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    Kobathor reacted to aisle9 in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    I have yet to come across a mobo that has problems with Ryzen APUs. Typically, you start getting into trouble with VRMs when you get up to the eight-core Ryzen 7 family or beyond.
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    Kobathor reacted to boggy77 in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    that mobo is good enough for the cpu. it can even run a 3700x if it has to, so don't worry.
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    Kobathor reacted to VxZ in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    First I'd suggest to check her usage, For example, if she does a lot of office work and such, you obviously would focus on the CPU and a little bit of SSD to speed it up (altho not this much, maybe put some of that into the CPU or an HDD for capacity)
    Maybe throw a cheap graphics card just in-case (something like $150) if it really doesn't matter you can skip it  feels like a terrible advice to be honest
    The only thing I'm noticing is that the motherboard is kinda on the cheap side, If it covers all the features you need and you are sure it will be a quality, then don't change it
    Other than that, it should be good in my opinion 
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    Kobathor reacted to aisle9 in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    As mentioned by @Electronics Wizardy, the SSD you've got there is probably overkill, but the price actually isn't terrible. Otherwise, unless you're wanting to trim costs back, this looks fine to me.
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    Kobathor reacted to boggy77 in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    made some tweaks
    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor $149.99 @ Best Buy Motherboard ASRock B450M/AC Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $93.98 @ Newegg Memory G.Skill Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $64.99 @ Newegg Storage Crucial P1 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $109.99 @ B&H Case Fractal Design Core 1000 USB 3.0 MicroATX Mid Tower Case $40.98 @ Newegg Power Supply Corsair CX (2017) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $58.98 @ Newegg   Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts     Total $518.91   Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-04-07 12:50 EDT-0400    
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    Kobathor reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Home Office PC <$700 (USA)   
    that ssd is probably overkill, something like a 660p or a p1 will be fine here.
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    Kobathor reacted to rice guru in DAP for Sennheiser HD58X   
    Same from me as well I always consider their shit with the exception of the e10k but the stuff I've had and tried recently from them are quality
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    Kobathor reacted to EmoRarity in DAP for Sennheiser HD58X   
    It's your potato my man, fiio makes nice stuff, I've been happy with everything I own from them.
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    Kobathor reacted to EmoRarity in DAP for Sennheiser HD58X   
    Alternatively, fiio btr3 and continue to use your phone.
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    Kobathor reacted to Himommies in DAP for Sennheiser HD58X   
    Like if your intention is to use it with your phone you can just buy something like a Nextdrive Spectra or a Hidizs Sonata if you want something cheaper
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    Kobathor reacted to rice guru in DAP for Sennheiser HD58X   
    The 58x is pretty damn efficient in all honesty most DAPs given they have a clean output and UI and has all the apps you need ie. Spotify, tidal, qobuz. Fiio is great for midrange to high end options but I'm not too informed with DAPs cause I'm not really into them personally.
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    Kobathor reacted to Bombastinator in New Build for CAD/Video Editing workloads (USA/TX)   
    CAD software was in the past often very low workload.  That may have changed.  It will depend on what software they are using.  It’s kind of important.
    if it is, CPU may actually be overkill.  Number of threads is important too.  It may actually be written multitask, in which case all those extra AMD threads are useless.  CAD software also sometimes used to require “pro” cards.  This may have changed too.
    I would say you really need to find out the software and version and base it on that. Look up what people are using to run that particular software.  There may be weird limitations.
    What CAD work really likes real-time movement and big juicy monitors.  Super high refresh rates weren’t critical generally.  Sometimes multi monitor depending on software support.  Often monitors of very unequal capacity.  One for pallets and tools, the other for the work.  That will be an issue of personal taste for the user though.  The GPU requirements could vary wildly.  Some software may not even work at all on some GPUs. 
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    Kobathor reacted to Jurrunio in New Build for CAD/Video Editing workloads (USA/TX)   
    this is crucial
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    Kobathor reacted to AndrewB121 in New Build for CAD/Video Editing workloads (USA/TX)   
    Ask exactly what programs they use, then you'll get a proper answer. 
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    Kobathor reacted to Darkimane in Graphics Drivers Crash During Gaming   
    Have You Tried DDU? (It Uninstalls All Display Drivers So You Can Have Completely Fresh Drivers, Quite Often Helps With Display Driver Issues)
    I'm Assuming You Have But If Not Give It A Try.
    (DDU Installer, Must Be Ran In Safe Mode.)
