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  1. So it's basically the same exact process, key, etc, but choosing to install on the ssd instead during installation.
  2. The define r5 has good radiator support. You can remove all drive cages for adding the radiators, the ssds can be put behind the motherboard, and it's very pleasant to build in. If you really want all of those radiators in full size, though, then get a full tower.
  3. I have them, they are very good. There is a dedicated bass control on the sub, too, which is good for either not bothering others, or for really making explosions boom if you wish.
  4. I am currently using a WD Black 2tb for all of my storage, media, programs, and OS. I recently got an 840 EVO 250gb, and now I don't know how to go about doing a fresh install of windows on it (windows 10). So I guess my question is, how do I do a fresh install of windows on the ssd, then also use the WD Black for media (please excuse some of my inexperience)?
  5. Currently running medium with select settings like AO and texture quality turned up. 50-60 fps except in some cutscenes.
  6. It's not so much support as being able to drive it. When playing The Witcher 3, I would left with the choice of either 21:9 or higher settings at 1080p, a difficult one to say the least since some of the settings are crucial to the game's visual fidelity.
  7. I was considering one, but I thought that if I want to watch/play content in 16:9, I'm going to have very ugly and distracting black bars on the screen, similar to playing in 4:3 right now. It does seem like getting a 21:9 would be cool when it works in my favor.
  8. I am currently using an old samsung 2370hd (1080p, ~23 inches), and I was wondering if it's worth it to get a monitor of the same resolution for better size, image quality, etc, like this. I don't need speakers on it, and my video card is an R9 380.
  9. Agreed. OP should do something to that effect, maybe get more storage too.
  10. Have you tried properties>compatibility mode? Bioshock didn't have functioning audio for me until I did that.
  11. I haven't a single issue as of yet. We'll see once I get a 380, though...
  12. Gray market BS. Most of these are dreamspark keys that can be deactivated at any time and are technically illegitimate if you're not a student. Might as well pirate at that point.
  13. Another update! I have tried a combo of reduced color (8-bit) and windows 7 compatibility, and the video works perfect! Sound is still gone though, I should try xp again.
  14. Running windows 10 and using hd graphics 4600 with the latest drivers. I have played bioshock for a few hours, and have ran it in compatibility mode for xp due to sound issues. Today, I left the game still for a couple of minutes, so the screen saver activated. For some odd reason, it didn't work ('windows could not load this screen saver' or something). When I moved the mouse, windows told me to sign back in, so I did. Upon reentering, I saw steam full screen, no taskbar. Nothing was responding whatsoever for a few minutes, so I turned off the computer forcefully (using a function key on
  15. Hey all. I just got a new computer that is running Windows 10, and I'm wondering if there are any general programs that I can use to improve my experience with it. I have already gotten rainmeter and the programs I'll use to play games. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, I'm having an issue with unsharpened text on my display, even though it's at native resolution. I went through the default windows text sharpener thing and it hasn't proved effective.
  16. OK so I'm having it installed on my desktop, not the macbook. The desktop is entirely new, so no old os or any data. I'm partway through installation now, but now windows setup wants hdd drivers...
  17. I have a product key. And it actually downloaded as a .iso. I'll give that tool a shot, thanks!
  18. I just got a new system, and am downloading a .dmg of windows 10 home 64-bit on my macbook pro (os 10.10.5). How do I install windows 10 onto my new desktop from this point? I don't think the .dmg will work, so what steps should I take to install windows 10 on the desktop using a flash drive?
  19. Motherboard: msi gaming 5 z97 case: antec gx-505
  20. So I just completed my build, but there are a couple of minor issues. The front panel connectors on the motherboard are suspended led and power led, while the power led from my case is split into positive and negative. Also, there is a speaker connector from the case with 4 pins. However, the same connector from the motherboard has speaker positive and negative on either side, with buzzer positive and negative on the middle. Finally, there is a connector that is... I believe some type of molex on one side and 2 pins, labeled tyu and p. Thanks in advance!
  21. If you're only gaming, the ram is fine, but many tasks, such as rendering and intensive video/photo editing, will benefit a lot from getting another 8 gb stick and getting it in dual channel.