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  1. https://uk.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_009665064233.html?wid=1349303 Specs: I5-8250U 2,5 GHZ quad core Nvidia GeForce MX150 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Priced at £610 ($780) currently. Could I get better elsewhere for the price?
  2. Done that with Lenovos website here Afraid to say it's made no difference
  3. That's the one that came with the laptop and I see no reason to upgrade it to W10 It's worked perfectly fine before the fresh installation of W8.1
  4. As in the HDD was completely wiped and I used installation media to install Windows 8.1. Apologies for confusion. The laptop is a Z500 Lenovo laptop. The Network adaptor, a Quallcom Atheros AR9485WB is up to date with the newest driver (or at least as Windows reports in the device manager) By internet I mean connection to the internet.. I don't know what else I can say here. It downloads like 70MB of Steam then freezes up, it fails to load Discord and internet pages don't open at all (just buffering until it says that it can't connect to the internet).
  5. Hey, I've completely reset my laptop so as if it's brand new but I've found that the internet on it is really intermirrent. It will proceed as usual and then the internet will freeze for a good 20/30 seconds before starting up again. I don't understand what could be causing this? Any ideas? For what it's worth: the network driver is up to date Troubleshooting problems just mentions something about "Windows not being able to detect the computers proxy settings"
  6. That's not it. It's fully in, i've tried it with my phone as well and it doesn't work properly with that either.
  7. Hey, So I was playing a youtube video with voices and they suddenly cut off: I however noticed that if I opened another tab and played music it would work. Now it seems the problem is to do with the jack as moving it around changes how the sound is being played: it may not play at all, it may be only in one ear or it may be very quiet. The slightest movement of the jack completely throws off the sound. Will I need to purchase new headphones? What can I do to fix this?
  8. Hey, A family member is looking to purchase a laptop for gaming with a max budget of £700. Portability isn't much of an issue but it will be moved to another place every week. Performance is all that really matters I believe. Cheers
  9. Looks interesting; thanks.
  10. With increasing surveillance in the United Kingdom: I think I'd like to get behind a VPN right about now. What are some good VPNs?
  11. Hello! I'm looking for a budget phone under £100 that's good enough to perform tasks and browsing swimmingly. Battery length is important.
  12. Sorry, tagging just to mention this: I just had my display driver crash and restart. Could that have anything to do with this? It hasn't happened before.
  13. Got it. Zero memory errors. Do I have to leave the program open until I see another artifact?
  14. That's all I get under the GPU header:
  15. Unfortunately I don't have any spare GPUs lying around. ^^ I only bought the GPU a year and a half ago.
  16. So; I booted up my computer today and it turns out that I am getting screen artifacts but ONLY in the Discord program. They look like this but there is only one at a time and they are much larger: Is there anything wrong with my GPU? Do I need to do anything?
  17. I've had an issue since yesterday where whenever I try to load anything to do with Steampowered.com whether it's in the Steam client or on the web browser it just gives me an error page stating that: "An error occurred while processing your request." The odd thing is, everytime I do ipconfig /flushdns in an elevated CMD it will work for about 5-10 minutes before it will start showing error pages. Everything else seems to work on my steam client, except the community and the store. Downloads are fine, running games is fine, saving to the cloud is fine. I can't understand why this is s
  18. I'm really quite stuck. I'll be in education for 5 years now; I don't foresee any major work with the laptop in the first 2 years but I'll be using it a lot after those 2 years. I was wondering whether it would be better to save up for 2 years and then cash out on something. Maybe I could get a cheap 2 in 1 for now? Who knows. I'm just considering my options. The work would be standard college/university work. I don't foresee me doing any CAD or intense productivity programs. Just some office work and probably light gaming such as Source games.
  19. I've got quite a wide budget and I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for here. If somebody could point me in the direction of the "best" laptop, ultrabook and 2 in 1 laptop I would appreciate it. Just to clarify, that's one of each category. I'd just like to compare them and make a final decision. Obviously it is quite a large budget gap but I'm also willing to go below that or above that if it can be justified. I'd be looking to use it for 3-5 years before I would consider a replacement. I think I've ruled out laptops because I am looking for portability.
  20. So, I've been browsing around for a 2 in 1 laptop, and I've found this project called "Eve V". This is their main page: http://eve-tech.com/ These are the specifications: http://eve.community/t/eve-v-final-hardware-specifications/2291 So, my question is; what sort of performance can I expect from this? I presume it is going to be good enough to browse and use Microsoft office without any issues; but is it good enough for some light gaming like Garry's Mod or Counter Strike? Considering the price this is likely to be, would you recommend anything
  21. Hi, As the title suggests I'm looking for a so called "2 in 1 notebook" for around the £500 price range; just for general use and college. I'll be doing all my gaming on my Desktop PC so there isn't any need for it to be overly graphically powerful. As long as it can play something like Call of War. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Hi, So I'm looking for a laptop that I can use for gaming that is around £700; I'll be doing some studying on it. I don't really play intensive games but I would like to be able to play most games with no lag even if I have to turn the graphics down a bit. I have a current desktop PC but it isn't practical for studying because of course it isn't portable. The desktop PC specs are in the signature and it does everything I need it to do, performance wise. I did consider selling it and putting more money into the laptop but that seems time-consuming and unprofitable?
  23. Something tells me the Canadian army will not like that. Pss: Do they have an army? I think that this mod makes Heart of Iron 4 a lot more attractive. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719416488