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  1. @VagabondWraith Retailers aren't stupid and they realize that if the game is available on Steam, the majority of their customers will just buy it on Steam or wait for a Steam sale. The store will only get traffic from people who value the disk as a collectors item and have shit internet, and unless said gaming store is in a remote area the latter is an ever diminishing demographic. So the retailers will pressure Bethesda to agree not to undercut them (ex: Not let it go on sale on Steam for a period of time), wholesale the physical to them cheaper, etc. The end result is Bethesda makes l
  2. EVGA 980Ti SC, don't know if Amazon is the cheapest but as an example, here.
  3. Good point Peter, I'll just stick with Battlefront II. In many case HD remarks can be a sign of the game's longevity. It's part HD remaster and part making it run on a more modern OS. It's just that while the developers are in there, they go ahead and update the graphics, maybe correct some things like really poor pathfinding, and other things that were obviously broken in the original because of hardware limitations or just general game design tools. He's basically arguing a line of thought parallel to old books shouldn't be retype set or turned into E-Books. I still read the c
  4. Assuming the table can handle the weight of whatever you're putting on it yes. Will it have good ergonomics, depends on the size of the table and size of the person using it. Title really doesn't say it all by far.
  5. @App4that, Congrats on your new rig and I'm sorry you didn't spec out sufficient CPU power for what you wanted. While that may piss you off, that doesn't change the reality that lots of people doing builds on budgets, and limited to 1080p, 60 fps monitors and other things or are just fine with only getting into the 50s for FPS in some games. I would direct to my previous comment about going i7 or X99 for high end builds over frills like SSDs. For folks doing rigs on budgets though, reaching for the i7 still makes little sense and the month comment strikes me more as butthurt over your i5 n
  6. nVidia right now, because while they undoubtedly have their evil moments, I do benefit from how they used their market position to put CUDA out there as the standard on modelling and rendering applications. I want to see CUDA replaced by something less directly controlled by nVidia, we're only where we are because nVidia cracked some skulls. Before that the entire professional applications market as a Balkanized mess. CUDA did a lot to make my life better. Hopefully Khronos can push out OpenCL and CUDA can fade away gracefully.
  7. I have one mostly due to concerns over my SSD RAID arrays not taking the sudden power loss well. If you're purely on mechanical drives and no RAID 0 action, you have extremely low odds of anything bad happening in terms of data corruption. Surge protector will prevent you from any damage. Multiple power losses, even on a surge, in theory shortens the life of your components, but not in any really appreciable way. If the cost is not a burden, it's always worth it just to never have to deal with losing whatever you did between the last autosave and the power going off.
  8. @App4that, months old is pure hyperbole. Yes, there are claims that DX12 and Vulkan will make multithreading easier (although DX11 made the same claims) and that is likely to push developers into doing a little extra work so people with more cores and/or hyper threading see gains. However that also doesn't immediately mean that 4 cores will instantly start to run like shit, stutter, etc. A large section of the gaming market runs an i5 right now and many folks can't or won't run right out to upgrade. Advising an i7 purchase for gaming right now is still unnecessary. If DX12's multithr
  9. You need a riser card for this kind of application. I recommend them over ribbon cables because it's more secure in terms of not moving around.
  10. Unless you put a lot of force on something during the install, I'm skeptical you broke anything. Quite likely you were shipped a bad part. People on the forum will likely help you with tech support in terms of figuring out which part it is and then how to RMA it. Personally I'm a big fan of Amazon Prime for parts, so long as the part isn't significantly more expensive on Amazon than other sources. You can just automatically generate a label and exchange stuff. I've exchanged a couple mobos and a RAM kit via Amazon with never even having to speak to a human.
  11. You can try: Run the Windows Experience Index, for whatever reason this seems to trigger a refresh and sometimes fix it according to the internet. Pull out half RAM DIMMs, boot the system, do some stuff. Shut it down, put the RAM back in. This should force Windows to reconsider how much it reserves. Neither of those did anything for us, but on various forums people were swearing they worked for them.
