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  1. How easy would it be to fix a 'bad solder joint'? I know basic attatching and reattatching... Is it any harder? Update2: I went and played a youtube video... I put everything on high, and I could hear mimicking whispers in my headphones.
  2. So I've posted before that my laptop's headphone jack was broken. I skipped to the conclusion and didn't run any tests or anything. So I've run a few driver/system tests. I've ended up uninstalling my headphone drivers. The headphone jack only recognizes a microphone not the headphones themselves. Any ideas why this would occur? All I get from my headphones when I plug them in is a constant "crackle and fizz" and when I do the troubleshooting technique, and the troubleshooter "plays a sound" the "crackles" turn into a "fuzz" type sound. Which probably means that there's a connectio
  3. You might want to consider a duel screen set up.
  4. How did you copy hangouts/google plus? Those are my main concerns. I want to have my old convorsations handy.
  5. Huh. Okay, thanks! Google seems to be pretty ignorant about users, then, eh?
  6. There's something suspicious with this account.

  7. How do I merge my data to the new one? The link you gave did not explain how to move the downloaded files to the new account.
  8. Okay thanks! I have actually been downloading (the 3.9 GB of data from) my original account and have the new gmail forum complete. This really helps and has given me closure. Thanks again!
  9. So I have an "@domain.com" email as my email for my google account. I want to make a gmail for it instead of the "@domain". However, I have a different "fake.email@gmail.com" email I made b/c google wanted a gmail with my account when I made my account two years ago. Now I can't remove this "fake.email@gmail.com" from my google account. Is there a way to replace this gmail with a new one? Thanks. Sorry if it doesn't make sense. I've been at this thing for over 3 hours now. -LukeS
  10. Yeah, Calendar only has an Import feature, not an export, so it doesn't "sync" both calendars. It only transfers OutlookC to WindowsC. iCloud doesn't have an option to sync multi-platform.
  11. What is the W-A-N Show? Doesn't @L.E.D just upload a podcast?
  12. The built in Windows 10 App syncing with Outlook, yes.
  13. Hello, So I recently obtained Microsoft Office for school (recently means today). I use Windows Calendar as my main calendar. My iCloud calendar is hooked up to my windows one. I was wondering if it was possible to add my Windows Calendar to Outlook's Calendar. I cannot find a way to export the MSCalendar, or Import anything. Help! Please! -LukeS I_M_3rd
  14. Okay, friends. I have created a tumblr blog post. I am no official writer, however I do hope that this will give some insight on what Edge can (and can't) do. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/edge30daytrial
  15. So I have decided that I am going to ONLY use microsoft Edge for 30 days (excluding my online school classes if they are not compatible). This includes bookmarks, searches, etc. I am considering creating a blog about my findings, where Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome are different, and how "versitle" and "new" I feel edge is from the old Internet Explorer Browser. If you would be interested in reading this blog, just commend below, and if I feel like I have enough people, I will create a tumblr blog (I'm using tumblr because it's the first thing google told me about when I looked up "blogging we
  16. This December marks 2 years or so. Or maybe longer... Hmmm time flies.
  17. Okay, thanks. I might just buy a USB AUX converter. How would I clean it? Also, the PC is like 2 years old
  18. Hello, NORTH American users, would anyone be interested in Party MMR Crunching and Quest completing in Party Ranked 800-1.9k MMR with my team [WLC] (We Lack Creativity). It looks like we may have 1-2 slots open. In the rare chance that a few of the teammates do not show up, would you want to join our group to just have a good time and win games? The exact time should be Friday night around 22:00 (10:00 P.M.) EST, USA/CA. If you are interested, please post your: Steam Username, Dota2 Tag, CURRENT MMR level solo/party, CURRENT Skill cap, DotaBuff account, and any team you may have affi
  19. What website is the account economic analyzer? It looks more accurate than the one I use.
  20. Okay, so besides buying an AUX Jack/USB adapter, how would one go about fixing the panel?
  21. My USB Siberia 150 SteelSeries USB headphones have been working fine.
  22. Hello, thank-you for your fast response. I meant to put in that I have tried using 3 different earbuds and a pair of headphones that were AUX/the plug. They did not work and got the same white noise.
  23. So I have never heard of this until now. Apparently my year-old laptop's headphone jack broke? I haven't really ever used it, but I have started some prerecorded school sessions, and headphones get annoying. So I tried plugging in my earbuds. They didn't work (yes, I configured to "line in", then "headphones in", then "skull candy headphones in", and it didn't work still). All I get is loud, annoying white noise. I cannot think of any reason why this should be broken, but it is. Is there a way to do a debug on the slot to make sure it isn't the sound card/drivers or anything? Thank
  24. http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wired_mics/38847e6f71eb2784/index.html I own this and have had experience with the Seiren. I prefer audiotechnica, but I am a musician and less of a gamer. It is cheaper and has better quality, however. If you really want a good mic, Get a Blue Yeti. Those are what most all professional streamers/youtubers start out with. The mic I gave has a desktop stand, not a larger mic stand (as in like a preformance stand), same as the Yeti.