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  1. Some people don't use bleach, ya know. Amonia ftw!
  2. If you had to sum up your life in one quotation from a historical figure, author, or modern day person, who and what would it be?
  3. You mean speaker system instead of amp. Amp- Amplifier.
  4. Again, officers are trained shoot to kill. A gun is a tool, same as a police baton, pepper spray, or rubber bullets are. Trust me, when you're in the heat of the moment, you can do crazy things. I'm not going to judge an action of one man based upon being a 'hero'. You saved a life. Don't punish the man for it. I'm detecting a red herring fallacy....
  5. You shoot to kill. All officers are supposed to be trained that a gun is only used when non-lethal force is inappropriate or would be deemed uneventful. Using a tazer or pepper spray would probably be more dangerous than a high velocity fire arm. There was reason and causation for lethal force, and this method I approve on for this circumstance. (at this instance while civs still have no information)
  6. Yes, I would agree. However not all people are naturally 'good' and therefore the suppression of High Explosive Fire Arms must be implemented for the safety of all citizens.
  7. Curious, how do you think that this would be helpful? I understand the sarcasm, but there needs to be reason behind the madness.
  8. Before I post, here are my credentials: I'm currently an EMT-B with background 3 in martial arts, self defense, and wilderness/urban survival expertise and trainer. I'm an unprofessional social engineer and an unprofessional behavioral analyst. I have done over 3 formal policy debates about gun control, for both the positive and negative side. I fully support the second amendment "as is" without any add-ons. (The second amendment stating as follows: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringe
  9. I'm a minor, so I have to follow the parent/guardian per country.
  10. Yes, but what service provider? I cannot find one that does not bind data with unlimited talk/text. Thanks.
  11. So my father is pretty stubborn when it comes to being strict. He basically only wants me to have a flip phone (minus they don't have one with Straight Talk or phone provider). However, I am a healthcare provider (I'm 16) and need to have access to the internet. So my dad will now allow me to buy a phone without a data plan (but with a cell (talk/text) plan). Is anyone aware of how to do this? I am pretty sure that you cannot do this with an iPhone (as everything is built in), but I was wondering if this was possible with a windows phone (since it has a SIM card)... Thanks, -L
  12. First off, it's a matter of preference: Why is your facecam on the right side of your screen? Beginner tips: Do you have a pretty well-done stream info (the text part underneath the stream). This should say: Your gear/peripherals, a short summary of who you are, what your schedule is, and shout outs to most expencive donors. Also, you will want your channel name and the game you're playing next to/surrounding your facecam box. Make sure that it's opaque and not blocking the majority of your stream. Advanced stream tips: Have a "last subscriber/last donor" text
  13. Mr. KenjiUmino, That sounds like a schedule. Attempt to create an hour block of when you'll try to get online. You should know what game you are going to play next, what the style is (let's play, walkthrough, competitive, etc) and what game it might be. So yes, exactly like a day-game thing. However you can do side streams doing boring stuff. You don't need to have fancy gear, however people will judge a channel by the headphones. For the periphreals such as mouse and keyboard, it's really preference. If you're good at a 2003 Windows Keyboard, use that! If you're better with a R
  14. tou·ché [to͞oˈSHā] EXCLAMATION (in fencing) used as an acknowledgment of a hit by one's opponent. used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one's expense by another person.
  15. I'll join you in the suite. Give me a call. They're ripping millions off of users. Promising certain things and not delivering. How do I know? I was a local computer techie- over 80% of the le people used Comcast and I'd get the casual call to check out the computer/internet for "slow/freezing" videos. Most of the time the ISP (Comcast) was being a jerk to the user. Nothing you can do about it but reset the modem... I still have this problem with Comcast.... but that's a different story.
  16. Yeah, I tried looking in Bing and this is all that it gave me.
  17. Oh. Is there a video out there on the internet that you could give me so I can better understand what I might be dealing with?
  18. Or just open up the laptop and sodder the cables together if they're detached?
  19. So I would take a multimeter and put it up to the headphone jack?