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  1. 6 minutes ago, Daniel Z. said:

    I would get an iPad Pro, they’re much faster and iPad OS seems amazing from MKBHD’s video. Works as a second screen/drawing tablet with macs, also finally added mouse support and some other stuff.

    The issue for me would be a full-switch to Apple is too expensive. I don't have the budget for this tablet, and I can't use iMessage with my android phone. If I had the money, I would do a full-switch to Apple, however. 

  2. Hello,


    So a bit of a backstory: I'm a 19 year old nursing student working as a full time with a private EMS company, part time with an HEMS (helicopter EMS) company, and a volunteer firefighter/EMT. With my jobs and such, I tend to be rough on my electronics. For my graduation gift last year, my parents got me a new HP Pavillion laptop. The motherboard died in the winter and it wouldn't turn on and had a screen issue. I sent it to HP, and they "fixed" it and sent it back. A few months later (during exams week) it broke again (same issues not as bad), and I was too late to request warranty. I'm currently in the market for a tablet since I feel that a solid-state system would last longer than my laptop and I only needed a new laptop for one class (which I won't start taking until junior year of college). 

    That said, I went to BestBuy last week and asked about tablets. I was very interested in making a full switch to Apple, but I just replaced my phone and got a new smartwatch (Samsung's gear sport) last year and don't have a budget for that (broke college kid, remember). Anyways, the CS at BestBuy showed me the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S5e. I like both, however a big draw to Apple for me is the Apple Pen, which Samsung has a similar product only for the S4. S5e seems cool because it's cheaper and newer. I'd buy the keyboard for either/or, and because it's for school, I don't care about the price. They seem very similar minus the price range. I can't find any review for either tablet, so thought I'd ask the LTT community. 


    (And for those that might ask what I'd use it for: school and checking off my trucks with a program we use)

  3. 8 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    GT 730 for $70? That's a terrible deal. The card is worth $40 performance wise. The power supply is also questionable.


    CPU: Xeon E3 v3 (performance closer to i7, supported in independently sold mobo but might not be supported with the prebuilt) or i5


    GPU: used GTX 970/980, or new RX 560(1024) or GTX 1050 (the latter two are 30-40% slower than the former two)


    In order: PSU --> GPU --> CPU

    Of course if there's a good deal on some parts then you can buy that first.

    Ah thanks. I'm not planning on running anything besides Siege (and going into my first full year of undergrad next year, probably won't be gaming much), so I'll check into the 980 (though iicr, they're $300+, which is wayyy out of my budget).


    And in reply to everyone about my PSU: It was a Christmas present and I didn't have to pay for it. That's all that I needed.

  4. Hey y'all, so I'm running a pre-built Desktop that I'm slowly upgrading (bought it all for $50 from a friend, upgraded to 8 GB of RAM total for $20, threw a Nvidia GT 730 in it for $70)... I'd love to upgrade it soon (once the GPU market becomes better/cryptocurrency stops), but I'm trying to decide what I should be looking for.


    My specs right now are:
    RAM: 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3

    CPU: Intel i3 4130 3.40GHz

    Graphics Card: Nvidia 730 GT (2 GB vRAM)

    PSU: EVGA 500w (my grandparents got me this for Christmas to aid in my upgrade... I was at 300W before)


    If I can recall when I looked up the specs to my motherboard, it can only go as far as an i5. Because it is DDR3 RAM, I'm wondering if it's best if I invest in a new board/new RAM in total to upgrade to DDR4, or am I fine where I'm at. Again, I'm a poor highschool/college kid making minimum wage and saving for my education. The only video games I really play right now are Rainbow 6 Siege and Stardew Valley. I'd love to be able to run Siege at ABOVE 30 FPS (That's 6 more frames than I'm getting atm) and at medium graphics sometime in the near future. Any ideas on what I should do? I was looking at the Nvidia 1050Ti, but now they're all $230... I'd also appreciate links if y'all have better solutions of hardware that I should look into. Thanks!


