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  1. I understand that, I was just stating that I couldn't see any damage on the Mobo. Inspecting the PSU, I can't see anything looking inside. Or anything that looks out of the normal. It does smell really bad though and I can't trace that smell to anything else in the system. Though the "explosion" seemed almost exactly the sound of a capacitor blowing in online videos I've seen. I'll keep inspecting it with a light though and see if I can notice anything.
  2. I'll give that a try. And do you guys really think that these killed my system? Clearly these shouldn't be a thing if this happens?? I'd reach out to them, but I feel like they wouldn't care or believe me since there is no "evidence". And how are these different than any other cable mods you get for your system?
  3. I don't see anything on the Mobo,but I'll inspect the PSU closer. All I can tell so far is that the back of my case,which is where the PSU is, smells like burnt electronics. I inspected the aio and it seems to look fine, no evidence of a leak. It's a Corsair Capellix 360mm. I don't see any damage on the Mobo so far.
  4. I guess so. It's crazy how quick this happened with a brand new plat PSU..! Do you think a UPS would help at all or give some added protection? Everything is plugged in fine. Only extensions are the Lian LI Strimer Plus for the Mobo and GPU.
  5. Yes, I used the cables that were provided for the new PSU. Everything seems to look fine. All plugged in good and nothing looks out of the ordinary. I don't wanna risk turning it on again and I don't have a multimeter. I'm pretty sure it's dead. I just don't know if anything else was damaged. I just can't believe that a brand new and "top of the line" PSU blew like that. I just hope it didn't destroy anything with it. I don't have any other parts to test it with,so I most likely have to bring it in to my Microcenter. Just sucks because I already spent a
  6. New Parts: Asus Crosshair Maximus XIII MSI Ventus 3X OC 3070 Corsair 1200HX Platinum This was a new unit that Corsair sent me too for the power supply, so I find it crazy that this would happen to me after what happened to my last GPUs. So I'm at a loss of words and have no idea what's going on at this point
  7. Hey guys.. another sad day! Some people might remember me, but recently my 980Ti Hybrids caught fire and killed themselves and damaged my Mobo in the process. Originally thought it was the PSU. Though both cards were dead. I replaced the PSU (Corsair sent me a new one) and replaced the Motherboard since it had damage and under warranty. Fast forward to yesterday.. PC randomly shuts off. My heart drops because this is what happened last time. Pressed the power button. Wouldn't turn on. Tried again after turning everything completely off. (PSU switch and Surge Pr
  8. Well, due to my previously 980Ti Hybrids that both blew up recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 3X OC. I was a bit bummed on how the Power limit is locked at 100%, but I've tried Overclocking so far and these were my results. I feel like people have been getting way higher scores than me and not sure if it's just my imagination or not. How do these results seem to you guys? Other Specs: 10900KF @ 5.0GHz 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4000MHz Asus XIII Crosshair Hero
  9. Well turns out this card decided to join my other 980Ti Hybrid in the grave just randomly yesterday. A sad day indeed..
  10. Thank you for the link, I'll check it out! Where would I put these on the card exactly? And I was mainly just asking if I needed the Kraken G12 if my card is already technically Liquid cooled with the Stock AIO. I wasn't sure if I could just slap on another cooler or if I needed the Kraken G12 bracket.
  11. Thanks for the info/input! What sort of little heatsinks for the memory would you recommend and where would I place them exactly? And do you know if I would still need the G12 if the stock cooler works already without that sort of bracket?
  12. Well the temps aren't terrible,but I figured being 6 or so years old, it should be replaced. Isn't that the lifespan of AIOs just about? Plus I'm probably gonna be stuck with this GPU for a while,so I thought I might as well try to get as much over clocking and low temps as I can. I was thinking of doing a 360mm cooler on it. Fan speed is always on max, but it still gets fairly warm.
  13. Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to "replace" the AIO on my 980Ti Hybrid. I was hoping I could use the Kraken G12 Bracket and then use an AIO to replace my old stock 120mm one. Would this be possible? Thank you!
  14. So worried to even touch my computer at this point. How would I know if there is any damage to the PCIE slots? Should everything else technically be okay? I did contact EVGA, just waiting to hear back.
  15. Oh boy.. yeah it seems as though the smoke was being exhausted out from the PSU. I heard the GPU exploding basically. Im worried on what to do, they are both the hybrid cards so I don't think I can change anything on them. Am I screwed and losing both GPUs?