  12. While yes I did make a typo regarding 4x vs 40%, it beats sitting there trying to figure out why my 1150 Xeon can't fit in my 1151 socket. Plus the basic point stands, a 10% IPC increase doesn't work out with the 40% you claim at the end of the day.
  13. 10% more instructions per clock, doesn't mean 4x faster. You don't get to take things in parallel and simply multiple them by the number they have to get the total return.
  14. NZXT Noctis 450, the 'blue' one only has blue in the form of the lights on it and you can turn them off. Should be $140 or less. Has a basement, etc. It's white with black mesh.
  15. 2x 380 wins when the game has good Crossfire support, 390 wins when linked GPU support is bad.
  16. I'd reinstall Windows 10. You can play around with BIOS resets and adjustments to how Windows reserves hardware, but typically this means something pissed off Windows during some part of its UEFI. Triple check your install media is 64 bit and then just rerun it. I saw it happen once on a rig during an upgrade, we played around in the registry and a few places trying to adjust the hardware reserved and nothing worked, so evenly we just reformatted. Also if your install media is kind of old, try creating a new USB drive with the install on it. MS has been quietly updating their media m
  17. You don't even have to have a second email address if you don't want it with gmail. You can just do your address+#@gmail.com. For example egad@gmail.com and egad+1@gmail.com go to the same inbox. But you can set a filter so whenever anything sent to egad+1@gmail.com comes in it is marked as read and stuck in a folder (or label as Gmail calls it) and never hits your inbox. I just send it all to my trash where Google keeps it for 30 days and then purges it. Still shitty of nVidia to want my email. Although they already have my email and my Steam ID from back when I redeemed my game via
  18. Did you have this build working successfully on an older OS? Typically this is either the RAM not being support or your config of sticks not being support.
  19. Are you showing drops in the total amount of RAM installed or just the hardware reserved section increasing and decreasing on various boots?
  20. If you want to do Borderlands 2 or something where you want to see the PhysX effects (ex: Borderlands 2), install the 780Ti, uninstall the AMD drivers, play the game using only the 780Ti, then reinstall the AMD drivers and switch back to the 390 when done. Actually you may not have to uninstall the AMD drivers, sometimes you can just kill Catalyst via Task Manager and that is sufficient. Otherwise though when Team Green sees Team Red, the PhysX and such features turn off.
  21. Do you have any kind of graphics/video editing workflow or anything? Because otherwise you won't ever seen a noticeable performance Find the RAM with the lowest latency at 3000 MHz and buy that. Frankly the 2400 MHz RAM you have now is probably just as fast in terms of actual results you can see, unless you have really high latency on it for some reason. If I had 2400 MHz RAM first. Your mobo will support the RAM, it may just end up running it at a slower speed depending how XMP goes.
  22. LTT isn't advertising Intel within the review itself. So false advertising in no way, shape or form applies. As reviewers the purpose is to review the product in the manner which it will be used, which is people trying to dial in at the very least a conservative overclock and recent K chips have shown themselves to be consistently capable of at least a conservative overclock.
  23. No the true performance of a K chip is its expected stable frequency without having to get into voltage increasing you get via basic overclocking. The people who do really impressively over engineered cooling loops that cost as much as the rest of their rig don't count, but neither due to the people running K chips on stock clocks. The latter should have saved some money and bought a locked chip. They don't need a comparison between gimped K's to help them, they need to educated on which chip to buy in the first place. For the normal users who are looking at a K chip, a good motherboard, a
  24. Not a big fan of the X4 on something intended for lots of usage with Minecraft. Since Minecraft is limited in how many cores it can use (2 max), the performance of the cores is key. As it stands the build looks fine for Minecraft and Lego type games. I'm not sure how well it will scale up to Battlefront/Battlefield with only a Pentium though, going to have to turn down graphics and potential deal with stutters. I know people where having decent results on i3s in the Battlefront beta, not sure about Pentiums. I'd go the i3/750Ti route before I'd try to adjust my budget to have room for
  25. If battery life is a significant goal for the laptop, N3700, it's designed to be a low powered chip. For general use and gaming the i3 is better, although the N3700 will be fine for nostalgia type gaming.