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    Ghostay got a reaction from RSX7 in The need to destroy my laptop with no evidence   
    We've got a high paid inspector here, asking the important questions rather than helping some guy destroy evidence.
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    Ghostay reacted to likeaboz2002 in Could I become part of a botnet from this?   
    So I was playing MW3 and matchmaking put me in a domination server. After about 5 mins of playing, this dude joins and the text AESIR CHEATS begins appearing multiple times in the center of the screen. I try to exit the game but it doesn't let me. Then some other dude in the lobby types "Aesir cheats puts you in a botnet get out". In a panic, i try task manager, which doesn't work, and crtl f4, but no dice. So I press the power button on my PC and restart it. I am currently running a malwarebytes scan to check if his claim was true. So far, it hasn't detected anything. Could some MW3 hacker actually make my PC part of a botnet? Could malwarebytes detect this? If not, how would I know if im part of a botnet? I'm honestly not that worried bc cod hackers are usually full of bs but idk.
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    Ghostay got a reaction from pxnguinPr3 in What VPN should I get?   
    Looks interesting; thanks.
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    Ghostay reacted to SCHISCHKA in Odd error with Steam.   
    try this web site to check if your DNS is dodgy https://www.dnsleaktest.com
    It might be that your ISP DNS just sucks. You could try switching from your ISP's DNS to openDNS
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    Ghostay reacted to jafico1 in Best laptop/ultrabook/2 in 1 for £800-1200?   
    It depends on how you feel. The XPS/Surface/x360 would last and are decently built, but they are not upgradable  if you really want to future proof. If longevity is a real concern, business laptops would be your best bet - either the ThinkPad T460 or the Dell E7470, as they have fantastic build quality and excellent warranties/support. 
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    Ghostay reacted to GoldSolitude in What do you think of these specs?   
    Sure you could theoretically play gmod or csgo assuming that this isnt clocked at -1ghz. To say "best-in-class battery life" is huge and knowing its going to be a indiegogo campaign it probably will not come through with what they're claiming.
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    Ghostay reacted to Numbafieve in What do you think of these specs?   
    I would highly suggest you kick the eve idea right now.  Its an indigogo project and from the looks of their staff they are all young probably out of college and wont finish at all and if they do it will probably be junk.  I have seen a lot of tech stores trying to clean out laptops with last gen GPUs in them so you might be able to snag a decent one with a GPU pretty cheap.
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    Ghostay reacted to Shiv78 in What do you think of these specs?   
    I like how the page even says that the 4W speakers are almost as much power as the CPU... that's not a good thing
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    Ghostay reacted to Shiv78 in Looking for a laptop for gaming around the £700 range.   
    or a Lenovo Y700
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    Ghostay reacted to don_svetlio in Looking for a laptop for gaming around the £700 range.   
    Dell 7559
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    Ghostay reacted to DrMikeNZ in Computer continues to crash   
    What version is the graphics driver? Consider rolling back.
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    Ghostay reacted to Enderman in Looking for a person who can make me a csgo roulette site.   
    if someone is capable of doing that, why would they do it for you and only get 45% profit
    when they can do it for themselves and get 100% profit
  13. Agree
    Ghostay reacted to Enderman in Looking for a person who can make me a csgo roulette site.   
    hahaha 2.5k
    ok then...
    i bet 25 people would totally go to your gambling site and bet $1
    there are people with 1M+ on youtube who are willing to advertise a website for less than 1% cut
    so yeah, you need to get some more realistic expectations
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    Ghostay reacted to saladcrack in Game idea?   
    Seems like a good idea, no clue on what language to use but hope you find your answer! Good luck!
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    Ghostay reacted to minibois in Game idea?   
    If you're gonna make something for just Android, might as while just use Java (in Android Studio). Java is a very good language
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    Ghostay reacted to johnadams123412 in Game idea?   
  17. Informative
    Ghostay reacted to jython234 in Game idea?   
    Since you say your game will be for Android the best language would be Java, which is what most android apps are written in. However, graphics is another story. If the game will just be menus with some pictures then nothing fancy will be needed. But if you want a game with animations, colorful graphics, etc. then you will need to learn OpenGL ES (The Graphics Library used on mobile devices). This will require a steep learning curve for a beginner programmer, but if you are determined enough, you can do it. If you need more information you can always PM me.
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    Ghostay reacted to aisle9 in Please Review this laptop!!!!   
    I'm pretty sure I just had an epileptic seizure looking at your avatar. Please consider changing it. Please. I beg you.
    It's a workstation laptop. The GPU isn't really optimized for gaming use. If you have a specific use for it, it makes sense depending on price, but it's not something that the average laptop user would get much mileage from imo.
    Please change your avatar.
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    Ghostay reacted to don_svetlio in Artifacts in Firefox   
    If it's only in firefox ignore it. If games are clean then it's the browser. I've had them too - check Bugzilla - LOTS of artifacting in FF and Chrome
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    Ghostay reacted to minibois in Artifacts in Firefox   
    Are you sure it's not just a glitch or whatever in your FireFox skin? You automatically assume the GPU is the problem, have you tried another GPU or intergrated graphics already?
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    Ghostay reacted to don_svetlio in Artifacts in Firefox   
    Then it's the browser. Try Chrome and see how that is
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    Ghostay got a reaction from don_svetlio in Artifacts in Firefox   
    Thanks, I'll try that!
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    Ghostay reacted to Skiiwee29 in "Artifacts" on screen?   
    Also try a different cable as well. I had an issue with a brand new cable, only a month old, and it caused me to buy a new monitor to find out it was the cable that is bad. 
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    Ghostay reacted to Julian5 in "Artifacts" on screen?   
    try with onboard graphics
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    Ghostay reacted to Skiiwee29 in "Artifacts" on screen?   
    You can try drivers. If it continues happening, maybe roll back a generation or 2 of drivers to see.