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  1. Yeah completely agree, the price is way too high. But from AMD's perspective it's a card that people will buy anyways, if AMD can sell a card in high volumes for $479, why sell it for cheaper?
  2. One could argue that they don't have to, they are making money whoever buys them. But then one could also argue that long term, when the market crashes (again) the second hand market will be flooded with GPUs and the prices will crash, meaning Nvidia (And AMD) will lose future revenue because of the massive amount of second hand GPU's hanging around Also pretty sure the reason they can't just mass produce them is because there is a huge silicone shortage, not just from Samsung but across the entire industry, leading to less supply. To the extent that President Biden is acting
  3. I recently tried to purchase an RTX 3060, waited until 5pm uk time on the launch date, and they all sold out pretty much straight away. I then gave up, having looked at the scalper prices on Ebay. Then I remembered there was a local (Independent) PC hardware store, so I checked their website, and they were "Out of stock" but also had a note saying "Call for availability". I decided to give them a call, fully expecting to find they too did not have any in stock, then something really quite amazing happened. The website was out of stock, because they were saving them for people
  4. Was probably to save on power usage, also the bandwidth loss might be made up with the new cache
  5. By the looks of things, this outperforms the 3070 by a significant amount
  6. That's better than the 320W and 350W TDP the 3080 and 3090 have
  7. Wow , if this is true, this just looks almost unbelievably goo Because the product speaks for itself
  8. Assuming that nvidia was overexaggerating the performance of the 3080, could be safe to assume that would also be true for the 3070, but guess why have to wait and see...
  9. It's not just price though, AMD's zen chiplets are small meaning they can be more easily mass produced. Intel's dies are much larger so you get much fewer per wafer. Yes Intel is on a (very) mature node. But AMD's chiplet design means that pretty much (I know it's a lot more complicated) they just need to have one 8 core chiplet design which scales from top to bottom. Which means costs are spread across almost every CPU.
  10. It's a start, AMD haven't got anything really better a 2070 super. Even if it's close to the 3080ti for a much cheaper price, will be enough to force price changes from nvidia
  11. Depends what you mean by crushed, performance wise yeah, probably. But market share wise, and which product will end up in most laptops far from it. Intel will probably maintain it's dominant position simply due to the fact most non tech people don't really know AMD as well as intel (Due to many illegal, and legal practices). Intel sells, people are willing to pay a higher price because they see i7 and think its the best CPU in the world, they see AMD and either think it's a generic brand, or associate it with low end products. AMD isn't going to win this battle through performance alone