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  1. Agree
    Popi reacted to Elbow in 9700K / 1080 Ti Overclocking guides and data   
    Yeah my bad, was looking at the wrong numbers in Afterburner. Here's what I get while running Kombustor in the background

  2. Funny
    Popi got a reaction from Elbow in 9700K / 1080 Ti Overclocking guides and data   
    Dat boost clock though.?
  3. Like
    Popi reacted to Jurrunio in 9700K / 1080 Ti Overclocking guides and data   
    I'm talking about actual frequency, I can't care less about the base and boost.
    Not happening, even liquid nitrogen pushes a 1080ti to about 3GHz only
  4. Agree
    Popi got a reaction from geo3 in Which is more Important? 60 hz 24" or 75 hz 21.5"   
    AOC has good products also.
  5. Agree
    Popi reacted to WoodenMarker in Air or Liqud for Ryzen 5 1600 ???   
    Why not stick with the stock cooler?
  6. Agree
    Popi reacted to Jessekiller101 in GTX 970 OC Problem   
    try on stock voltage and put power limit to its max. then try a little lower core/memory oc and see if that helps. 
  7. Agree
    Popi reacted to Thermosman in Should i build now?   
    If just the cpu ram and mobo, yes. Dont buy a gpu in this market
  8. Informative
    Popi reacted to Den-Fi in M.2 SSD or Sata III: Which one to choose?   
    Keep in mind that M.2 is a form factor whereas NVMe is a protocol. M.2 drives can be NVMe OR SATA III.
    That said, I agree with everyone else. The difference will be negligible in most tasks. As @Princess Cadence said, if you don't have the space or don't fee like running SATA data & power, M.2 is good. Otherwise, save a few bucks and go 2.5.
  9. Informative
    Popi reacted to RollinLower in M.2 SSD or Sata III: Which one to choose?   
    if you are using it as a boot device i would reccommend the M.2 drive. eventough it might not be an obvious difference, it might help when you have a lot of programs starting with windows.
  10. Informative
    Popi reacted to Princess Luna in M.2 SSD or Sata III: Which one to choose?   
    Personally speaking the only reason to get M.2 is if you're making a super small build and needs every free space you can use, if you're making a normal computer the Evo SATA 3 option gets my vote.
  11. Informative
    Popi reacted to Crunchy Dragon in M.2 SSD or Sata III: Which one to choose?   
    You probably wouldn't see a big enough difference to actually care. Most people don't notice the difference between NVMe drives and normal SATA3 speeds. I would recommend the Samsung 860 just for the extra 10Gb space and it's cheaper.
  12. Funny
    Popi reacted to gcubed in Maintenance on gaming PC   
    Annnd lest I forget, REAL men use power washers for ALL their cleaning needs. It will even get rid of all those metallic spider webs found on the back of PCB's. >.>
  13. Funny
    Popi reacted to QueenObama in GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?   
    All i need is a number, how hard is it to say oh 2000 is safe, or something you dont gotta tell me to do shit THAT is the whole point is asking so you dont need to comment if you dont have anything useful so fuck off
  14. Funny
    Popi reacted to QueenObama in GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?   
    Wow this really was the worst info i could've gotten, no shit i just dont know whats a safe boost i dont need to know i can over clock something that is overclock able 
  15. Funny
    Popi reacted to alphaproject in GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?   
    Yea, try it... and report back or fuck off.....
  16. Agree
    Popi reacted to ImNotThere in GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?   
    lmao, dont ask about safety and then shit on someone for saying it will be safe, youre clearly a big boy, go oc and report back...
  17. Agree
    Popi reacted to ImNotThere in GTXA 1070 Amp! edition Safe OC with firestorm ?   
    lmao, you must play league, 2000 is a well binned 1070, the amp edition 1080ti is dog poop at cooling so i have no idea about temps, memory is however high you take it
    youre asking for a definitive answer on clocks when you are litterally playing the lottery, each 1070 will oc differently, you can crank that temp slider higher if you feel comfortable
    that useful for you?
  18. Agree
    Popi reacted to Princess Luna in iGPU always at 90+%   
    Provided no bottlenecks or monitor syncs in place ^^
  19. Agree
    Popi reacted to Sniperfox47 in Does overclocking graphics card void warranty?   
    Precisely. But people don't. Cause people are dumbasses.
    Maybe they're rare to find in the enthusiast community, but along general users it's pretty common. People are dumb and watch a YouTube video or read a tutorial online and go and try things with no other info. Remember those issues with people drilling holes in their iPhones to get their headphone jack back?
    Umm... Then I suck it up and deal with the consequences of my actions like am adult? Or I just overclock super cautiously to avoid something like that happening because I try my best not to be a dumbass? I admit I'm a dumbass sometimes, everyone is, but I try not to be.
    If it's a factory defect? Absolutely. That's what the warranty is there to cover. But if it's just you being a dumbass, modded your BIOS and overvolted too aggressively and broke something? Then I'm sorry but at that point you don't deserve a warranty replacement because that's not what a warranty *IS*.
  20. Agree
    Popi reacted to Norseman4 in Toys or not, don't point pistols at yourself   
    I grew up around firearms. Pistols and rifles, muzzle loaders and cartridge. I fired them all and had good experiences on the ranges with my parents and brothers. Even was taught the proper way to clean and maintain the firearms themselves. Never treated them like toys because they weren't.
    While in the military, basic training also disabuses people from thinking that weapons are toys, at least my DIs did.
    That was a stupid image.
  21. Agree
    Popi reacted to Prokart2000 in RX Vega   
    If its good i am going to upgrade to it
  22. Agree
    Popi reacted to Energycore in Would you recommend this gpu to replace my rx 460?   
    The EVGA 600W B1 isn't great, but it doesn't suck. I wouldn't change it unless OP wants the upgrade.
  23. Like
    Popi reacted to The Sloth in Would you recommend this gpu to replace my rx 460?   
    nvm don't feed the troll. 
  24. Agree
    Popi reacted to Anassagora69 in Pre-Built PC, the numbers are in.   
    So, i did some research and found out one of the best pre-built pc companies was Origin, so i decided to check out how much money they added to your pc parts, and for building the system, here are the numbers:
    On the Chronos version, the following upgrades were made:
    GPU: GTX 1080
    CPU: i7-7700k
    SSD: 250GB Samsung 850 Evo Series
    The final price WITH this upgrades was $2,481 (US dollars)
    I took every part from the pc, including the MSI H270I Gaming Pro AC  motherboard which is in the system by default and the $50 liquid cooling system and the final price was:
    *drumroll please*
    $1,687 US dollars on Amazon
    At the end the added price you pay is $794 dollars, may i add i did not put warranty on the pc or any type of added optionals,( which would rounf up to $400 dollars more) only the raw system which Origin Pc gives you, with those few upgrades.
    So every time you are building your pc and thinking "Why can't i just pay someone to do it?" just think you are making almost $800 an hour by building it yourself and you will be more than happy and content and will continue building your pride and joy.
    I hope you found this helpful, if you did be sure to like if you didn't hit the imaginary dislike botton, and if Linus notices me i would be very happy too so wink wink to the mods
  25. Agree
    Popi reacted to Zodiark1593 in Replace i5 4590 with i7 4770k?   
    Disregard the above. Haswell and Skylake are not far enough apart to warrant the new mobo and RAM.