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  1. just needs os already has monitor and peripherals
  2. Hiya my friend has come to me to put him a pc together, his budget is about £600, and just wants to play games tbh. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  3. i meant as in not a shit one off the shelf
  4. Hello I am trying to find my mum a laptop. She wants a custom built one from a site like pc specialist. I have a budget of about £700 to about £850. She uses it mainly for light gaming like second life, and the odd word document and she does also listen to alot of music so that sounding good will help. Thank you for any input
  5. Hello i reinstalled windows the other day as i got an ssd, however since reinstalling my ethernet connection has been connecting for about 20 mins then disconnects and i have to restart my pc to fix it. when it does "disconnect" it still shows the that its connected. When i troubleshoot it says windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings. Thank you for any help
  6. thank you all for your help, just one more thing, before i reinstalled windows i had 7MB/s and now i have 3MB/s
  7. Hello I have got an ssd with someone else stuff on it, the first question is how do i delete everything on that. next i want to reinstall windows on it and use it as a boot drive for my pc and im not how to make an ssd a boot drive. and use my hdd as a general storage
  8. it is a wired connection. i have just reinstalled the drivers and i will see if it works. "i have tried reinstalling the drivers and it helped for about 2 hours then went straight back to disconnecting me
  9. Well i have been having a problem recently with 2 games one is sea of thieves and the other is rainbow six siege, i will be playing a game and a warning will pop up and say "your Ethernet has disconnected plug it in and try again" and it instantly kicks me out of what ever game. but the thing is i wont disconnect from discord spotify or anything else just the game that i was in. If you can help i would appreciate it.
  10. is there a way to test if the ram is dead??
  11. im gonna gues the only solution to that is getting a new mobo
  12. to clearing cmos. i tried clearing cmos but nothing helped.
  13. it doesnt even get to the bios at all. nothing appears on the screen at any point