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  1. How long does it take before it shows up in my account? Clicked it but nothing happened.
  2. Can't agree with that more. Plus, if enough people mine on solar panels and a community forms around it we can add an extra benefit to the list "Cryptocurrency runs on green energy". If you want to make money with crypto. Trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and whatever more forks you have these days. Sell some of your stuff for Litecoin. Or do some smart contract stuff on the Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Told you so. Just wanted to praise that, in the end, it's always good to listen to the guy who knows what the hell he's talking about. Let me just give all of you a very good tip: Do NOT use a "noob mining app". It's way less profitable and you can see what will happen. Just use CGMiner and you will get much better results. And oh yeah, your coins won't disappear. Don't use NiceHash, don't use Winminer, don't use ANY of the apps that you just download and click Mine and bim bam boom walla walla woop it's done. If you're taking mining seriously, actually take it frea
  4. If I add the reroute the following domains to, would Windows be unable to update? http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com http://*.windowsupdate.microsoft.com https://*.windowsupdate.microsoft.com http://*.update.microsoft.com https://*.update.microsoft.com http://*.windowsupdate.com http://download.windowsupdate.com http://download.microsoft.com http://*.download.windowsupdate.com http://wustat.windows.com http://ntservicepack.microsoft.com http://stats.microsoft.com https://stats.microsoft.com I read this on Stack Overflow, would that work?
  5. Windows 10 updates. It wanted to update, update got stuck at 0% and my PC wouldn't restart anymore without trying to update and getting stuck. This was after 2 days. Can't disable updates. It's just one unstable mess that's not working at all in my opinion.
  6. I just got my new PC. Tried Windows 10, now traumatized. Ubuntu is just taking off as gaming platform but it's just not ready yet. How do I get Windows 7 on it? It does load the installer with no issue, but once it's at the "Choose language and layout" screen it either freezes or does not receive my keyboard/mouse input. edit: Specs in signature
  7. I just got my new PC a couple days ago. Great PC, but if I wanted to use Windows I had to use 10 as nothing else worked. Windows 10; Why the hell can't I decide when I want to upgrade what? It's my computer goddamnit. I miss my home folder Desktop gets messy on W10 Slower than I expected It feels like my OS owns my PC Please please PLEASE let Linux gaming be a thing soon
  8. Disabled secure boot? I have an Acer laptop/tablet which doesn't want different from Win8.1, even with secure boot off because of EFI stuff, if that's your issue you're most likely not gonna get it to work(from own experience).
  9. No. But it's Facebook, and they don't give a single fuck about their users cause they know their algorithms keep other users addicted. They even force some people to give a copy of their ID card. The only reason they want you to take that antivirus is because that gives them access to your files which then can be used for data. Solution? Don't use Facebook. If you want a reliable social media, use VK.com, it's the same thing but non-Silicon valley.
  10. Facebook is one big data mining machine & mass surveillance engine. Are you even surprised? But can't you just download and not install? Or download and install in a VM?
  11. Alright. I just checked and the temps are alright. Thank you!
  12. Alright, thanks. I'll be putting on some higher quality Cooler Master thermal paste soon when I get the chance to.
  13. Just got done finishing my first build, specs are in my signature. The CPU is over 40 degrees when I'm in the BIOS. I'm using the stock heatsink with the stock thermal pad applied from manufacturor. This isn't normal, what is wrong?
  14. Is that even a question? Of course go for the Ryzen.
  15. Oh well I don't need updates. I'm getting a pfSense firewall router already so security wise, I'm secure. I'm also installing Kaspersky Antivirus Free. Hopefully Linux gaming will take off as soon as possible so we can all run Ubuntu without issues.