    (R9 Fury Drivers, From AMD)
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    Kobathor got a reaction from Troika in Price of Flight from Dallas to Vancouver   
    Flight calendars don't go all the way to July 2020, so this is based on June 2020. It should be around $450 round trip if you fly economy and book your flight months in advance. Tickets will get more expensive as the date draws nearer. Flying nonstop might be more expensive than a flight with a connection. Flying out of DWF will be cheaper than flying out of DAL (Love Field), since you won't need a connection at an international airport.
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    Kobathor reacted to LienusLateTips in [OLD] PSU Tier List 3.0 (Legacy)   
    Note: The PSU Tier List has been migrated to a new thread: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1116640-psu-tier-list-40-rev-10/
    Welcome to the brand new PSU Tier List! Worked on, by @Stefan Payne, @LukeSavenije, and myself. This is a complete overhaul.
    We'd recommend that if you have a gaming system, to not have a unit below Tier B.
    All information below is opinion based on fact. Units may be bumped down due to the following: missing protections, group regulation, bad electrical performance and catching fire.
    List is subject to change at any time, due to change in sources available.
    Single rail units exceeding 650W will not be placed above Tier A.
    Sleeve bearing fans will not be placed above Tier B. Group regulated units will not be placed above Tier C.
    Last updated 22 August, 108, revision r1.43.
    Tier A+ (Ultra High-end)
    Aerocool - Project 7 650W Antec - High Current Pro, High Current Platinum Be Quiet! - Straight Power 11, Dark Power Pro P10, Dark Power Pro 11 Bitfenix - Whisper, Formula Gold Cooler Master - old V series 550/650, MasterWatt Maker, MasterWatt Maker MiJ, new V Platinum 550/650 Corsair - AXi, RMi, RMx 550/650W, SF, HX 2017, HXi, RM (2019) 550/650 Enermax - Platimax, Platimax Digifanless  FSP - Hydro PTM 550/650W Mistel - MX650  NZXT - E-series 550/650W Seasonic - PRIME/PRIME Ultra 550W/600W/650W Super Flower - Leadex Gold II 550/650, Leadex Gold III 550/650 XFX - XTS 460/520W  
    Tier A (High-end)  
    Aerocool - Project 7 750W+ Antec - Earthwatts Pro Gold, HCG Gold Asus - ROG Thor Be Quiet! - Straight Power E10, Pure Power 10/11 =>400W, SFX-L Cooler Master - VSM-series =>550W,  MWE Gold, V Series 750W+ Cougar - GX-F Corsair - Vengeance Silver, AX760/860, HX gold, RM, TXM 2017, AX850/AX1000, RMx 750W+, RM (2019) 750W+ Enermax - RG, GX EVGA - 1000G, G1+, GQ, GD, P2, T2, G2, PS FSP - Hydro G, Dagger SFX, Hydro X, Aurum PT, Hydro PTM 750W Gigabyte - AP850GM, XP1200M  Kolink - Continuum NZXT - E-series 750W+ Riotoro - Onyx, Enigma, Enigma G2   Rosewill - Quark, Fortress, Capstone, Lightning, Silent Night, Tachyon, Photon SAMA - Armor Gold, Forza Titanium SeaSonic - Focus Plus Platinum, Platinum (XP/XP2/XP3), Focus Gold, Focus Plus Gold, X, Snow Silent, non-PRIME Fanless, PRIME/PRIME Ultra 750W+ Silverstone - Gold Evolution, Strider Gold, Nightjar, Strider Titanium Super Flower - Golden Green, Platinum King, Leadex I, Leadex Gold II 750W+, Leadex Gold III 750W+ Thermaltake - Toughpower Grand Platinum, Toughpower Grand/RGB 1200W, Toughpower iRGB Plus, DPS G RGB XFX - Pro Black Edition Limited, XTS 1000W  
    Tier B (Budget)
    Antec - EDGE, TruePower Classic be Quiet! - Power Zone, System Power 9 =>400 watts Corsair - Vengeance Bronze, CX* (2017), CXM* (2015),  CXM (2012)*=>750w Cooler Master - MWE Bronze =>600w Cougar - GX-S, LX Deepcool - DQ-ST EVGA - B2, BQ =>750, B3, G3 Fractal Design - Integra M FSP - Aurum Pro Lian Li - SFX-L LEPA - G600 Riotoro - Onyx Rosewill - Capstone G SeaSonic - M12II >=750W Silverstone - Bronze SFX V3.0, Strider GS Super Flower - Leadex Silver Thermaltake - Toughpower Grand/RGB, Toughpower DPS DPS Gold/RGB, London, BlueEvo 2.0, Smart Pro RGB, Smart series =>750W, Vivo - 24K 650W XFX -  Pro XXX, Pro XTR, Pro Black, Pro Black FM, TS Gold Xilence - Performance A+, Performance X Zalman - EBT   
    Tier C (Prebuilt Replacement)
