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  1. Stock bios won't let you overvolt so much that you would probably damage your gpu. Get a base reading set with core clock and memory clock while power limit is max. And then go from there. Under stress-test my sweetspot for temp is 85*C max, temps will be lower while gaming (however depends on game and stress-test software used). Though overclocking in the long run might decrease the lifespan of your GPU. JayzTwoCents made a good video "Beginners Guide to understanding Video Cards and Settings" at the beggining of december 2020 which could help you understand things. Also Linus
  2. If you have integrated graphics then remove your GPU and try to boot then. If you get into windows then delete MSI Afterburner profiles (Usually located under C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\Profiles).
  3. Hello, Need help with Samson Meteor microphone. Buddy of mine dropped the mic and because of the impact 2 wires form microphone itself and ground wire came loose. On the pcb there's year "2014". If anyone has information where to solder 2 mic wires and ground wire on the pcb then I'd be very thankful. Google hasn't given much information yet, wires are soldered differently on the mics which have "2011" on their pcbs. Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm aware of that. I myself don't like to see watermark every day in the bottom right corner, it just bothers me..
  5. Look up from G2A or Kinguin. There are cheap keys available. I've bought many from both third-party sites and they've worked well.
  6. Eventually you still need the key to activate windows.
  7. That Corsair TX line-up PSU will do fine. Also kingston SSDs are quite good. I'd pick the Kingston one over the one they've listed on their site without a brand name.
  8. Response time states how quickly a pixel can display a change from black to white. So averagely pixel will display a change from black to white in 13ms then..
  9. Depends on your own choice. I myself would pick 24" over 21.5" (even though it is not big difference). They're all 75hz panels and you canno't push them more. Asus's and AOC's minimum response time is 1ms but average response time should be 13ms for both of them. BenQ's average response time is 7ms, however minimum is 4ms.. 1ms vs 4ms ain't that big of a deal for me though.. AOC and Asus has TN panels so I'd make my pick out of em (personally).
  10. I'm not overclocking it further. I did not run that overclock for some time.. And then when I got back to running that overclock, it was not stable anymore.. I did not really understood you, you might've meant that there is no point of overclocking your card further because it came from MSI with a slight overclock.. I'd let everyone decide by themselves whether it's beneficial/needed or not..
  11. Hello. I've got a little problem with my MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB overclock. About a year ago I used to run this card with these setting on MSI Afterburner: Core Voltage: +0mV Power Limit: 110% Core Clock: +167MHz Mem Clock: +500Mhz And I had absolutely no problems, no crashes/spikes in GPU usages or anything.. I passed about 8 benchmarks out of 10 with Unigine Valley with +0mV Core Voltage, GPU usage didn't drop down a single bit, nor saw any artifacts. But unfortunately at the moment I even have problems with stability wh
  12. I have other stuff to do aswell.
  13. Not for me, for my buddy.. I have no time to make a build list for him.
  14. Hello, I'd like some help with pc build for my friend. Budget is 700€. PC would be used mainly for gaming, PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO, BF1, GTA V etc.. I'd atleast want to run mid-high settings in those games. Location: Estonia He's using 1080p 60hz monitor. No os/peripherals needed! Thank you for your help.
  15. In this case I'll go with Sata one.. Thanks.
  16. I rarely boot my pc, it's 24/7 on.. Task manager used to show boot times with 18 seconds At the moment it might be 7-8 seconds.. Isn't heat problem with those M.2 drives?
  17. Hello, I'd like some help for choosing which SSD to buy. I've been looking towards: 1) Corsair MP500 NVMe PCIe M.2 240GB (Costs 135€) 2) Samsng SSD 860 EVO SATA III 250GB (Costs 100€) Thought of getting M.2 because read/write speeds, but will I even recognise this difference? I'd mostly store windows, autocad, photoshop etc on that drive. Thank you in advance.
  18. Test it out by yourself.. Every chip is different..
  19. If you have OEM KEY then you might have a problem.. If you tie your Microsoft account to your particular copy of Windows you won't have to worry about hardware changes and reinstallation.
  20. Every card is different.. Yours might be a good OC-er, someone else could've a shitty OC-er.. Just try it out yourself you little fuck.