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  1. My laptop has wireless, but it came with a wireless USB dongle. I plugged it in and my laptop says "controller plugged in" and it calls it OPP Controller. But the controller doesn't work with any games. I don't know why it would recognize a controller but not let it work.
  2. I tried motionjoy. It did not work with wireless, or at least was too confusing to work.
  3. Okay, let's skip the youtube advertising bs and answer this question: So I bought a $25 PS3 Wireless controller from Walmart. It has a wireless dongle/USB drive made for a PS3. Is it possible to get this to work for my laptop/steam games? I've plugged in the wireless device and the controller connects and my laptop recognizes a gamepad was plugged in. However when I launch minecraft Windows 10 edition (made for a controller), it doesn't recognize it. Help me, please? I've looked it up on youtube/the internet and everything leads me to various sketchy websites to get 'better drive
  4. Yup. I know. We had WAY more questions, but I was on the directed answer team. We just wanted numbers for statistics, not facts. I could care less either way for the argument. Just do you.
  5. I did this poll at a local public area for a debate on violent video games: First question was as follows: Are you a parent or older sibling? (yes) Does your children/child/siblings play video games? (yes) Would you be okay if they played a video game which was violent? (yes) Okay, here's some footage of a game called GTA5. Would you be okay with me playing this on my own? (yes) Okay, would you be okay with your child/sibling playing this? (<40% said yes, >50% said no) What if I told you that violent video games can induce anger and stimulate a lack of patien
  6. Sounds like this could go on "technology's biggest failures" when it airs in the future....
  7. To be honest, my dad and I just switched over to SSD's this year. Well I did because my HDD corrupted (first time in my life), so I got an SSD. It increased performance so well, that my dad got one. Now I can't turn back. Plus I use the cloud (OneDrive, iCloud, GoogleDrive, Evernote, DropBox) for everything I need to store. I don't game a lot minus Dota2 (my PC is too junk to play anything else, minus the occasional Insurgency or Starbound with OP, ironically) so I have only used up about half my storage.
  8. Haha yeah, my bad, just looked it up, I was thinking the wrong price. Oops! Still, SSD Masterrace amirite.
  9. Here's a challenge: I'm 16 and going into the medical field. Right now the toughest part for me is doing all my online classes (Post-med, medschool, and homeschool) on a junkie 2014 laptop which is literally dying (the power, usb slots, aux, graphics card (if there is one), and now battery are going bad). My budget is anywhere from $0-350 USD (I'd like to be cheap). This is what I already have for parts: A lot of random DDR2 laptop RAM. Sells for nothing, so it's sitting on my desk. Over 3 TB in memory + personal server (my dad is an artist and computer p
  10. What monitor are you planning on? Depending on your budget, I'd upgrade that RAM. Also, upgrade the Memory to a 256 SSD, if he will be using the PC for anything else. If you want to spoil him rotten, what peripherals will you add on?
  11. Am I the only person who prefers SSD to HDD? It's faster and, yes, you lose the massive storage space, but for $60 you can still get 500 GB... Which to me is a good deal. Also, I wouldn't suggest a WIFI converter, hardwire is much better, that is if you're gaming. Good luck mate! -LukeS
  12. Would still suggest GIMP over this option Also, if you have a MsX (Windows 10) PC, check out the windows store; they're bound to have some good apps there.
  13. Shoulda done a multiquote... oops... Ummm no they do not. But 5 2 TB HDD's, a 250 SSD, and tons of cloud space and a server exist.
  14. You can probably get auto save to work... Let me see if paint has it, brb. As for professional or not, a Wacom tablet is still a great option. Though now they have actual tablets with styluses.... EDIT: Well this is unfortunate, Paint does not have an auto save option. Good luck on it! Another idea is to turn off automatic updates.
  15. A few tips from a student who's father majored in art as well as computer science: 1) Don't use paint. It's only good for one thing: trolling (this is what I say). Get Gimp for FREE (it's as good as photoshop imho. I've used the newest and latest versions of Photoshop as well as the older versions. I still enjoy Gimp more). OR Buy photoshop, but all the filters and such can be intimidating to a new learner. 2) Buy her a Wacom Drawing Pad for Christmas if she doesn't already have one. 3) SAVE everytime you make a new layer or change. And save it to a different name so you have back-
  16. I think that you may need to buy a new phone then. BIOS corruption normally involves the motherboard. At least from my experiences.
  17. Yup, okay, thanks! Not too sure what/who they are, but it got super suspicious after "amazon rewards company" successfully hacked my email (my ISP's fault because they only allow a 16-digit password)....
  18. Have you tried a hard reset? (Power button plus volume down)? If you're crazy like me, attempt to short the Micro-USB input. Also, buy a new cable and try to use that.
  19. So over the weekend my email got hacked, the wifi died, and I've been getting a lot of spam email. I don't think any of the three are relevant to eachother, however the spam emails have been coming from the domain "uu.net". Is anyone familiar with this domain? I just want to make sure it isn't a popular website before I eternally block it from sending me emails. Thanks! -LukeS