    Antec - EarthWatts/EA Green, High Current Gamer, NEO ECO, Earthwatts Platinum be Quiet! -  Pure Power 10 <=350 watts, Pure Power 11 <=350 watts, Pure Power L9, System Power 9 <=350, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8 Bitfenix - Fury Cooler Master - GM, GX Storm, MasterWatt Lite, mwe bronze <=500 watt Corsair - CX* 2012*, CXM 2012*, GS-series, VS grey Cougar - STX, VTX Enermax - Revolution X't EVGA - BQ <=650W, NEX Gold Fractal Design - Tesla R2 500W FSP - Aurum, Hydro GE, Aurum CM Inwin - Classic Series Seasonic - SS, SSP, S12II/M12II <=620W, ECO 430W Silverstone - Strider Plus, Bronze SFX (except 450W V3) Thermaltake - Toughpower Gold, Paris XFX - TS <650W, ProSeries Bronze <650W, Core >650W  
    Tier D (just don’t buy…)
    Antec - Basiq VP-F, Basiq BP, Basiq VP Bitfenix - BPA Cooler Master - B2, Elite Corsair - VS orange Diablotek - all units EVGA - 80 PLUS, Non Certified Enermax - NaXn 82+, Revolution SFX FSP - Raider Silver, Hexa Fractal Design - Integra R2 Gamdias - All units LEPA - MX-F1 MS-Tech - all units Raidmax - all units Rosewill - Hive-S, ARC (M) Silverstone - Strider Essential Tacens - all units Thermaltake - LitePower, ToughPower, Smart series <750W, TR2 XFX - XT Xilence - Performance C Zalman - GS/GT  
    I don't see my unit here. Where does it rank?
    You may find it in the legacy list, here
    Why is FOCUS so low?
    You can find more on this here.

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    Kobathor got a reaction from Ben17 in What's up with LTT views?   
    No idea. I don't see it as different, but I don't pay attention to their views. It's obviously enough to supply a healthy income for their company, so I wouldn't be worried that the channel will die or anything. Everything looks normal to me.
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    Kobathor got a reaction from seee the state im in nooow in How do you like your coffee?   
    I put the salt in the coffee grounds when I'm using my pour-over coffee maker. Really only needs a pinch. It makes the coffee less bitter and less acidic tasting without adding creamer. If you're adding cream and sugar then there's no need for the salt probably. 
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    Kobathor reacted to EPENEX in Techquickie idea- why linus wears sandals with socks.   
    I guess what I was thinking about was flip flops, not sandals.
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    Kobathor reacted to DrMacintosh in Google wants to make Apple's Magic Trackpad 2 work on Linux   
    Hecc. They should. Microsoft should do the same, though Apple should help. 
    Magic Trackpad is flipping awesome....but only in macOS. The Windows Bootcamp driver gave me an STD. 
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    Kobathor got a reaction from TechyBen in Apple finally acknowledges ‘sticky’ keyboard issues on MacBooks, offering free fix and refunds for past repairs   
    My uncle bought a MBP 13 Touch Bar a few months ago. And while I generally love  Macbooks, especially the keyboards, the new one is simply terrible. Basically no key travel, key presses are too heavy with little feedback, and the sound is obnoxious. The laughably tiny lift from the unibody made it difficult for me to keep track of where my hands were on the keyboard, a problem I've never experienced on a laptop before. I basically had to stare at the keyboard while setting it up for him. Apple took a leap forward with their new huge trackpads with great palm rejection and two leaps back with their newest Butterfly keyboards.

    EDIT - it's not really the sound of the key presses that's obnoxious, rather the feeling that goes through your fingers. The click sounds are okay but the feeling is ugly.
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    Kobathor reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Apple finally acknowledges ‘sticky’ keyboard issues on MacBooks, offering free fix and refunds for past repairs   
    Try my Vivobook 15 where the flex in the plastic chassis makes the short key travel unbearable at most seating positions. 
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    Kobathor reacted to arnavvr in Apple finally acknowledges ‘sticky’ keyboard issues on MacBooks, offering free fix and refunds for past repairs   
    Finally. Hopefully now they will also take credit for the faulty VESA mounts on iMac Pros.