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    Cars, PCs and Music
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    I am Shadow - the one and only.
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    Repairing Cars


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    Intel Core i7 4770k
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    ASUS Maximus 6 Fomula
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1866MHz
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    Sapphire HD 7970 in 2 Way CFX
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    Cooler Master Cosmos 2
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    2 Intel 530 240GB SSDs in RAID 0, 2TB WD green
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    Corsair AX 1200
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    2 ASUS VD247h, additional 08/15 Screen
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    dual Loop Liquid Cooled
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    Logitech G19
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    Logitech G700
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    ASUS Xonar Phoebus, Pioneer X-HM 10
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  1. Terve! I have to say that I really like these videos. I'm not a big watcher of all the videos anymore, but I do checkout everything that is relevant for me. Even though nostalgia goggle don't work, I think its a nice bit of having "hands on" with LTT. A feeling that I have missed for a long time. Sayonara! Shadow
  2. Terve! It rebooted and aparently there was nothing lost. My main worry was the ZFS data pool... Seems I was worrying too much. Thank you a lot for the help. Sayonara!
  3. Terve! The thing is that the Server was running while I unlugged everything. Here's a picture of the screen though. At first I thought that the RAID was resyncing, but I doubt that this would take more then 48 hours. Sayonara!
  4. Terve! About two days ago I was digging through some stuff I had lying around and found some LED strip. Because I was curious if it would work I pulled out a power plug on my server and checked if it was working. As things were lighting up in front of me I realized that I had pulled out the power plug for the HDDs. I am not sure if I got only one or if I disconnected 2 of them. After that I tried to reboot the server (network connection was lost) and since then it is hangin. What should I try next? I am not breave enough to pull the power plug (of the entire machine) just like
  5. Terve! I am not sure how that would be possible on a new HDD. Can I check that by just going onto the properties of the drive? Also it seems that I finally have a good reason to fix my linux computer, I don't think that he could use Linux at all though. Sayonara!
  6. Terve! Interestingly Crystal Disk Info showed that the C5 (current pending sector count) was in the yellow area. I double checked with my other drives, they all had 200 like the new one so I do not think that this is the issue. As far as he told me, Steam says that it could not write to that disk - tbh I am not 100% if that is completely accurate. Are the badlocks shown in Crystal Disk info? If not please tell me your way of measuring them. Thank you for the help. Sayonara!
  7. Terve! A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine bought a hdd through me and put it into his old pc because the old HDD in there had failed. Now he has the problem that he is unable to install steam games to this drive - however he can regualrly save file onto it. Unfortunately, he lives somewhat far away from me and I am unable to go to his house at the moment. Are there known flaws in the installation process that lead to this kind of problem? How likely is it that I will just have to RMA the HDD? (I checked it with crystal disk mark before I gave it to him and it was f
  8. Terve! Is it just me or is that all useless stuff? I mean: I work on VW for a living. They have bird view cameras since a couple of years and the only time I hit the elevator's pillar was when I was driving according to this view. The front view cameras are also great. You just don't quite know how wide you vehicle is (unless they have fixed that). Hybrids are litterally the best thing thoug: 120mpg (however much that may be in Europe) are usually not achieved. And I am not talking about the 10-20% that every car has. In a European Prius test the fuel consumption rated
  9. Terve! Personally I'd go for the Acer monitor you said. I usually get the AOC i2476vw for people but your suggestion works just as well. I have not had personal experiance with the monitor though. Sayonara!
  10. Terve! A friend of mine has had a DELL XPS M1730 - I can search about more info about that thing if needed. Recently it died and he does not have a backup of his files. Thinking about Linus XPS 13 I said that I should be able to read the data off his HDD without too much problem. Now, when I have the Laptop with me, I have had a bad surprise: the HDD is a RAID 0 of 2 HDDs. A quick google search told me that it's managed by an Intel ICH8M Controller. In order to successfully read the data off the disks I'd require an other one of them. That however is a little tricky, since I do not know a
  11. Terve! So if I was to pick the Supermicro X10-SLL-F-O (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D65V9WO/?tag=pcpapi-20) Would the RAM be compatible? I have had RAM that was not working on certain mainboards in the past and I'd like to avoid that. The problem is that there is no mobo list for this ram to be found. Thank you for the list. Sayonara!
  12. Terve! I am not sure about the thing with Prime 95. I just heard about this and because I can easily avoid it I do so. P.S. I am jealous of your OC, great job. Sayonara!
  13. Terve! That might be your problem though. It can be that your CPU hits 104.5°C on a single core for a microsecond and crashes. Also I have read that Prime 95 can kill your system. I prefer Intel burn test, maybe try that one out as well? Also it could be comming from VRM or something on the mainboard overheating. Do you have decent airflow over the needed things? Sayonara!
  14. Terve! Nos sure if I understand this correctly: You mean I have to have an X99/Z99 LGA 2011 Mainboard? Sayonara! Edited a LGA before 2011
  15. Terve! Have you checked your CPU temps? I have this as well, when I don't turn up my fans while playing. Sayonara!