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  1. Oh I didn't know about that, is there range good though? That's my main concern.
  2. Ahhh about 3km from the exchange.
  3. Right now I'm on ADSL +2 (24/1) and even with when NBN hits my area one day the new speeds of 30 megabits is the max my net will ever hit and I don't need VOIP. Yay Tony Abbott....
  4. Hey guys on LTT, I recently moved, and now I have to use wifi sadly, I've been using this old Telstra modern/router which is not a very nice modem/router, regarding signal strength and being able to get through one bloody wall without any packet loss. Anyways my price range is around $200 (AUD) "Australian Dollar" max, and as I said before it only really has to go through 1 wall, and it's around 10 meters away from the modern. I'm currently using an ASUS PCE-AC56 as my wifi card of choice. Thanks, lads.
  5. brick/10 would want to brick Tony Abbott
  6. Looks mint as man! Hope this PC lasts a long time.
  7. Hey all, After going though 3 pairs of $40 AUD earbuds (Skull candy inked), I really am getting sick of buying new pairs every 4 months or so. Don't get me wrong, I think their sound in pretty good but the money. I'm looking for a pair around $50 AUD max that are going to last a bit longer. Thanks.
  8. I would go for the 380 tbh. If you have a lower end mobo you'll be able to crossfire because you only need a 4x PCIE for the second card but, on Nvidia you'll need a 8x for the second card, Just a note.
  9. Usd to aud is about $1 usd to $0.72 aud ;( And the airflow fans look pretty loud to get any kind of great air flow
  10. Looked around and I can't get even find any place that is based in Australia that sells theses thanks for the input, though.
  11. I just had a look the pure wings look very nice but I should have said that I also wouldn't mind PWM on my fans but I don't need it though, I'll keep them in mind. Thanks
  12. They do look very nice and the specs are good as well but, the price of $35 aud per fan is a bit to much.
  13. Hey all, I've been looking around for some decent case fans that will be going into a 450D. I will have max per fan of $25 aud <--(Rippy Mckippy), 140mm fans and they need to be air flow fans. So far the Noctua NF-P14S Redux look pretty good but the build will be black and red, they grey would look a bit off. Thanks
  14. I love both the 390 and the 970 but for games like GTA 5 that love v-ram like nothing else, I would have to go for the 390 for that 8GB of v-ram.
  15. Ahh I see, that's very strange normally things don't just start heating up to the point where your PC crashes. Could it be that your all in one is blowing hot air into the case and not exhausting it? That is the only thing that I could think that would do something like that.
  16. Looks cool Could do with some dust cleaning doe :3
  17. If this is a reference GTX 980 TI you're gonna need nice and cool air to through it because of it blower style, with hot air going into the card it's gonna be very hot like you're saying. :3
  18. Lmao, if that would have happened to me I would have gone on a ten-minute swearing spree and then have came back and started again. Back luck lad, hope the rebuild goes well .
  19. NiP for dayz lad. But in the day when I remember when I use to play
  20. Yeah I was thinking that, but I thought I would just ask around.