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  1. I fixed it by deleting lots of files of which I knew I had backups of. I think there was just too many images on my phone (10s of thousands) but making some room has solved it. Still weird because I still had a few gb left on both my sd and phone storage. But yeah maybe copying too many pictures or something causes issues.
  2. I tried updating the drivers through device manager but it says im already using the latest drivers. Also my pc doesnt have bluetooth. Do you know which software I should use to maybe try to clone the whole phone to my pc?
  3. Yeah i did use copy i also tried copying it to a new folder on a different drive but nothing seems to work. When I copy 1 picture i sometimes get lucky, but after a while I get weird errors like the ones I posted above. There must be something im missing here. I do not know about drivers or updates.
  4. I tried copying them one by one at first it works and then it says "remove the write protection" i made sure my phone is not locked but it still seems to happen. But I have no idea what or why it is going wrong
  5. Thanks for your fast reply, I have not done anything different then I did in past years to make backup. The files I want to make a backup of are only the ones from the last 2 or 3 months or so. However nothing I can copy. The error I get is "file is not supported or incorrect type" another error I sometimes get is "the requested value cannot be found"
  6. Im trying to make a backup of my phone to my PC. I do this every few months without problems. I'm trying to copy the contents of my whatsapp media folder (images and videos) but everytime I get an error when trying to copy the whatsapp images that it is an unsupported or incorrect type (not sure about the exact translation). Any tips? I already tried different cable and connection phone to back of pc instead of front but nothing seems to work. //Edit I think a possible problem is that there is just too much in them. I have 5 years of media in the folder so r
  7. I am trying to make my desk setup look more "clean" and I think the best way to do this is to get rid of the cables. Currently i'm using a nice mechanical keyboard with RGB and blue switches. I'm planning on getting something similar (maybe red switches this time) but wireless. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find alot online. There is one logitech one and that one is way above €200. So are there any decent wireless mechanical keyboards out there (preferably with RGB and numpad) that have a bit of a normal price and maybe also a good way of charging it?
  8. I think this is the best looking case there currently is. But im just wondering are there any alternatives? With the similar design that is. Glass on both front+side and fans coming from the back. Also i'm not sure if a new version of this case is coming out soon and if I should wait or not. Thanks
  9. Not only outdated but also extremly overpriced for what you get.
  10. So after finding out about the nicest fans on the market I was looking into getting them however I don't fully understand the extra control box stuff. It has room for 5 fans, but yet 3 fans come into a single pack. So which means you can only use as much as 5 fans at the same time? How would this work if you would want 6 fans? Would you need 2 of these boxes and can you expand or would they act like 2 different systems both controlling 3 fans?
  11. so it won't be another year before someone would realisticly build a new ddr5 system but more like 3+ years?
  12. ok thanks I didnt know DDR5 was coming close, yeah then i'll wait if it's less than a year. Any info about this yet? Would require other motherboard and processor too right? And the price?
  13. Yeah that was the reason for getting my current ram too. But I hardly think I would need more than 32gb. Unless something very big changes in the next 3 to 5 years? But then there's the thing of wanting 4 ram sticks because it looks nicer. Also would you guys recommand 3200mhz c16 or 3600mhz c18? I'm currently not sure what to get
  14. I need more ram because my computer ran out of memory when doing alot of stuff at same time. I would also like to have 4 ram parts that look better than my current one, since lately I spend more time trying to make my PC case look nice. Those are the reasons why I don't get 2 extra ram pieces but instead want 4 new ones. No need to upgrade from a 6700k to 7700k. I also have it liquid cooled and am running a RTX 2080 with NVME, 2 extra SSD's etc. I dont think my system is bottle necking. So 4x8 would still be better then, thanks!