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Blog Comments posted by OJTheAviator

  1. Speaking of sauces, cornstarch is best added when mixed with cold water. It dissolves nicely in that, just add enough water to make it liquidy and not so thick that it's ooblek.

    Also on the topic of food and cooking, try cauliflower to make mashed "potatoes". It's werid sounding, but if you boil cauliflower and then puree it with a little butter or margarine, salt, pepper, a little garlic and/or onion powder, it turns into a very nice tasting puree that can stand in well for mashed potatoes. You might want to start with part cauliflower added to real mashed potatoes to get used to the cauliflower, but I've grown so used to it that I prefer it over actual potatoes.

    Finally, I recommend finding a source of large amounts of high quality vegtables, maybe even getting something like a farm share (the kind where you pay and pick up, not working on a farm). Have fun with the flavors, find new ingredients to add to your meals. Also, try thinking of meals in terms of vegtables first, then protein (meat or plant protein), then finally starches last. I've found it's very easy to overdo on fats and starches, not quite as much but still easy to overdo on meat, and very hard to overdo on vegtables.


    I'm not a nutrition expert or anything, but I do really enjoy cooking and have learned a little about nutrition. Take any advice I give with salt, to taste :) (And pepper, garlic, onion, herbs, any other seasoning you fancy).


    (P.S. I just realized you don't like onions or mushrooms. Everything stated above can go without, just skip over the word onion lol)