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    2x Intel Xeon X5675 4.4Ghz OC
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    EVGA SR-2
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    24GB EEC DDR3 1800Mhz OC
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    AMD RX570
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    Thermaltake x9
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    2x256GB 840EVO SSD 16TB NAS
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    Enermax Evoliution 1050W
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    Dell U2412M, Dell U2312HM

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  1. If anyone is using openWRT I suggest reading on how to mitigate this problem.
  2. Completely agree about the BMS part. A low quality BMS is number one reason why the battery fail prematurely. I don't understand which part of xt60 or xt90 connector is ''proprietary connectors''. Even when they sell you a dolphin pack it comes with a standard power connectors. These connectors are the most popular choice... You're saying that the resistor failed in your BMS and i'm guessing you can't get any power out of the battery? Where is the problem with the connectors? All you have to do is replace the bms and if you have ''I have the knowledge to build my own battery, and a vastly s
  3. The Raid is flashed to IT mode and works as HBA. Everything worked fine on my UEFI board, but not on my SR-2. After troubleshooting I found out the hick up is something to do with networking. By unplugging the Ethernet cable, everything worked. Replugging it and crashed the pc... There is some sort of compatibility issue between LSI 9211-8(h310)IT and Marvell 88E8057 network controller. I need both for NAS...
  4. They only come with DisplayPorts and I don't want to play with compatibility issues or adapters.
  5. The screen is LG OLED55B7 which has 10bit 4k panel, but only HDMI 2.0b input. I'm limited to 4:4:4 30hz because of it, but it should be fine for video playback. I know for sure that RX 480 and RX580 are capable of working in 4k HDR mode, but due to the cryptocurrency boom I would like to have some extra options. Would nvidia Pascal gpu work with 4k HDR? P.S. This is for a vfx studio workflow. So suggestions on Quadros and firepros are fine. The price is not a problem.
  6. Streaming a film or watching youtube video will freeze up every 20 or so minutes after hearing HDD spindle starting up at the same time. The problem is that I'm running windows on SSDs and hdd are only for back up. I tried changing power setting so that hdds would never go to sleep. Didn't help. This started to happen after fresh install of windows
  7. Reminds me of ryanair. At first you could check in for the flight 2 weeks prior, later 1 week and now 3 days before the flight... It's all for the mulla
  8. Completely agree with @PCGuy_5960, but if you still want to get x5650. Overclock it please
  9. It all depends on the budget, speed and the bike you have
  10. It's a compilation of rubbish. That's probably the most accurate description. You can't just put random data together to put a cohesive analysis on the product... Benchmarks is the only way of telling what cpu is better and which one is not. Cinebench is great for measuring rendering speed. Check proper websites about the new generation. Like Anandtech
  11. Never use ''CPU Boss'' as any form of intelligent information. The site is full of random data. If you already own Haswell CPU there is no need to upgrade.
  12. If you want to properly repair any bga chip, you will have to replace it and not reball it. Reballing is an old technique and very misunderstood. Majority of bga failure situations will happen under the silicon and not the chip. You can reball the chip, but not under the silicon as they are just too small and not accessible
  13. Unless you're into re-balling, there is no way you can get that for free. The stencil is the cheapest part of the repair. You will need a bga rework station for you to even use it
  14. Is there a reason why you need a custom one? You can find oem bga stencils, but it is rarely the case with the repair work. You could draw your own and ask a machining company to mill it out. The problem with that is you ability to draw and their accuracy