  5. Hello,


    So up until Sunday, I was happily using Microsoft's Calendar app (synced with my gmail, outlook, and iCloud accounts), after they fixed a few major bugs last year. However, recently my iCloud account isn't being synced properly. I don't know if it's a settings problem or what, but it always says "Attention Required" and requires a password. I've done everything I possibly can- my iCloud Calendar works on the web version, my password is updated and correct, and my Windows 10 is up to date with the latest installation. All that said, Microsoft's Calendar doesn't work.


    I am super packed this summer with a lot of tech responsibilities for church and other events and I need my calendar to stay on task between gaming and life. Is there a known way to fix this bug? If not, what should I do? I don't know how to get Outlook's Calendar to sync with iCloud and vis-versa and I mainly use my iPad to schedule events, outlook for emailed events, and then my Windows PC to add appointments or just general time management. All that said, I am really hurting for not having a means of organization (my iCloud calendar has over half of my Calendar booked, with events all the way into 2019). 


    Thanks and sorry if this was in the wrong subthread,




  6. 5 minutes ago, Aereldor said:

    It should be, but isn't really worth $150. I'd get it for $75-100.

    First, you need to check the motherboard and power supply. Make sure the 20/24-pin connector complies with standard wiring. This will allow you to upgrade the power supply, which will allow you to install higher-grade graphics cards and more powerful CPUs, although the motherboard's power delivery may be insufficient to get higher-end CPUs to boost adequately.


    As it sits, the Core i3 4130 can still hold its own in modern triple-A titles and makes a good pair with a GTX 1050 Ti; a card that will work on all but the crappiest power supplies.


    I'd also get it up to 8GB of RAM, and the SSD will definitely help.

    Let's pretend that I'm stupid or haven't worked on a PC in 2 years because my summers have been packed... So let's pretend that I don't know how to tell if the pin connectors comply with standard wiring or not. And let's also pretend that I don't know how to check what power supply I'd need...


    Just standard 8 GB or DDR3 RAM should do, right?


    4 minutes ago, TheGlenlivet said:

    Yup, it would be upgrade able.  If nothing else, you could install a dedicated graphics card.  The motherboard inside looks like it will handle 4000 series cpus too, so a 4770K would go in if you have the $$$.

    Good luck.

    What graphics card should I be looking at? I'm trying to spend as little money as possible.

  7. 1 minute ago, cazetofamo said:


    I agree, although you may just want to look into getting a 120gb ssd for fairly cheap and use that with the mechanical drive. Keep the first SSD in your laptop and have two computers

    I actually don't mind running and HDD on my laptop; I spill enough chemicals and get bodily fluids on it from school and such (highschool student and EMT. Not weird at all). I'm a pretty big miser when it comes to computers, so I don't want to spend the extra money to get another SSD when I have half a thousand Laptop Harddrives lying around.

  8. So for years now, I've been wanting to build a PC. It hasn't worked out time wise or financially. 


    Recently, my friend has decided to throw away his really junkie PC (attached is the model look-alike/mirror image. It is exactly this EXCEPT it only has 4 GB of RAM, not 8) (throwing away implies I give him $150). What I want to do is upgrade the RAM to either 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM and pump in my current laptop's SSD card (running a 250? GB SSD by Kingston). 


    I'm currently running an Inspiron 15 3000 Series Laptop on 4 GB of RAM and "Intel "HD" Graphics". I believe buying this PC would be a minor upgrade. 


    My question is, how good of an upgrade would this truly be? What (if any) graphics card could I throw in it to make this desktop run better?


    Otherwise, would I be able to salvage some of the pieces and buy a new motherboard (and CPU, duh) and make this baby work like a nice PC?


    I'm a low-profile gamer who occasionally streams for fun (nothing too extravagant). I really just want to be able to run Battlefield, Paladins, and Arma 3. Like literally. I can't run any of those now with my current rig.


