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  1. 8 hours ago, homeap5 said:

    I don't understand why you complicate things like that. Use bootable Ubuntu and copy files from your C to any other drive you have. You don't need to use laptop or remove any of your drivers for that.


    Second - if you modified registry and you know that is the reason of your bootloop, then you can find bootable registry editor and just revert changes you made. Or, if you have laptop, you can load hive from your pc to registry editor, made changes, unload hive and that's it (but it's probably more complicated than bootable registry editor).

    Good point about copying stuff from C to another drive. Would have saved some time. I did use the bootable registry editor, and attempted to use a backup I had made of the registry, but I got an error and wasn't able to fix it that way.

  2. 6 hours ago, TheGrandMaster said:

    2. I dont know what you're talking about i said bootable drive lol it doesnt matter what you put it on its a bootable drive

    3. He was asking if it was highly recommended

    For your question: Its unplugging a sata cable once and then plugging it in a different pc. It's just like downloading a document on a computer then putting it on a usb and plugging it into a printer, its not really that hard haha. Also the connectors are always the same SATA is universal but as you go down the generations it is merely slower. You would be able to put any drive size in the computer temporarily regardless if the second pc would only fit a 2.5 drive, this is because you can put it on the side of the pc as it is temporary not for long term use. You do not have to re-screw the drive to the bay every time you take it out, its like plugging a usb into a port. 

    Well, having got everything going again, I'm glad I didn't make a backup of the other three drives then and there. I've got several terabytes of data across the three drives, and since I don't have multiple terabytes of storage on my laptop or currently available in the cloud, I'd have to use spare hard drives. That would take 2-3 days if I were to transfer data 24 hours straight, not accounting for switching drives. It would take longer in practice. Also, while the SATA connector is standard, my adapter is in the form of an external drive enclosure, so the rest of it physically cannot fit a 3.5" drive. I could've hacked off the rest of the enclosure, but I was very happy to be able to keep it as is. All that to say, while I would have backed the data up then if there was a good chance it would be lost, it was a relief to hear that wasn't likely.

    Of course, I know data backups are very very handy, but it was nice to get it up and running so I can now do cloud backups from this machine when I get the chance. Plus, my one experience doesn't make a study. It's an anecdote. So, if anyone in the future reads this, I can't say whether you'll have the same luck and circumstance as myself.

    Thanks again for the help and advice everyone!

  3. Hello,


    I did something stupid. I followed a guide to fix a disk drive error, modified the registry, and now my Windows 10 PC is in a boot loop. I get a blue screen with the error inaccessible boot device. I did make a backup of the registry, but I wasn't able to successfully restore it from the advanced options command line. I've decided it's probably best if I reinstall Windows at this point, but I wanted to check a few things so that I keep my photos and documents. Oh, and I was especially stupid because I don't have a backup of all the data. (I'm doing that the minute I get things working again, that's for sure.)


    I'm running 4 drives in my computer. None of them are in RAID. My most important data isn't on the Windows SSD, so I'm planning on physically disconnecting all the drives except that Windows SSD. I do have some data on the SSD though. I also have a SATA-USB connector, so I'm planning on making a backup of the whole SSD on my laptop.

    Three questions:

    1. If I disconnect the three other drives, re-install Windows on the SSD, then reconnect the other drives, they will show up correctly in Windows and I can access the data on them, right?
    2. If something goes wrong with the Windows re-install, I'd be able to do a completely fresh install on the SSD, then restore the data from a backup, right?
    3. Would it be highly recommended to also back up the data on the other three drives before attempting the reinstall? My SATA-USB connector only fits 2.5" drives though, so that would delay my process by quite a bit, and you can imagine I'm anxious to get things back to normal.

    Can anyone see issues with this plan that I haven't seen, or know of a better solution? Once again, this was 100% my fault, and I've already learned several lessons about backing up data and editing the registry.



    Thank you all in advance!!

  4. 2 hours ago, greenhorn said:

    I like seeing that "outdated" look in planes, I feel it is like a glimpse into a time when aviation was  more something for wealthy people. I like those planes with seats still from the 70s (rectangular shaped, quite thick), the old fonts used for all the labels. I am thinking of planes of the like of the old 747s (-100, -200 and the SP), the MD80 series.

    On the other hand, some "old" planes can look rather modern even by today's standards. Once in a while, I like to go to a local flight sim center, they have a fixed baseA320 sim made out of an old plane formerly owned by Air France and the cockpit still looks and feels modern (even though it is lacking the fancy gadgets found in the B787 and A350 for example).

    This A340 interior was sort of like a car from the mid 2000s to me. A little too old to be current, a little too young to be retro. Still cooler than, say, a 737-800's cabin, but less cool than a 787, or--I imagine-- a MD-80 or old 747. I'm glad I flew it, but the inside was not very interesting.


    As fun as it is to geek out over planes, when I fly on them, it's just a flight after the first hour or two. I'm still just burning hours away by playing on a phone or browsing the infotainment system. So, it's a great thing to have a good infotainment system or in-flight wifi, or the comfort of a higher cabin pressure because of carbon fiber strength. That said, I'd rather book a flight on a 747 than a 787 just for the cool factor.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Nowak said:

    Something I noticed is the MD-90 is the first McDonnell Douglas jet to be retired.


    The DC-8 isn't retired yet. The DC-9 isn't. The DC-10, MD-11, MD-80 and, if you want to count it, Boeing 717 aren't. Just the MD-90.

