy

    1. SlimyPython


      The front of his face is what flat earthers think we live on

    2. handymanshandle