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  1. People think that that's what makes these kids 'mental'. I'd disagree. I'd say yes, phsycologically, a child may be driven to points of anger or angry outbursts due to the games, but rarely will actually kill someone knowing what the consequenses are. Instead, I'd blame the parents for encouraging the child to do evil or harm to others, or even if they got a divorce. Those types of things effect kids more than violent video games do. I did a debate on this topic. I have it somewhere...
  2. Unlike you I'm not selfish and single minded...... Anyway, I played FPS games when I was that age...
  3. I don't know if this is the correct spot to put this, but I have a few questions on "Cortana" from Windows 10/ Windows phones: 1) Why does Cortana have a pop up window in "Microsoft Edge" instead of using it's own window to show you the answer to your question 2) Why can't Cortana focus mainly on my voice like Siri? I was in a noisy room today, and was trying to ask a question. Instead of focusing only on my voice, she inputed every word said in the room. Why can't Microsoft just recognize my voice and use it? 3) What is the big deal of this "Breach on Privacy" with Cortana? Is it any of my
  4. If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you strong, or are you weak?

  5. Keep me informed on how it's going! He's lucky to have you as an uncle/aunt... If you need any steam games, I have a few codes I can get you for a good % off of stuff. Will you try co-op games with him on xbox/pc? If so, then probably Call of Duty or something like that in a private LAN party just to teach him basic FPS game mechanics. Just an idea, so when he goes to his friends' houses, he can pwn all of them... I wish I had that training *looks into distance*...
  6. After using around $240 real life money to be able to use banned items on a server, than the owner just removing the server, I kinda quit minecraft modded servers. BUT now in the new EULA servers can't be play to win, so I wouldn't know.
  7. Minecraft is a dying game... Too many ignorant little children on the servers now. Unless you find an "adult only" or "mature community" server, I jsut find it too boring or annoying to play.
  8. For PC? Single Player: Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, Halflife, Left4Dead Multiplayer: Dota 2 (don't ever think about LoL (League of Legends, no matter how much Linus wants to laugh about it)), CS:GO (Counterstrike ANYTHING. Great games, don't buy keys.), Garry's Mod (GMod), Rust, H1Z1 (or any other post apocayptic game (DayZ etc))... Hope this helps!
  9. Fallout might be a little too graphic, but Halo if it's an xbox definately for movement and aiming skills... There's an awesome game called Skyrim out there (Sarasm meter high) that isn't too graphic (I believe there's settings if you're worried about that)... Every gamer I know has played the ElderScrolls at least for 3 hours, so y'know what I mean. Assassins Creed I found is a not too violent (heheh but seriously, I got more scared of Halo thaan AC) but it's pretty easy to understand with pretty good tutorials and forgiving respawns (so you don't rage alot)... OR just buy him a gamecube
  10. I'm a PC gamer/youtuber, not a consel one. I've actually only touched a consel controller around 8 times (not including a Wii)... I thought about buying an xBox controller for my PC, but it's not worth the money cause I don't play enough games compatable with the controller. So that said, I love my gaming gear... Razer Naga 2014 Razer Blackwidow 2014 Some cheap $40 bluetooth headphones (with ducktape on them) I just find mice and keyboards more compatable in general for most all games minus driving games. Then you should just buy a wheel
  11. Not too programming savvy yet (working on learning C or Python atm)...