    Thank-you for your time and help!



  9. So I bought an xbox controller in January to play Minecraft Windows 10 edition with some buds of mine (We're grown up 17 year olds... Definitely...), and I noticed the rumble/vibration feature on the controller wasn't working. I didn't care too much, but I'm getting into some other games which actually use the tumbler features for a bunch of game play features... So at this point, it'd be nice for them to work. I couldn't find a troubleshooting program to test to see if they would work, and all that google showed me was that it worked in Windows 8.1, but no updates since then... Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

  10. Hmmm interesting. If you think it is the SSD or RAM, remove them and put them back. They're normally on the outside of the laptop for easy access. Try doing that before doing anything else. Could your laptop frame be loose? I know that I've had laptops in the past where if I pressed against the case, the fan noise would be reduced because over time the casing became loose. A normal phenomena.


    Also, you noted that you put your laptop in your backpack. I don't know how your transport yourself, but I should mention that the jostling motion is enough to batter the laptop to be 'dropped' or have diagnostics of a 'dropped' laptop.

  11. Hello,

    First off, thank-you for submitting an actual sound link!!! It sounds like a fan is grinding imo. Have you dropped your PC recently?


    (Also, just for a fail of the day, it's a 7 second song clip that loaded on iTunes, super quiet, so I put my headphones on 100... Mistake was made when a Black Veil Bride song auto-played after the clip was up. RIP headphone user, me.)

  12. Hey man upload a video of the "sound" and we can help you after that. Otherwise, it seems like you don't know what it is at all. Either that or describe the sound. Is it oscillating? Whining? Metal on Metal? Plastic? Fat? Bouyant? Water/liquid? etc.

  13. Hmmm I'm not a big fan of Acer OR Asus.... Here's my tips for you:

    1) Get an SSD- looks like you've done this. SSD's are not only faster, but you lose the risk of losing all your progress if you drop you laptop, which is bound to happen.

    2) Don't put all you money into one. Modern laptops don't have a long shelf life. Get a chromebook if you think you will not need any big programs.

    3) Get a touch screen/2-in-1. If you use Windows 10, you will need a touch screen to feel comfortable. This is opinion, but I've had 5 laptops in my whole life, and the ones with Windows 10 feel super awkward without touch screen.

    4) Make sure it has the settings that you want- good keyboard, touchpad, etc.


    Good luck in college and hope you find your dream laptop!

  14. 2 minutes ago, deXxterlab97 said:

    My old laptop

    Made by HP

    Specs are some dual core pentium

    No dedicated gpu

    Only 3GB RAM

    No Bluetooth

    No Webcam, yes it's a laptop

    14" screen


    Don't feel bad, I was running off an old Toshiba laptop from 2002ish until 2 years ago when my parents got me a laptop for highschool. It does it's job, but runs games so slow I can't even game. I only play Dota because of graphics :(... But I can do all my medic/medical classes online pretty well. Wifi chip has broken and I'm using a 100 yd Ethernet cord from the basement to my laptop for internet, but still, better than that Toshiba (2 GB RAM, no Graphics card, 1 USB plug in thing, non-existant 'battery')

  15. So I have a Dell Intel Core i3 Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop. A lot of my friends have it as well. So far, all 7 of my friends who have the exact same model as me have all had the same issues: Drivers not working, harddrive corrupting 3 months after purchase, motherboard/BIOS exploding after 2.5 years of use, graphics freezing, TONS of useless "RAM" usage when not in use; all this led me to the question, what do YOU think the worse laptop being used today is?



    And if you're wondering, yes, my laptop has officially hit the mid-downhill slide today, so that's why I'm making this. The drivers have stopped recognizing USB inputs and the battery does not HOLD any power, nor does it turn on with the battery in it...


    TL;DR What do you think the worst laptop on the market is right now, and why?