    That's fascinating! If I were to be super pedantic, the C-9 military variant of the DC 9 is entirely retired. But, that's as close as you can get to a prior retirement. Even all the McDonnell Douglas fighters still see some limited use.

  6. 14 minutes ago, vf1000ride said:

    From the Dayton Airforce Museum. Lots of historic "X" planes.


    That's awesome! When I visited, most of the X-planes were away from the main museum, on the base. It was pretty cool to be able to see all those weird planes up close! Is that black plane near the center (below the "U.S. AIR FORCE" on the XB-70) the supersonic drone tested on the SR-71? I forget the name, but I remember hearing about it.

  7. 43 minutes ago, TempestCatto said:

    Daddy Trump visited my town today. Love or hate him, he has great taste in aircraft. He owns a 757 and used the "Air Force One" 757 today. Our airport can support a 747, in fact Barack Obama made a visit here during his first term. He used the 747.



    Just thought I'd share.

    KABE is a cool airport. A little busy for my tastes though. Probably the busiest I've flown at. I agree that as for tastes in planes, the president is doing pretty well. I don't know that his tastes in liveries agree with mine so much though. The classic blue Air Force One is very nice, I think better than the new design. Reminds me of the classiness of the '60s airline designs: United, Delta, TWA, Pan Am. All had beautiful liveries, and I think the current Air Force One livery is still classically beautiful in the same way.

  8. 10 minutes ago, pinksnowbirdie said:

    the Zibo 737 for Xplane 11 is great but because of trying to learn the FMS/MCDU on the A320 family I've forgotten what I'd learned on how to program the FMS in the 737 on at least XPlane.


    I can't wait for XP11 to get a good 717 and A220.


    I was about to say that XP11 already has a 717, but then I remembered it's an MD-80. I might as well say it has a DC-9 if I'm gonna be that lax about the differences.

  9. 1 minute ago, pinksnowbirdie said:

    any of you guys play Xplane 11? What's your favorite type to fly in that? (Doesn't have to be XP11)
    I love ToLISS's A321.

    I enjoy flying the B737, just because I've learned how to use the autopilot and FMS and can fly between large airports easily. I also like zooming about in a F22 or smashing bugs in the C172. Haven't got any really good 3rd party planes.

  10. 8 hours ago, pinksnowbirdie said:

    That's why if I could ever start my own airline it's fleet would be like and unlike a lot of airlines, it'd have A220s, A321s, A350s and 787s (unless Airbus could give a better deal on A330neos but I think I'd like at least one Boeing family in the fleet).

    I like it lot, but I think having just one Boeing model in with three Airbus models would be a pain. Probably a lot of maintenance overlap on the Airbus side, while entirely different plane and design on the Boeing. I believe flying a Boeing vs an Airbus is very different as well. Pilot training would probably be easier if it's all one company.

    Even more cost effective to have one family of aircraft in the fleet. One group of pilots can fly anything in the fleet, and one group of maintenance can fix any airplane. That's why Southwest, Ryanair, and Norwegian Air only use the 737 family, while Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit, EasyJet, and Eurowings only use the A320 family.


    But, one type or even one manufacturer is boring. So I like the idea.

  11. 30 minutes ago, pinksnowbirdie said:

    What a horrible thing to even suggest or consider, the A220 is a proper 717 replacement.


    I could see them maybe replacing older 737s with the Max maybe but it seems like they're going towards Airbus and won't change that.



    If Boeing had made more, what about the 737-600 to supplement 717s?

  12. 23 minutes ago, pinksnowbirdie said:

    oh I finally flew for the first time on March 11th
    Got to meet my dearest @handymanshandle finally, and it was a blast. From the flights with Delta and to meeting him.


    I flew on these planes:
    Airbus A321-200 (N365DN)

    Boeing 717 (N936AT and N955AT)

    Boeing 757-200 (N6712B)

    Nice you got to fly on a B717! I've wanted to fly on some DC9 variant/decendant for a while. I might have as a baby or little kid, but I can't remember doing it. I've also always wanted to fly on a 747, but that's never happened and is looking less likely every year. Did get to go on an a340-600, which until the B747-8 was the longest passenger jet.

  13. 28 minutes ago, Prince Tanbir said:

    With oem cooler it was always 55-60 C. With the liquid cooling it is 35-40C normally. But goes to 75++ running games and shuts down. I also changed the PSU to Thermaltake 630W Smart. But same as before. Main problem while gaming. Regarding fans, 2x120mm intake, 2x120mm exhaust. Also the liquid cooler is in push-pull configuration.

    I'm not sure I can help with this. Make a new thread, there are a lot of people much more knowledgeable than myself on here!


    I'd make a thread in this section of the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/46-troubleshooting/


    Also, it's probably a good idea to read through this before posting there.


  14. @Prince Tanbir  Welcome to the forum! This thread is fairly old, and it's not directly related to your problem. You should start a new thread, that way more people see your problem and can help! I do have a couple tips, but I still reccomend starting a new thread!



    If it's running hot, it might be because fans are in the wrong direction, or maybe something to do with the way a cooler is installed. You should check the temperature using software like Open Hardware Monitor. If anything is over 80°C, you should probably change something about the cooling, but I doubt heat is the biggest issue. If anything is over 90°C or so, definitely look into the cooling.