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  1. I personally might have favoured the 1700 with more memory but either way it's a sweet config!
  2. I'm assuming it's for the WIFI/BT LED?!?! *kappa* As above, hooks, pinch and lift.
  3. I guess it's the US part of the code but I've searched without it..
  4. wow that really is a damn nice monitor.... but I can't seem to find it in the UK (except eBay!?)..
  5. Hey there Heknon, thanks for the suggestions. I've had a chat and she's thinking around 24" to fit her desk nicely. Amazon would be preferred as I'm on Prime. What makes you pick any of them over each other? That's certainly what I'm struggling with, what's the best quality for my money? Cheers P.S. Nah, no gaming
  6. Hi all, my better(-ish) half needs a monitor for photo editing. I really am capped at £200 to spend. I'm thinking IPS 1080p; just want something fairly accurate on colour. Any recommendations? Ta!
  7. If you get chance, do give it a go some time - pull the drives. Cheers, Andy
  8. Hey there, I know you've resolved this now but this still sounds like the issue I came across, it makes no difference if you're in the BIOS or OS. The SMART data is read by the Sea-Of-Sensors, as well as ILO. I wish I had a video of a couple of DL360G6 units I was working on a couple years back, sounded like jet engines about to take off. Quick way to find out would be pull out all the HDDs and sit in the BIOS, see if the fans spin up.
  9. I used to get this issue with cheap (non-HP) HDDs installed where it's unable to read the SMART data. I know you said you detached your LSI raid card; any drives left in there?
  10. This might be useful.. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/bitcoin-beginners-guide-surviving-bgold-and-segwit2x-forks/
  11. The AB350M Pro4 I might go for it - it's a 50/50 thing atm. Haha I know - I'll live with the consequences! Thanks
  12. Once again, thank you for the replies! I think I might be fretting too much over all this. I can't be certain what the performance gains (if any) would be with clocking up the memory to silly numbers. I really just wanted to get the best rendering performance I could (whilst being sensible with money / form factor). I am probably going to pull the trigger on this little lot (unless you see anything glaringly obvious I've missed). There is some potential to overclock if I actively cool down the VRM. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/g678D8 CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 1700 3.0
  13. Even if it's on the qualified vendor's list of supported components? A lot of reports of people with AB350m mobo's seeing sky high VRM temperatures themselves.
  14. I was looking for the X370 suggested but I just don't think they really exist. If I went with the Asus - PRIME B350M-A along with Corsair - Dominator Platinum (which is on the QVL at 2933Mhz) I think I stand a good chance of making it ..
  15. Hi everyone! Any idea if the GTX1050 will support 4 x 1080p monitors? I'm thinking (Asus - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB STRIX Video Card).. I already have the monitors and it won't be used for gaming, just productivity. Andy