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  1. Better question, why waste $200 on a junkie Razer mic when you can buy a nicer $150 Audio Technica...
  2. Okay, then count me out. You need to get a schedule WITH the games you'll be playing for starters. Second, you need a budget for gaming equipment, backdrops, giveaways, repairs, memory, etc. Having a budget is the ONE thing most youtubers and streamers that begin don't have. You'll learn about it. Especially if you plan to make a professional business out of streaming. Thirdly, find something that's unique about you. You shave and brush your teeth with the opposite hand? That's unique, play off of that. But PLEASE focus on a schedule and being consistent. And then ask for help. Once you d
  3. Need more information: what games do you stream, what's your streaming budget, what days/times, what makes your channel unique, etc.
  4. I have the SteelSeries Siberia 150s. They just broke on the headphone band. I have duck taped metal upon the side (temporarily). However, I feel like the plastic is cheap along the band. Should I press the warranty on the headphones? I currently do not have the budget to buy new headphones for my computer. -LukeS I_M_3rd
  5. hmm wait what? You downloaded a document from google docs on your computer? Is it a chromebook?
  6. I'm thinking it's corrupt. Backup what you can and try using a different harddrive.
  7. sell the controller and buy a new one.
  8. If it's corrupt, no. I'd say try to boot a separate OS/system on a different harddrive to just see if the system at all is messed up. I'm edging towards a corrupt hard drive right now, due to the lack of the ability to install new programs. How new is the HDD?
  9. It may be, depending on the age. Harddrive deteriorate after a long period of time. It sounds like the hard drive might be corrupted, except you said you can successfully transfer/copy files.
  10. haha this is exactly why I picked the test. Using completed sentences is cheating as it is required to have a noun, verb, and direct object/clause. Therefore you can memorize the sentence and just type it out. I can clock upwards of 150 probably with sentences. But random words or random lengths create difficulty. I mean it's only a minute wasted from your day.
  11. prove it. Take the test and share the screenshot.
  12. Is your sound card properly updated?
  13. Hello, I am creating this thread to see how fast everyone can type. Use this website: http://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/ Share the results from your first test! I have no connection with this website, so even if you could do 'better' or the website is at fault, it is an unbiased report. Here's my result (it's an off day, I can probably get higher): It's not super fast, but hey, it was the first time trying. -LukeS I_M_3rd
  14. Note to all those who criticized me on recommending a Razer set of headphones: I do not 'prefer' razer, however for music, it is a decent price for an o.k. sound quality. I highly suggest audio technica, however Razer has good headphones for bass/drum heavy music EXCLUSIVELY.
  15. Well... Invest in a decent Audio Technica or Razer Kraken headphones ($120) and get lifetime warranty. What can I tell ya? It's like $500 free!
  16. Oh... You're one of THOSE guys. Sketchy PC with a sketchy game. Much sketchiness, I could draw from all of this sketch.
  17. Okay, to answer the original question: Windows 10: So Windows 10 is the 'new baby' for Windows. If you have Windows Vista, I'd definitely upgrade. Windows 10 has that Windows 7/8/9 feel, without the slow spec feel or 'old timey' look. It's sharp. It's rad. It's hip. It's... you get the point. It will take a few months to adjust to the change, but after that, you will either fall in love with it, or pull our your hair and switch to Unix or iOS. The major con with MSX (MicroSoft10) is that it has a 'newer' RAM/Storage/Memory integration system which uses up 100% of your RAM- even when not