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  1. I'm currently looking for a new laptop to replace my dying HP laptop. My budget is $500. I really could use some help. I'm willing to spend $600 if I have to.
  2. Check out this one from swiss: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006HFJA12/ref=twister_B004FVMKV2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Excellent Job! Well Done! Did a fine job with the gold paint! This Build Ranks(in my scale): 8/10!
  4. Craigslist Milwaukee wouldn't help at all. This place is a tech ghost town!
  5. I need help! I want to build a good pc for gaming and video editing at a budget of $500 USD. If you guys can give me parts lists, that would be great! P.S. Used parts are accepted!
  6. I'm looking for the best budget usb microphone so I can start doing vocals and voiceovers. My original budget is under $100 but, i'm willing to go a little over. I'm a little nooby at this type of thing and I'm wondering if any of you guys could help me out.
  7. so buy a prebuilt and add a gpu and or ssd later?
  8. Thought you were talking about their se radiators, sorry. Three cases in one? Go for it! :lol:
  9. No other case i can think of Sucks that its not yet released