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  1. Here's the best update to your PC: 1) Go to ocean state job lot or a local hardware store that has literally EVERYTHING 2) Go to the 'hammers' area. 3) Buy yourself a decent sledgehammer. Make sure it's heavy, but liftable. It needs to be able to destroy metal 4) Take your PC outside or in a safe area. 5) Take out the Hard Drive 6) Save the Hard Drive in your back pocket 7) Get in a stance 8) (pose for the camera) 9) Take the sledge hammer and lift it 10) Destroy your current PC Wait, you were supposed to do that in order without re
  2. Get your warranty then. I can't think of a single gaming company which provides a replacement part feature. You always need to sent the product in directly for the company to overview.
  3. 4JZW712. I did give you the wrong link, by the way. I have an i3, not a duel core or whatever it said it had.
  4. hmm wrong model then. I looked on newegg and it said that I could do up to 8.
  5. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series. Here: http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/productdetails/inspiron-15-3552-laptop/dncwc014s?s=dhs&oc=dncwc014s&ST=pla&dgc=ST&cid=298726&lid=5704714&acd=123098073120560&ven1=DNCWC014S:51916301508:901pdb6671:c&ven2=:&ven3=117003560654405608 That should be the link.
  6. Hello, So my laptop that I purchased for school has 4 GB of RAM (ouch!). It does it's job, but I'd like for it to run faster. I'm looking up DDR3 Laptop ram, and everything is in the $40's USD... Where would you guys suggest me searching to get an upgrade? (note: I'm looking for 8GB, not 6GB, which is a significant difference). The hard part for me is I'm on a budget. Whenever I have extra spending money, I purchase books for all my med courses.... So cheaper is better. Thanks, -LukeS
  7. looks good. Haven't had any experience with the company, but it has 4 stars, so looks about right. Message me when you finish installation and tell me how it goes! -LukeS
  8. I'd buy a junky router for now then.
  9. Yeah, okay thanks. Brain dead right now. But yes, in the context of this post, I was meaning router as in the network production router, not anything else
  10. I leave my laptop/PC on all day. Sometimes let it hibernate. It doesn't really overheat and it doesn't decrease performance... Then again, I don't game and mainly use it strictly for school, music, and classes. Okay, in that case, go with the router gtx1060 said. If you don't want that, this is what I have (it's cheap, wimpy, but it has good enough speed for streaming and basic use): http://www.bestbuy.com/site/linksys-n600-dual-band-wi-fi-router-black/6571467.p?skuId=6571467&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=e6f4150d-fd80-450a-ad5e-c652d23e3468&ksprof_id=8&ksaffcode=pg199014&ksd
  11. Yeah, I just realized that. My bad. Still would suggest SQL sometime... Knowing bits and pieces of programming is useful. Haha nice! If you have any questions about the area, I probably can get answers. As bgibbz said, start with C. Focus on school though! Maths is important. Get ahead. Trust me on this, it's one of the biggest educational regrets which I have. If you have the opportunity, get ahead, especially for engineering geared courses. P.M. me (if you want) on what your plans are for after college! I can give some input if you want (again, know alot of engineers and what they'd
  12. Haha I've had a rough year... Forgive my ignorance. I'm taking some college courses online and due to the use of the placement of our router, I was losing performance capabilities. It was significantly annoying. It matters where you live, I guess, and the size of your house/apartment.
  13. Routers are a pain in the bum. Plus you can receive alot of latency, especially if other people near you are using a different wifi (I just had that problem). You lose a significant amount of download speed by having a modem (I lost 60+ MBPS due to using a router). As for not shutting down your PC, it is truley a personal preference. Unless your computer is high risk for overheating, shutting it down is normally optional. The only issue would be if your desktop fans suck in alot of dust. I think LinusTechTips has a video on this topic. I personally don't shut down my laptop; I do h
  14. What's your ISP? Comcast can give you a free router (I think. You need to push the right buttons). Avoid AT&T, Comcast, and Frontier at all costs though #GoogleFiber(needs to come to the north east). I'd truley avoid routers. But as we've all said, turn your PC into your router. You shouldn't shut down your PC anyway.
  15. Hmmm... Engineering is a good path. Go to Purdue University (just kidding, alot of engineers I know are graduates there...)... Anyway, I'd learn how to use C, then some database language such as python or oracle. Again, C, then C+, and C++ are REALLY good as they're used. Also learning Base and getting a credit in it looks good on a transcript. Universal languages as well are good. I can ask my dad if you want me to (he works for a pretty large engineering/programming place). As for 'hobby' is it for the sake of learning a program, hacking, creating programs, editing, etc? -LukeS
  16. can you launch a hotspot? (if you have windows 10) Routers suck. You guarantee lose 40% performance from using one. I've had more connection problems due to people not installing the latest routers, bad latency, etc because of routers than any other type of connection.
  17. Well, it matters what you want to do as a career and why you want to learn it. My dad has his M.A. in programming. He'd say w3schools.com for HTML-5 or most weblanguages. It really does matter the purpose. Learning C is one of the best starts to it. After that, it matters your career path. -LukeS
  18. Hmmm.... Sounds like a disk error... Can you run the file from a flashdrive? How about transferring files from a flashdrive to the computer, does it save data?
  19. Some people just need to argue over everything, don't they? Sounds like a nice setup dude! Congrats! Treat them nice and it'll be worth everything! ~LukeS I_M_3rd
  20. ehhh... I found the facial recognition on the Windows laptop and the fingerprint option on the iPhone isn't helpful, as I can type faster than either of those work.
  21. I wasn't actually thinking of doing a clean reinstall, however that is probably the best option.